The best investment apps of 2022

The best investment apps of 2022

The best investment apps of 2022

Applications are important Investment Its ability to deal with all the financial tasks that occur on a daily basis, in addition to its ability to track the spending process, quickly trade stocks, and follow the account during the trading process. Thanks to these features, investment applications have spread and become favorites for many people. Below we have collected for you the best investment applications for the year 2022. , which can be used by both beginners and experts in the field of investment.

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The best investment apps of 2022

If you are about to enter the world of stock markets and financial investment, here is a list of the best investment applications that will help you manage your financial operations in the market in a correct and profitable way.

  1. Betterment app

If you are looking for an investment application to manage your money in general, the Betterment application is the best in this field, as this application provides a group of portfolios that are managed through investment funds and that are calibrated according to your financial risks, and among the application’s features are also:

  • The app helps you find great, high-return investments if you're willing to take risks
  • Betterment provides you with safe and professional investment wallets
  • The application can manage your money through a free account
  • The application performs all the tasks of a financial advisor at a lower price


  1. application Invstr

It is the first application for beginners in the field of investment, as it gives them the ability to enter the world of money and stocks. It is also an educational application, as it provides you with a virtual trial version through which you can create a portfolio and make virtual investments. The application is characterized by a set of features, including:

  • The demo version gives you approximately one million virtual dollars, which you can use to invest and trade.
  • The application provides the feature of converting virtual money into real money in case you purchase fractional shares or whole shares.
  • The Invstr application gives new users $30 in Bitcoin when they deposit $100 into the new account, and trading on the application is done without any commission.


  1. application Acorns

We can call it the provider application, as it is characterized by the following:

  • Through Acorns, you can link a credit card to your account, so the app rounds up your purchases to a dollar, calculates the difference, and then invests it in an ETF portfolio.
  • You can sign up for Acorns Personal for $3, and you can use an investment account, an IRA, and debit cards.
  • The application gives you a protected business account that enables you to use automated teller machines and direct access to deposits without any fees.
  • Acorns features calculating your retirement age and building a portfolio based on that time.
  • The application provides the Acorns Family feature, which is subscribed for $5, and this tool includes a set of features, including an investment account for children.
  1. application Wealthbase

It is one of the modern applications in the world of investment, which is characterized by ease of use, in addition to several other features such as:

  • Through the application, you can combine social media and stock trading. You can also find out which stocks are being traded by friends, with the ability to conduct chats on the application.
  • Ease of use of the application and availability of cryptocurrency trading.
  1. application Wealthfront

Another application that is adept at managing money and portfolios for a nominal amount. The application is distinguished by the following:

  • The app uses a wide range of mutual funds that are traded while estimating how much risk you can take.
  • The application's commission is estimated at approximately 25.0% annually, in exchange for all the features it offers to users.
  • Once you deposit money into this application, Wealthfront will manage these funds so that you can achieve high profits.
  1. application Fidelity Investments

Through this application, you can obtain an investment account in addition to a group of other accounts, such as a current account, a retirement account, a savings account, and a credit card account. The application also offers several features, including:

  • The app allows you to manage all your finances from one dashboard
  • Through the application, you can conduct a search for all investment funds and mutual funds


  1. application Robinhood

It is the best application for active trading, and the application is distinguished by not deducting any commission in trading operations, whether trading stocks or trading cryptocurrencies, and the application comes with an easy-to-use interface that is compatible with mobile phones, and the application’s features also include:

  • The intuitive interface provides a search bar through which one can quickly access the stock page
  • The application provides a comprehensive summary of investment news sites
  1. application Charles Schwab

The Charles Schwab application is designed to suit beginners in the field of investment, although it is also used by experts, it is the best choice for beginners, as it provides a lot of educational research that helps new investors start managing and investing their money, and the application’s features also include:

  • The app offers fractional share trading feature which helps users with all the money in their stocks
  • Trading on the application takes place without any commission
  • The app offers more than 4000 fee funds to mutual fund investors
  • The application provides responsive customer service over time
  • Charles Schwab gives cash rewards to everyone who promotes the app
  1. application Ellevest

This application helps women make smart investment decisions, in addition to other features, including:

  • The application offers investment plans that suit women’s different situations, including low income
  • The app gives users the opportunity to build consolidation portfolios, where they can combine more than 53% from their portfolios or social funds and invest in female-led companies.
  • The cost of the wallet in the application ranges from 13 to 19 dollars per 10,000 invested per year.

Therefore, if you want to enter the world of investment and are looking for an application that suits your needs, then check out our list of the best investment applications for the year 2022, through which you will be aware of the best applications that will help you in investment and stock operations.

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