The importance of voice search in e-commerce

The importance of voice search in e-commerce

The importance of voice search in e-commerce

The importance of voice search in e-commerce is a phrase that many people have been asking recently, as voice search has become widely used recently in e-marketing, creating marketing strategies that have won everyone’s admiration, so in today’s article we will talk about voice search and its importance in e-commerce.

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The importance of voice search in e-commerce

Voice search in digital marketing plays an important role in providing and collecting relevant information that people, businesses and brands search for through audio content.

There is no doubt that the technological and digital development in the recent period has achieved great success due to the use of voice search, and the evidence is that all international companies use it, such as Google, Alexia, and PayPal.

What is the trend of voice search in e-commerce?

  • Experts say that most of the American people use voice search at a rate greater than 60%.
  • 72% of people who own a voice-activated speaker report using their device as part of their daily routine.
  • Voice search marketing is set to grow to $40 billion in 2022, up from the current $2 billion.
  • Global smart speaker purchase shipments have nearly tripled.
  • All these indicators and numbers prove that voice search in e-commerce plays an important role in providing and collecting relevant information that people, companies and brands are searching for through audio content.

The future of voice search

  • The future of voice search in e-commerce is great, according to digital marketing experts, citing that most Americans will use it in 2021.
  • But announcements will likely be on the way next, which means Alexia will tell you the answer to your question as well as a “word from the sponsor.”
  • For all audio techniques, remember to write in a conversational tone, and focus on displaying snippets on Google.
  • Therefore, we must pay tribute to thinking about the importance of voice search in e-commerce in terms of keywords that people will speak rather than type.
  • This year 2021, at least 30% of all internet searches will be done without a screen.
  • And since 40.7% of voice search answers come from a featured snippet, if your marketing is strong enough, you could be the one to reach that coveted spot.
  • It can also be said here that each user's inquiry regarding voice search pays off at the present time and in the future as well.
  • It directly answers the user's search queries without the user having to click on the link.
  • Anyone who uses the voice search strategy in e-commerce can achieve all the goals he desires, provided that the strategy is applied correctly.

Voice search and e-commerce

  • Voice search optimization in digital marketing is a great way to spread brand awareness, but how will that translate into sales?
  • Therefore, many major companies have used voice search in e-commerce due to its great success and achieving a very high percentage of sales.
  • Major companies must realize that voice search is not another messaging and sales force channel.
  • Every electronic marketer must develop every method in which he works, especially in the present time.
  • All of these events are due to the technological development we are experiencing these days, so that he can achieve everything he hopes for.

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Voice marketing

  • With these fast-growing digital marketing trends, there's no way your traditional funnel has to evolve in 2021.
  • Where a linear funnel would cease to be relevant In reality, this transition is already underway.
  • Another way the sales funnel is being revolutionized is from funnel to drive.
  • Where the brand no longer dictates the buyer's journey instead, the brand and customers “engage synergistically with each other.”
  • Experts on the importance of voice search in e-commerce all stress that the first brands to adapt to the demands of voice search will reap the biggest rewards, increasing their online digital revenue by 30% or more.

Voice search

It is noteworthy that many major companies in the world use voice search in their business, as it is highly effective in the marketing process, and in the following lines we will show this with actual examples:

  • Domino's allows pizza lovers to order from wherever they are without having to pick up a phone or even place an order online.
  • Every user who uses a PayPal account can use voice search to send money to friends, family, or businesses.
  • It is also noteworthy that the international company Nestlé used voice search in marketing all of its culinary products.
  • Campbell has a knack for helping hungry consumers choose and cook recipes.
  • Google Assistant has 2,000 actions, and Alexa has 30,000 skills, a function that allows these voice assistants to react very specifically to the user's commands and queries.

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In the end, we talked about the importance of voice search in e-commerce and its effective impact around the world in terms of sales, consumers, business owners, and the returns for each of them. We hope that we have covered all aspects of voice search and its importance in e-commerce.

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