The most important factors influencing the customer’s purchasing decision

The most important factors influencing the customer’s purchasing decision

The most important factors influencing the customer’s purchasing decision

Consumers' purchasing desires vary, and you may find that there are those who prefer a product of one company over another, or are looking for... project It has a certain price category, and we see that while someone prefers local stores, there are those who search for products from international and luxury stores, and this is due to the differences in the reasons that push consumers to buy from one person to another, and this is due to several factors that affect the public directly, and they are also what Marketers exploit it to identify and target their customers.

So what are these factors and how do they affect customers?

Factors affecting consumer behavior and purchasing decision

There are several main factors that influence consumer behavior and determine their purchasing decision. These factors also help marketers organize their campaigns and know whether the target customer will buy the product or not.

First: psychological factors

There are psychological factors that move consumer behavior towards purchasing a product. These factors are perception, motivation, learning, beliefs and attitudes. Each of the aforementioned factors constitutes an incentive for the consumer that determines his behavior towards the products offered, making him prefer one product over another, if the motivation is The internal factor relates to a requirement or need, and the perception that we gain through advertisements or information about a specific product plays an important role in consumer behavior and directs them to purchase, as does the education and beliefs factor.

Second: Social factors

In light of the shared and societal life in which we live, purchasing decisions are affected by the people around us, and social factors include the family, marital status, and reference groups. These factors reflect different values that affect the purchasing behavior of the consumer, as the family or family influences our purchasing behavior since childhood, so we see Their tendencies to buy or not buy a particular product, which may affect our purchasing decisions for the same products in the long term, and similarly to reference groups represented by the people around us such as friends, groups in schools, play groups, or even professional groups within the scope of work, and usually What these groups have is a common purchasing behavior that affects everyone, and this is the same role that social status plays. We see large differences in consumption and the quality of products sold depending on the social status of consumers.

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Third: Cultural factors

Everyone has values and cultures that were formed as a result of the values and culture of the society in which we live, and therefore many individuals’ behaviors are indirectly driven by the culture of their society. Cultural factors have a significant impact on the consumer’s purchasing decision, as the products or services that they will use are influenced in a way. Directly or indirectly related to the general cultural context in which they live and belong, these cultural factors include religion, moral values, and social class.

Fourth: Personal factors

Personal factors include age, profession, gender, lifestyle, and financial income. These factors can individually or collectively affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. However, these factors differ from one person to another in determining their choices and behaviors. Age is the main factor among the personal factors that determine preferences. Products: Teenagers’ preferences differ from those of older people, and financial income is a strong factor on which purchasing decisions depend to a large and major extent. High income makes us buy more items of high value, unlike low income, which forces us to limit spending and search for products and basic needs only. .

Fifth: Economic factors

Among the factors influencing the customer’s purchasing decision are the economic conditions of the country and the general situation of the market. The more the country’s economy prospers, the purchasing power of the consumer increases with it. This is due to the consumers’ ability to know what they can afford to buy and what they cannot afford. The need for the product does not play a role here either, but it is The most important thing is the ability to afford purchases. You see how a strong economy can affect consumers' purchasing confidence, unlike what a weak economy does, which causes market instability.

Sixth: Marketing factors

When making a purchase, consumers depend on the characteristics of the product, the price offered, and its availability. These are the components on which marketing is based and have a direct impact on the consumer’s decision to purchase a product.

Therefore, the factors influencing the customer’s purchasing decision, which were explained in the previous lines, are a group of motives that form the structure of purchasing behavior, as there are some factors that directly and indirectly influence determining the consumer’s behavior and decision to buy, and after knowing these factors, you can share with us Opinion, about the most important factors that affect your decision to purchase products.

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