The 7 most famous shipping companies in Egypt

The most famous shipping companies in Egypt

The 7 most famous shipping companies in Egypt

Commercial shipping companies help businesses deliver the goods their customers order; Thus maintaining good relations with customers by delivering orders on time and at reasonable prices, some of them help companies by providing additional services by providing logistical assistance, inventory management and other services.

When working with shipping companies, it is important to work with a reliable and experienced shipping company; Therefore, you must be careful and research companies in order to find the company that will work best for your shipment and on your schedule.

There are a large number of shipping companies in Egypt. In this article, we will discuss the most famous of these companies


The 7 most famous shipping companies in Egypt

a company Aramex

According to the company's official website, Aramex has achieved rapid growth until today it has become a prestigious brand distinguished by its specialized services and innovative global solutions. Aramex, listed on the Dubai Financial Market, is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates for its operations, benefiting from the country’s location as a link between East and West, enabling it to provide customized logistics solutions anywhere in the world, as well as access to a growing base. From corporate and individual clients in the region and the world.


Mashaweer Company

It is an Egyptian company that provides shipping services within Greater Cairo and new cities. What is unique about this company is that it operates on a monthly subscription system and not an order system.


FedEx company

It is one of the international shipping companies for more than 220 countries and territories and also provides shipping services within Egypt. It is a leading company in the field of express shipping in the event of a need to transport an urgent package. The company has a strong structure and uses advanced means of transportation in addition to the use of information technology, which means ensuring delivery. Goods very quickly.


Mersal Company

Mersal Company is a leading company in the field of international shipping and shipping within Egypt. It is one of the largest shipping companies in Egypt and the Middle East region, providing land shipping, sea shipping, air shipping, and customs clearance services.

It is a shipping company that ships and exports all products of the Arab Republic of Egypt to all countries of the world. Mersal Shipping Company also imports on behalf of others and provides integrated solutions to the customer.

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DHL company

It is one of the most famous international shipping companies, and has a long history in the field of shipping. It was founded in 1969, and has won many prestigious awards thanks to its achievements. It employs 400,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories. It provides many services in addition to its specialization in the field of shipping. Land, air, sea, rail freight, and express freight. It is also possible through the Internet to obtain a price quote, determine the date of receipt, determine locations, and track shipments.


Middle East Company

A company specializing in internal shipping services. It is distinguished by providing competitive prices compared to other companies, and also provides immediate delivery of goods.


Speed Egypt Company

The company provides shipping services within Egypt with more than 25 years of experience in the field of shipping. It works on shipping all types of goods and packages, except for food and liquids, to and from all parts of the Republic. All goods and packages transported are via cars with closed boxes belonging to the company and through the company’s offices. The company provides a service Shipping to all companies, factories, stores and individuals.

It also provides the possibility of shipping via the Internet through the company’s website or via the phone application.

Providing other services such as the policy inquiry service to find out the name of the recipient or the date of receipt.

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With the diversity of companies and the presence of a large number of them; It is important to research and learn about all the services provided by the different shipping companies, including express transportation solutions, shipping, logistics services, information and records management services, and others, before choosing the shipping company that you will deal with to transport your products and comparing between the different companies in order to ensure the arrival of the goods at the right time and to gain the trust of your customers.  


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