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Create Free Online Store with NGShops

Through this article, we will explain to you step by step how to create your free online store

An online store is the best digital option if you want to start your own business, or you already have one that you intend to develop and increase sales.!

platform NGShops It is a platform through which you can create your own store and sell products and services, where your customer can buy your products and collect what has been selected in the shopping cart, and can also buy them easily through various electronic payment services.


Get your store, whatever the size of your business, whether it is large or small, NG Shops It is your best choice to present your work uniquely and differently.

platform NGShops It enables you to get an online store in simple and easy steps, even if you do not have enough experience.


Select NGShops Platform to create a store

Your choice of platform NGShops You design your own store to suit your business and the quality of your products, where the store will have its own identity and you will be able to establish your distinctive brand for all your customers, you can design your online store in a few minutes and at the lowest costs.

It will also save you the trouble of searching for programming, hosting, and technical support companies.


Steps to create a free online store on NGShops

  • Just by entering the site ngshops.com Then press the ( Try Now ) button from the main menu


  • Then enter your information to create a new account


  • Then choose the package that suits you and press order now


  • Enter the name of your store

Create Free online store arabic


  • You can now preview your store after pressing the Preview button, as well as manage the store by pressing the Manage button.

create free arabic online store



We are done!!!

Now your own store is ready and your products will be available to all your customers wherever they are with ease of shopping and buying.

 You can also manage your profile and modify all personal or online store data by clicking on My Account



What are the things I need to know after creating your online store?

Over the past few years, the e-commerce business has started to grow faster than ever before.

There is no special secret behind their success. They do the things everyone else does but do differently. They focus on their basics first like the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) and fast, reliable hosting, security, etc., and then they work on the features that can make their website simple, fast, secure, and attractive.

Well, don’t worry, this article will help you  NGshops about that. We have summarized important features that will help you improve sales on your online store. Here are the most important points that help you build a professional online store:

  1. Domain name

The domain name is most important to your business. Your domain name is responsible for attracting the relevant audience to your website. Your domain name will make a difference between customers browsing your website. So, before choosing a domain name, choose a domain name that is relevant to your business and easy to remember.


  1. Your store logo

The logo is the main visual part of your store’s overall brand identity. The logo of your online store has a direct impact on customers, so it must be unique, attractive, and relatable to the audience.

  1. Description logo ( Selloukn )

A logo, just like your business name, should represent your business’s vision and mission. You need to create a sound logo because it covers everything from your business image to the summary of your products and services.

  1. Mobility

Create easy-to-use navigation on your website to make sure your customers don’t get confused while browsing your store.

The two main aspects that help to develop a relationship between the customer and the products are (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). Users’ reactions to the website can be determined with the help of the user interface. The user interface deals with the technical features of the website. Users follow all instructions for subscribing to the site if they find it interesting. On the other hand, you deal with UX With what the user feels when browsing your website.

  1. Alaslyder ( tape scrolling )

Don’t randomly display one image after another. One of the most popular visualization modes in web design today is telling your story using sliders. It helps in capturing the attention of your visitors and gives a professional look to your store.


  1. Recommendations and customer comments

There are many advantages to making recommendations. It helps to build trust with your visitors and you get a lot of attention from the media which in time leads to higher SEO rankings.

One way to build your website’s credibility is through recommendations and feedback from your customers. It helps to show your potential clients how trustworthy and reliable you are in your field.

  1. Your Store Content

Content is one of the critical challenges of any e-commerce site. If you want to get better results in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages ), make sure you add new and unique content to your website. Avoid duplicate meta descriptions, product descriptions, and blog posts, and add relevant keywords to every page of your website. This helps improve site quality while at the same time increasing keyword density while avoiding plagiarism.

  1. Mobile-Friendly / Responsive Site

Your website should be mobile-friendly and highly responsive so that it scales correctly on any browser of any size from any device. As you know, a large part of the internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, so it has become imperative to make your website mobile-friendly.

  1. bonding

Your visitors should be able to reach the internal pages of your website easily and for this, you need to do the right linking throughout your website. Cross-linking directs readers to another article related to the current article. The average session duration for a visitor is increased due to threading. It also helps to reduce the website’s bounce rate and increase the number of page visits per user.

  1. Live chat feature (Live chat)

Offer a live chat option to your clients. They are very valuable for your site because they facilitate instant communication to help your visitors at any stage they are facing difficulty. The quality of customer service you provide plays an important role in the growth of your business. So instead of making customers wait for answers, many e-commerce sites have added live chat support to their help desk programs.

  1. Social media

Add social media icons at the bottom of your homepage where you can make your website visitors better understand your business via social media channels like Facebook And Instagram And Twitter and so on.

Businesses need to take advantage of the right social media channels as more and more people are joining and using social media platforms, making it one of the best ways to connect and serve your customers better.

  1. contact information

Keep your contact information in the top right corner of the main menu and at the bottom of your site because it proves your business is correct and your visitors can contact you whenever needed.

  1. Who We Are

One of the most visited pages on your site is “About Us”. You can use it in a compelling way to efficiently present your brand story to your audience. You need to make your About Us page more compelling because it is the page that gives you a chance to present your business to visitors.

  1. Privacy policy

Help your customers trust your website with our privacy policy. Building trust with your customers is critical to any e-commerce site. The e-commerce privacy policy statement makes your business more transparent and trustworthy. Through this, you can alleviate customer concerns regarding how data from site visitors is collected, managed, and used.

  1. Common questions

Your customers may have some specific questions regarding your business products or processes. The FAQ section is the main destination for such clients. So, add relevant FAQs to your e-commerce site. The customer has the option to view the FAQ page to find the answer to their queries instead of sending an email, calling, or before.

  1. search bar

You cannot forget this feature. The search bar on your website is mandatory. It greatly helps your visitors to get the information they are looking for. Make sure to make it stand out and clearly visible on your website.


  1. Share

The second best thing you can do for your site is to have a sharing feature. Allow your customer to share your products, services, or blog posts on social media to get engagement. A share button is essential for online marketing and encourages your visitors to share your content.


Your e-commerce website should be easy to use. It should have all the important features like a better user interface / UX and clear logo and CTA Convenient navigation, live chat, and more. If you can do it yourself, use a site ngshops to do this for you. Keep your shopping site up to date to keep your customers engaged. Think a step ahead of your competition and keep updating new, customized, and easy-to-use features on your site.


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Create Free Online Store with NGShops
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