Amazon's most important growth strategies

Amazon's most important growth strategies

Amazon's most important growth strategies

a company Amazon It is one of the largest leading companies in the e-commerce industry and one of the largest technical platforms in the world. According to statistics, Amazon has achieved significant growth in recent years, reaching its market value to more than a trillion dollars. Amazon enjoys having the largest customer base in addition to rapid growth, surpassing All other companies This came with the company's expansion into all countries of the world, and below we highlight Amazon's most important growth strategies, and learn about the methods that Amazon used to achieve this tremendous growth in that short period.

Amazon's most important growth strategies

  1. Target audience and improve consumer experience

As the largest e-commerce company in the world, it targets the largest audience base of all age groups in all countries of the world. However, the age group of the audience targeted by Amazon are people who are between 18 and 38 years old, as they are one of the largest groups. Related to technology, in addition to the fact that the rate of phone use in this age group is the highest rated.
In the technology industry, competition is high, which requires maintaining customers. Therefore, any company that wants the loyalty of its customers must have a clear focus on the consumer experience. The more distinguished the customer service provided by the company, the greater the consumer loyalty, which leads to a higher growth rate. What Amazon has done since its founding is its focus on customer and consumer experience, which has helped the company achieve rapid growth in sales and revenues.
Amazon has created a global distribution network so that it can ship products as quickly as possible. Amazon Prime service has also been added, through which you can receive the product on the same day or the next day, which has made Amazon the fastest selling platform in the world.

  1. Research and development policy

The Amazon e-commerce platform uses its own algorithms, so you can say that it has a search engine similar to the Google search engine, which is a form of artificial intelligence that searches the Amazon market for data and uses it to develop a business plan. It is an innovative search engine that works to develop the best products that... Your best sellers in one easy-to-access list.
Amazon is constantly working to improve its platform in order to provide better search and more convenient development. Amazon's search engine has raised the popularity of the platform, especially in light of its focus on continuous innovation and development, which has led to an increase in the proportion of investment in Amazon with huge sums of money.

  1. Using innovative digital technologies

One of the most important points of interest to the Amazon platform is its focus on modern technologies and its ability to bring about radical changes in all its industries, which has placed Amazon at the forefront of companies in order to be able to control competitive pressure.
Amazon has achieved rapid growth in various sectors, the most important of which are e-commerce and cloud technology, as the cloud technology provided by Amazon has become one of the main drivers of the brand.

  1. Product diversity

Amazon started as a bookstore, and over time it turned into the largest e-commerce company in the world, which led to it having the largest customer base, as the Amazon platform offers a very large range of products and services that customers can purchase from its e-commerce site, becoming a comprehensive platform where Through it, you can buy phones, food, fashion, cars, all communication devices, electrical appliances, in addition to educational materials, music, and much more, thus making Amazon the preferred company for many consumers. The platform has worked to grow and develop the services it provides to thus become the leading company in the field of e-commerce around the world. the world.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is considered a major driver for raising and growing sales and revenues in the technology industry, and Amazon’s growth, in addition to its brand gaining the support of its customers and its transformation from a bookseller to the largest e-commerce companies, did not increase simply because the company entered the e-commerce sector and the digital industry, but rather this came as a result of correct and good marketing, as Amazon has marketed itself the right way, achieving the image of a customer-focused and caring company.
In light of the high competition between technology and retail industry companies, companies need to maintain their customers and achieve sales, which is done through a correct marketing strategy, in order to maintain strong relationships with existing customers and acquire new customers, which is what the Amazon platform was able to achieve through marketing. Which focuses on customers to create innovative ideas that helped it achieve its own position among other companies, which helped establish the company’s brand alongside other brands.

  1. Opening new markets

Amazon's market has expanded in recent years to include all countries of the world, with the increase in Amazon's customer base. As the largest e-commerce company in the world, Amazon has divided its markets into two parts based on geographical division. The first section includes the United States and the other section includes the rest of the world's countries so that it has stores in all countries. Countries around the world, with headquarters in major countries such as Germany, India, Japan, and recently in the Emirates, Amazon is constantly working to dominate international markets and make its platform the most attractive platform for customers.

  1. Product pricing

The pricing strategy plays a leading role in the company's success, and although Amazon does not offer products at a lower price than other companies, it follows a competitive pricing strategy for sales, as the company uses the price competition strategy between sellers in the event that products are sold by external sellers to ensure that the products arrive. To customers at low prices, the platform also provides products for a variety of sellers so that customers can compare prices and choose the appropriate price for them in addition to high quality. The Amazon search engine provides multiple suggestions to customers based on their previous activities in the price category that they select. Amazon also followed a competitive pricing strategy. On its cloud platform, this strategy has helped the platform maintain its leadership position among other companies.

Therefore, the growth strategies followed by Amazon helped it to occupy the throne of e-commerce, relying on its successful marketing plans, its focus on innovation, and its interest in customer service, which helped it build its strong position in the e-commerce industry and strengthen its position among the major companies at the global level. Countries of the world.

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