Create a Google Analytics account and link it to Trinavo

Create and link a Google Analytics account

Google Analytics Create and link a Google Analytics account

What is Google Analytics?

Google Statistical Tool is a free tool from Google that helps you know the number of visitors For your store In a specific period of time and the sources of visits accurately.

Connecting steps:

1- Enter the following link to create an account on Google Analytics

2- Create a new account and enter all the required data and start with:

- account settings:

Through it, enter the account name and choose the settings for sharing the account and data with Google.

- Site preparation:

Through it, the name of the site (store) is addedTime zone The country and the currency.

- After adding the name and specifying the time zone and currency, it is very important to click on (Show advanced options) Step No. 3

You will see the option to create a Universal Analytics website. It is very important to click on the icon and activate the option

After activation, you will see the URL of the website. The store link will be added in Step No. 1. It is very important to ensure that the two options in Step No. 2 are selected.

- After that, a glimpse of your business activity will be displayed:
Through it, you can specify the activity category, its size, and the method of using Google Statistics for your business, then click on the Create icon.

Example :

The following page for Google’s terms and conditions will appear. Select the country, then click on the I agree icon.

- You will be transferred to your account and the following page will appear. Choose the emails you want to receive from Google and click on the Save icon.

The following page will appear. Select the web icon.

– Add the store link and the name of the data source (store name), then activate the optimizer measurement and click on Create Data Source.
note 💡: You must choose https from the list on the right.

The following page will appear, close it.

After this step, your account should appear in this form. Click on number 1, then number 2, then number 3, and then click on the profile.

- When logging into the account, go to the admin page, then choose tracking information, then choose the tracking code. Copy the tracking identification code, the beginning of which is UA-

Steps to add Google Analytics to the Trinafo store
1. From the store’s control panel, click on the settings option

2. After that, choose software add-ons
3. There are many options in software add-ons. Choose Google Analytics and click on the pen icon that appears next to it.

4. Write the name of the option, preferably the name of your business

5. After that, click on the pen icon that appears on the pop-up page
6. Copy the Facebook Pixel code
7. Then you can paste the code into the box below the name of your option

8. Make sure to activate the option by clicking on the Yes button next to Google Analytics

9. Save and close

10. After that, click on the System Update option from the Control Panel

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