The most famous Saudi shipping companies

The most famous Saudi shipping companies

The most famous Saudi shipping companies

Different shipping companies seek to provide different offers and services due to the competitive nature between these companies. In order to attract the largest number of customers, shipping companies make the shopping experience a wonderful one by delivering the goods at the right time and delivering them without causing any damage.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a significant increase in the number of online shoppers, which prompts shipping companies to provide competitive advantages.

In this article, we will discuss the most famous shipping companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:


The most famous Saudi shipping companies

Zajil Company

The company defines itself as an icon of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it has expanded its operations in the field of transportation and logistics services, as it is considered one of the leading companies in this field.

 Zajil's business in the capital focuses on land transportation, freight forwarding and missions in Saudi Arabia with plans to expand within the GCC countries.

Zajil network covers most of the Saudi regions through 28 branches distributed in the most important cities with the aim of facilitating the delivery of its services to its customers by sending and receiving their parcels. Due to the tremendous success of Saudi Arabia, Zajil has expanded into the UAE through its office in Dubai and plans to expand and expand its operations in the GCC countries as a whole.

2- Alma Express Company

Alma Express offers a range of services that are generally characterized by speed, accuracy and safety in receiving packages and delivering shipments.

Alma Express provides its services through an interconnected network to and from all the major cities of the Kingdom with a strategy that takes its importance into consideration, by using unique technologies to provide services. To provide shipping services and cover all regions of the Kingdom and compete with international companies in the field of express transportation.


DHL company

DHL International Shipping Company is considered one of the pioneers of international shipping companies, and has a long history in the field of shipping. The company has a number of branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It provides many services. In addition to its specialization in the field of land, air, sea, rail and express shipping, through its website it is possible to determine locations, track shipments, and determine the date of receipt.


UPS company

It is one of the largest global shipping and logistics companiesThe number of its employees exceeds more than 400,000 people working across 220 countries or territories, and the company has delivered more than 24 million packages thanks to the strength of the UPS global network. It provides goods delivery services and the delivery of urgent documents at reasonable prices, in addition to its experience in solutions Monitor and manage people, complex global supply chains, and everything in between.

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Al Dhafer Wings Company

Al-Dhafer Company was established in 1970, to meet the needs of all customers in search of an efficient international shipping and logistics company, which can provide a range of services under one roof. The company has a proven track record of more than three decades, and Al-Dhafer Company is considered one of the first names in the shipping industry.

The company provides shipping, unloading, air and sea transportation services and their delivery inside and outside the Kingdom in a safe and reliable manner. The company also provides wrapping and packing services.


Aramex company

Aramex is one of the largest international express shipping and air transportation companies. Aramex has succeeded in setting pioneering standards for the express transportation and logistics sector. Aramex provides a wide range of services that include express transportation solutions, shipping and logistics, supply chain management, e-commerce, and information and records management services. It also features fast local shipping services, and delivery services to homes and institutions.

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Retex company

Retex Shipping Company provides many services. The company provides the service of transporting parcels to and from various cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the service of packaging and storing products in a safe manner. However, the most prominent feature of the company is the service of delivering parcels within 24 hours only.


SMSA Company

SMSA Express is considered one of the leading companies in the field of express transportation. Its services include international and domestic express transportation, air, sea and land shipping, customs clearance, e-commerce solutions, special services for the healthcare sector, private delivery channel, postal room management and many other services..

SMSA Express is also authorized to handle dangerous goods and is a shipping agent approved by the competent authorities, and is also authorized for transit transportation..


There are many companies not mentioned in this article that provide shipping services, and we have mentioned the most prominent and famous of these companies because they are distinguished by providing various services in addition to shipping services at competitive prices.

It is necessary to know the information related to the shipment before choosing the shipping company, such as the method of packaging, the type of shipment, the costs of sending it, the nature of shipping, and other factors that affect the process of choosing the shipping company.

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