The importance of using the WhatsApp application in e-commerce

The importance of using the WhatsApp application in e-commerce

Using the WhatsApp application in e-commerce

With the spread of e-commerce, companies must search for easy and convenient ways for consumers to communicate with them and follow them strategy It is good that enables them to enter the digital market and attract the largest number of customers. Conversational marketing is the best marketing strategy for communication via the Internet, which has proven successful during the recent period. One of the best dialogue marketing channels is the WhatsApp program, which allows companies to communicate with customers and consumers at all times. A direct and available channel of interaction with all customers.
Below we explain how to use the WhatsApp application in e-marketing and its importance for e-commerce.

The importance of using the WhatsApp application in e-commerce

The WhatsApp application helps you communicate permanently with customers, as the application has the highest rate of opening marketing messages, which exceeds 90%, which makes it the best channel for many consumers and customers. Below we focus on some of the points and reasons that give the WhatsApp application importance to me for e-commerce.

  1. Building strong relationships with customers

A group of marketing research has shown that customers who communicate with them via WhatsApp have a feeling of connection with the brand that uses the application to message them through it, which makes it the most appropriate application for the success of a marketing strategy that depends on building a long-term relationship with customers.
The WhatsApp application is also one of the most powerful channels used by e-commerce companies, which offers a large number of options and features to communicate better with customers, including personalized messages, which have proven their effectiveness and ability to consolidate trust with customers.

  1. Sales tracking

As a complement to the message customization feature, the effectiveness of which we mentioned in achieving positive results, many companies have already proven the success of this feature with a large number of customers responding to the customized messages as soon as they read them and buying the products immediately, which gives another advantage to the WhatsApp application, which enables you to track the sales process with... Customer evaluations are faster and more accurate.

  1. Increase sales ratio

Many customers who made a purchase through WhatsApp later repeated the purchase process, and this is due to the motivational processes that can be done through the application, in addition to the speed of receiving feedback left by customers and monitoring requests for help, which you can review at the same time and interact. Personally with all customers, which increases customer satisfaction with the brand and prompts them to repeat purchases.

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How to use the application WhatsApp To build a strong marketing strategy

The basis for achieving good results and high profits is to use a strong marketing strategy, and because the marketing strategy we are talking about in this article is specific to the WhatsApp application, we have prepared a set of tips that will help you build a strong strategy through it.

  • Setting goals and setting a measure for their success

It is necessary, before building a marketing strategy via WhatsApp, to define your goals and focus on achieving the greatest return on investment through the application. Setting goals helps you understand what you want to achieve through your strategy, and setting metrics to know the extent of the success of these goals helps you prove your success and know your strengths. And your weaknesses and continuously improve your marketing path.

  • Use WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business gives you an integrated e-commerce account that helps you attract a larger number of customers. The application gives you a business account that contains a description of the business activity and an email address along with a link to your brand’s website. This application also features a virtual display of products through a catalog feature, in addition to... To track messages and know the number of messages sent and received and the number of messages that have been read.

  • Determine the type of marketing campaign

Determine the type of marketing campaign you want to direct to customers via the WhatsApp application, and determine the appropriate communication mode for them, whether text or voice messages. Voice messages are best if you are following a marketing campaign targeting a specific group of consumers to promote audio content such as podcasts or educational programs.

  • Improve customer experience

Ease of contacting customer service is the most important feature that many customers and consumers are looking for. Contacting customer service is often through email or phone calls, but WhatsApp has provided both things in one application, where you can provide direct chat support with customers through it, This will help you achieve a high percentage of profits from the customer experience.

Therefore, the WhatsApp application will be your best choice for your e-commerce, as it enables you to build a strong and successful marketing strategy to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers, which can be used by all companies, whether large or small. Start now and build good communications with customers through WhatsApp. You will get high conversion rates that increase sales and profits.

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