The best electronic payment methods in Saudi Arabia

The best electronic payment methods in Saudi Arabia

The best electronic payment methods in Saudi Arabia

With the spread of commercial website services, and many Saudi companies and government agencies opening the door to receiving money online, and many people going to buy from the Internet, this has led to a multiplicity of means and methods of electronic payment in Saudi Arabia, and the online payment gateway and electronic wallets have become an inevitable necessity imposed by economic progress. In the world and the kingdom.

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The best electronic payment methods in Saudi Arabia

There are many electronic payment methods inside Saudi Arabia, including portals andElectronic wallets We learn about it in the following lines.

  1. PayFort electronic payment gateway

The PayFort portal is one of the most famous electronic payment methods in Saudi Arabia. The portal is distinguished by its wide spread, which has reached several other countries besides Saudi Arabia, which has helped in transferring money over the Internet easily from one country to another.
The portal offers a set of features, the most important of which is maximum protection for customer data and funds traded through the portal, in addition to support for the installment payment feature.
It is noteworthy that the PayFort electronic payment portal has entered into a partnership with several banks, the most important of which is Al Rajhi Bank, in order to give users additional features and greater ability to pay through the portal for all different sites.

  1. PayTabs payment gateway

Another of the electronic payment portals in Saudi Arabia, which is also distinguished by its wide fame and its partnership with all Saudi banks. The portal is also characterized by the ease and speed of creating a personal account for various financial transactions. The portal also provides the advantage of creating electronic stores as it has partnered with specialized platforms, and the portal provides an application Specific to the service to facilitate the electronic payment process.

  1. HyperPay payment gateway

The HyperPay portal has achieved the highest growth rate within the Kingdom over the past few years, to reserve its place among the best electronic payment methods in Saudi Arabia. The portal offers several features similar to its predecessor from other payment portals, such as its partnership with internal banks, in addition to partnering with platforms specialized in establishing stores. Electronically, the platform provides a high degree of protection against fraud.

  1. Stripe, an electronic payment company

It is one of the best electronic payment companies in Saudi Arabia, through which you can send and receive money via phone. The service also supports credit cards, in addition to supporting receiving and sending digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

  1. BitPay electronic payment method

Another electronic payment company in Saudi Arabia that supports dealing in Bitcoin digital currencies, in addition to other financial currencies. The company also offers the feature of converting Bitcoin to the dollar and the possibility of withdrawing it in more than one way.

  1. Due electronic payment method

It is one of the most important companies that provide electronic payment services in Saudi Arabia, which is characterized by the ease of transferring payments.

  1. Hallelujah wallet

It is one of the first electronic wallets to enter the Kingdom, and it is considered one of the most important electronic payment methods. The wallet gives its customers the power to send and receive money, and it also provides the advantage of transferring payments from individuals to various companies.

  1. Payment through SADAD wallet

One of the electronic payment methods in Saudi Arabia is also payment through the Sadad wallet, which is characterized by a maximum degree of protection for all your data, as the application requires you to enter two passwords to be able to log in, and it also asks you for another password when making the currency transfer, and the wallet provides a QR code to facilitate the payment process through Read the code only to be able to transfer money.

  1. Payment through Bayan wallet

It is one of the most advanced electronic wallets in the Kingdom and is distinguished by the ability to transfer payments inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

  1. Pay through Fabulous

Fabulous Wallet is no different from other electronic wallets, as it provides electronic payment service for all websites and shops. The wallet can be linked to credit cards and other electronic wallets. It also offers integration service with shops and provides a large number of services to their owners.

From this, our list of the best electronic payment methods in Saudi Arabia ends, through which we presented the most famous portals, companies and various wallets, which provide online payment services with distinctive services that facilitate the process of transferring payments for customers.

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