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Get now an electronic list of your restaurant’s products and enable customers to access them by scanning the QRcode and receive orders via WhatsApp messages.

Electronic menu via QR

QR Menu is the perfect solution for modern restaurants! With this revolutionary product, your menu will go online and your customers will be able to order with ease. The advanced features of QR Menu make it an indispensable tool for restaurants, cafes and food delivery services. You can easily list your products on your website and customers can order from the menu by scanning the QR code.  

Orders through WhatsApp messages with QR menu. This means that customers can place orders directly from their WhatsApp account, making the ordering process easier. Adding your products to the QR menu is easy and hassle-free. Our team will add your products, images and prices first for free! Plus, you can create and modify meals and categories at any time using the built-in control panel. QR Menu is an excellent investment for food businesses looking to stay ahead in today's digital age.

With TrinavoQrMenu, converting your restaurant menu to a digital menu is easier than ever
 We offer you the opportunity to convert your menu into an electronic menu with a QRcode, and receive orders with a direct link via WhatsApp.


Managing products of various types

Managing and dividing orders

Inventory management and control

Receiving orders via WhatsApp

Manage customers & members

Permissions and access control

Manage languages & Translations

Graphical and statistical reporting

Choose the optimal package for your business


We have prepared pricing plans for all budgets, so you can get started right away. They are great for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Basic package

95$ / Annual

Professional package


Your restaurant management and control system is designed easily and simply, taking care to avoid complexity and provide the necessary assistance and technical support at any time.
The system also provides control mechanisms that enable you to customize the restaurant and add your unique character to it easily and conveniently in order to meet your design needs.

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