The 9 easiest ways to make money from the Internet for students

The 9 easiest ways to earn money from the Internet for students

Excellence in studies is one of the first-place goals in the life of every student, but in light of the economic conditions in which we live, the financial obstacle has become a reason for most students to search for a way to earn money in order to pay some of the expenses of their studies, taking into account that work does not negatively affect their academic lives, and fortunately it has spread. Self-employment via the Internet opens doors for job seekers, especially students. They are not bound to a specific place and time. On the contrary, they can do work according to their free time or vacation days. What are the 9 easiest ways to earn money from the Internet for students?

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Of the features Work online  You do not need capital - in most cases - but you do need to have talent in a certain field or learn and develop a specific skill, but all of that has become easy with the availability of many free or paid services through many electronic platforms that qualify you to work and earn money.

One of the most popular ways for students to make money online is by working with microservices sites

Microservices sites are an intermediary between the employer and the freelancer, that is, between the seller and the buyer. The freelancer offers his services through these sites and waits for someone to make the purchase, or the employer offers the service he needs and waits to get the best offers, especially in terms of price. In return, the sites charge a certain percentage for the agreement. between two sides.

The most popular microservices platforms through which a student can create an account:

  • Fiveer-Pfeiffer:A very famous foreign website for providing services such as (writing and translating articles - distance training - designing logos - editing videos and photos, and other services)
  • Upwork-Upwork Working with Upwork is more specialized and complex, dealing with the category of software and phone application developers, as well as website design services.
  • Khamsat-Fives: It is considered the most famous among the Arab sites for buying and selling mini-services. It provides a suitable income for students starting from $5. It is one of the most important services that students can provide via the Khamsat platform (data entry - website analysis - editing photos and videos - SEO services and many other services).

independent-mostaql:This site targets Arab countries in particular. It works to connect companies and project owners with freelancers to help them find additional income. On this platform, students can provide a large number of services (business and consulting services - website and application development - video design and montage - in addition to translation and distance learning services). .

After Sultan shed light on some microservices platforms, we will talk in detail about some of the services that the student can learn and provide and thus establish a good income for him.

Translation services:

To be able to work in this field, you must be good in two or more languages. If you are a student and your foreign language level is above average, you can work in the field of general translation. You will not have to learn complex terms, whether medical or legal. It is considered one of the easy fields. All you have to do is go to one of the service platforms. Mini and offer your services and thus get clients.

Writing articles:

Writing articles is one of the best ways to earn money for students, especially if you are well-talented in writing. You can learn to write professional articles in a short period of time. In the beginning, the financial reward will not be satisfactory, but with the passage of time and work on developing writing skills, the student will receive a larger amount.

Some sites require that you take tests to confirm your skills or perhaps send previous articles that you have written. If you are accepted, the site will determine the price of the service based on the number of words you write.

Logo design:

It is a somewhat creative skill that requires a certain level of art and creativity, but like all other skills, you can learn it if you are determined to do so, and with practice you can gain good experience and create a decent income. Many major companies, blog owners, and YouTubers pay significant amounts of money to design logos. distinctive for their own work.

Audio transcription:

It is considered one of the services that is in very high demand and does not require special skills. If you are one of the students who master English well, your chances of working will be greater, especially on foreign sites. All you have to do is listen to some audio recordings or video clips and convert them into writing files.

Video montage:

Montage is considered one of the easy and fun ways that a large number of students resort to to earn money. The principle of montage is based on arranging scenes and footage within a studied time sequence so that it turns in the end into an attractive and meaningful video.

the design:

It is one of the services provided by many platforms and revolves around graphic design of all kinds, Arabic calligraphy and product covers.

Writing in Word programword. word):

There is no doubt that writing on the Word program is very easy and does not require the student to have any skill or even capital, as he can use his mobile phone instead of a computer...of course owning a laptop or computer will make it easier.


It is one of the most popular microservices due to the great demand for it. If you are a student studying in the field of software or someone who has mastered a programming skill, you are one of the lucky ones.

Because the financial compensation for this type of service is high.

Nowadays, learning has become widely available. All you have to do is put in a little effort and be patient

Affiliate Marketingaffiliate:

If you are a student at any level of study and possess the skill of convincing customers and clients, then you are in the appropriate field, as you can work in the field of affiliate marketing and make profits.

Affiliate marketing is a method based on more than one party.

The website or store you shop for.

You as a marketer.

The customer who purchases the item.

All you have to do is register on one of the platforms that provide this service, submit a request to participate in the affiliate marketing program, and if your request is accepted, you can promote the products, and with every purchase you get an agreed-upon commission.

These are some easy fields that enable you to get a good income and exploit your free time in an effective way. Your profit will not only be financial, as you practically establish networks with people and institutions, which may open broader horizons for you in the future.


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