The best electronic payment gateways in Iraq

The best electronic payment gateways in Iraq

The wide spread of the Internet opened the door for countries and companies, especially Iraq, to build a new economic system. It was necessary to use all available means to improve the e-commerce process and make it easier for customers. Your online storeBecause we know the importance of electronic payment, we have collected it for you in this article The best electronic payment gateways in Iraq 2023

Steps to create a free online store in Iraq with a payment gateway

To create a free online store in Iraq with Payment gatewayYou can follow these steps:

1. Choosing the appropriate programming company: There are many free platforms available in Iraq to create an online store, such as Trinavo and others. Research and choose the platform that best suits your needs and technical capabilities.

2.Create an account: Visit the website of your chosen platform and create a new account. You will need to provide basic personal information and activate your account.

3. Choosing a domain and website design: Choose the domain name that suits your online store and make sure it is available in Iraq. Then design the website and choose templates and colors that reflect your business identity.

4. Add products: Add the products that you want to sell in the online store. Enter product images, descriptions, and determine prices and available quantities.

5.Configure Payment Gateway: Choose the payment gateway you wish to use. The portal must be compatible with Iraq and accept local currencies. Some of the popular gateways include NEO cards, e-wallets, and Google Pay. Set up a business account on the gateway and follow the instructions to configure it in your online store.

6. Laws and conditions: Make sure to set clear policies and terms of use for the online store. Explain your return policy, warranty, shipping, customer rights, and any other policies you deem necessary.

7. Marketing and promotion: You must be careful to develop a successful and effective marketing plan and benefit from multiple sources of marketing for the online store in Iraq, whether through social networking sites or through paid advertisements.

8. Customer service: Make sure to provide experienced customer service and build a good relationship with your customers, which will benefit your store.

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Specifications of the ideal payment gateway for electronic stores in Iraq

When you choose a payment gateway for your online store in Iraq, there are several specifications that must be taken into consideration:

1.Support for local currencies: Make sure that the portal deals with local currencies used in Iraq, such as the Iraqi dinar (IQD). This helps facilitate payments and avoid issues related to currency conversion.

2.Safety standards: Verify that the portal provides reliable security features to protect customer data and financial transactions. It should use strong encryption techniques and have an anti-fraud system.

3.Diversity of payment methods: Make sure that the portal supports a wide range of different popular and recognized payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, and others. This allows your customers to choose from their preferred payment options.

4.Ease of integration: The portal should be able to integrate seamlessly with the e-commerce platform you use in your store. Check for clear documentation about the integration process and the availability of the necessary library or API.

5.Technical support serviceIt is preferable to choose a payment gateway that provides strong technical support and is available around the clock. This will help in dealing with any technical issues or queries that arise while using the portal.

6.the costCompare the fees and costs associated with each payment gateway and choose the one that fits your estimated budget.

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How do you choose the best payment gateway for your free online store in Iraq?

When choosing the appropriate payment channel forYour online store In Iraq, consider the following five points:

  • Ease of use so your customers can make purchases easily and conveniently.
  • Good technical support, available around the clock, to be able to provide assistance to customers in the event of any problems.
  • High security makes your customers feel confident in making purchases through your store.
  • Receiving payments from concerned countries.
  • A careful study of all electronic payment gateways, comparing their features, costs, and compatibility with local Iraqi laws.

Reasons for choosing more than one payment gateway for electronic stores in Iraq

1Diversity and availability of payment options: By using more than one payment gateway, online stores can provide diversity in payment options available to customers.

2Enhancing security: Multiple payment gateways allow online stores to improve the level of security. If stores rely on only one payment gateway, they may be vulnerable to fraudulent attacks and hacks.

3Improving user experience: With multiple payment options, customers can choose the method that suits them best. 

4Dealing with local restrictions: Sometimes, local authorities may impose restrictions on the use of some payment gateways and for this reason you must rely on multiple payment gateways to prevent any stagnation in business or any problems.

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The best electronic payment gateways in Iraq

Fortunately, you - as a friend Free online store in Iraq- You have many options for electronic payment channels that you can link your store to, and you can use them to pay for sites locally and internationally.

In this paragraph, we have collected for you the most widely used payment channels in Iraq:

  • Payment gateway via NEO cards

The use of cards is widespread NEO1 For electronic payment inside Iraq; It is classified as one of the payment methods: Credit Cards

These cards feature:

  • The possibility of using it for electronic payment on all websites and electronic stores.
  • Fable for shipping by depositing money through the service’s branches or automated teller machines
  • Availability of an application to manage the service and conduct money transfers and receipts. 
  • Electronic payment through Google Pay

Another method of electronic payment available within the State of Iraq is payment through Google Pay cards. The best bill collection service, with the advantage of transferring money and purchasing from various shopping sites

2The most important feature of Google Pay cards

  •  A high level of security ensures that the money transfer process is completed safely and easily
  • Usability to pay for international stores and websites and complete purchases
  • Possibility of payment through the Fatawa portal

How to link electronic payment methods with your online store in Iraq

By choosing the appropriate payment channel for your online store in Iraq, you will be able to provide an easy and safe purchasing experience for users, and it will help increase your sales and the success of your online store.

1. Accept credit and debit cardsYou must contract with a local service provider that provides electronic payment processing services in Iraq.

2. Get a business accountAfter choosing a service provider, you will need to create a business account with them. You will need to provide some basic information and documents required to confirm your identity and establish the trading account.

3. Integration with the online store platform: After obtaining a merchant account, you will need to integrate the processing service with your online store platform.

4. Payment test: Once integrated, run a test to make sure payment methods are working properly on your online store.

5. Actual operationAfter a successful payment experience, you can now operate your online store and provide electronic payment options to your customers.

Trinafo is the best company to design and create a free online store in Iraq

The Trinavo platform is an excellent choice for creating and designing a professional online store for free in Iraq. Trinafo features the following services:

  1. Keeping your store's needs and budget in mind: Trinavo offers a variety of packages to suit your needs and budget. 
  2. Professional team: Trinavo provides you with a professional team that you can rely on to choose an electronic payment gateway that suits your needs.
  3. Linking your store to payment methods: Trinavo provides the service of linking your store to all appropriate payment methods.

In short, the Trinavo platform provides you with the tools and services necessary to create and operate a professional online store in Iraq, based on: packages Convenience and a professional team that provides support in choosing the appropriate payment gateway and linking it to your store.



2.Google Pay

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