Steps to create a free online store in Iraq - Trinavo

Steps to create a free online store in Iraq-Trinavo

Because Iraqi entrepreneurs have recently preferred the digital commerce market in order to enhance their traditional business activity, the search for effective steps to launch marketing projects by creating a free online store is increasing. 

If you are thinking about building your business digitally inside Iraq, in this article we introduce you to simple ways to create an online store without the need to use a software company, along with the steps to create this store, and the most prominent practices and tools used to manage your project effectively.

Ways to create an online store without the need for a software company in Iraq


You do not necessarily need a software program to launch your online store in Iraq, which is exactly what we will explain to you in this paragraph.

Certain practices in opening a free online store are widespread in Iraq. These are ideal methods for you if you do not have sufficient capital or do not have products to sell or services to provide. We summarize it for you in the 3 most popular ways:

1- Opening an online store with products without capital

If you are looking to launch into the world of e-commerce in Iraq and do not have capital to invest, opening an online store with products without capital could be the solution you are looking for. 

It allows you to open a free online store in Iraq that enables you to sell your products to customers from different parts of the country and the world via the Internet, attracting a larger number of customers and increasing your sales in Iraq. 

2- Create a free online store without Drop products shipping 


The dropshipping model is becoming increasingly popular in Iraq for those thinking about starting their project online. It does not require you, as a business owner, to store products or bear shipping and storage costs. 

You can start with a digital design platform to easily update your product list, and manage the shopping process such as shipping time, packaging design, and supply chains.

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3- How to create a free online store without commission?

Creating a free online store without paying a commission in Iraq is an ideal option for beginners in the field of e-business. Using free platforms dedicated to creating online stores, such as Woocommerce and Shopify, you can easily create and manage a free online store. 

You can also take advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook to create a page to sell your products directly. 

How to create a free online store in Iraq, step by step 


You can create your free online store in Iraq by following these steps:

  • Availability of the appropriate idea and type of products

Make sure to choose the right idea and products for your Iraqi store, as this will ensure your success in the market.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Choose an idea that suits your capabilities and simulates the needs of your target audience inside Iraq.
  • Choose products that are compatible with your idea and are characterized by high quality and competitive prices.
  • Taking into account the competitive nature of the Iraqi market and being creative and innovative to stand out from your competitors

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  • Completing legal procedures and property rights in Iraqi government departments

After choosing the idea and products, you must obtain a license for your store, which will avoid any potential legal problems in the future and make it easier for you to carry out all operations related to your business easily and conveniently.

KDealing with sellers and marketing your products legally within Iraq, andContracting with large companies and institutions.

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  • Search for companies to create a free online store in Iraq

Look for a suitable company to create digital stores in Iraq that is compatible with your aspirations and your commercial plan to build your dream online store, taking into account things such as: the reputation of the company, and the professionalism of the work team.

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  • Determine the appropriate payment channels for the store

When you open a free online store in Iraq, take into account that you will gain the satisfaction of your customers by diversifying payment channels to facilitate the payment process as much as possible.

Focus on the aspects that are important to the Iraqi market when dealing with electronic stores, such as security, payment capabilities, and technical support.

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  • Determine shipping and delivery channels

Choosing the shipping company that meets your needs and helps increase profits is an important part of the e-commerce process within Iraq. Determine your store's shipping options based on your customers' expectations, your competitors' strategies, and your own shipping goals.

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  • Choosing storage companies for your online store products

To ensure the success of your online store in Iraq, make sure to choose a specialized storage company that enables you to manage the process with all its details, such as storage costs, compensation policies, and the company’s reputation with high efficiency.

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  • Determine the best products and sales methods to accommodate taxes

When making the decision to design an online store in Iraq, carefully study the taxes resulting from the products and services that you will provide, and analyze them carefully to help you determine the prices and costs that are compatible with taxes accurately, andChoose the best products and payment methods for your online store, and determine the best marketing and sales strategy. 

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The cost of creating a free, professional online store in Iraq


The cost of creating a free online store in Iraq varies depending on the implementing company and the approved method, in addition to the type of packages and specifications required. And it begins The total cost is from 800 thousand Iraqi dinars and above.

Trinafo Company provides you with professional services in designing your own store at competitive prices that meet your various needs and the needs of its customers inside Iraq and within various packages, ranging from free to annual ones of up to 195 thousand dinars.

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How to create a free, distinctive online store to sell your products online inside Iraq

Availability Trianvo Distinctive services to its customers inside Iraq, starting from innovative tools and various services that facilitate the creation and management of the online store, to fast and expert customer service, in addition to a professional work team that enables you to launch a different online store with high-quality specifications. 

All you have to do is follow these steps to create your store:

  • Click on the “Create your store now” option, 
  • Fill in the registration information, 
  • Select the name of your store.

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Trinavo is the best free, professional online store design company in Iraq


considered as Trianvo A pioneer in designing and creating electronic stores At competitive prices. Its team provides a package of services that aim to achieve the best results for customers through a set of advantages that make it your best choice in Iraq, including: 

  • Unlimited number of products, categories, customers and orders.
  • Rating and reviews 
  • Multiple currencies and languages 
  • Real-time statistics 
  • Security and SSL encryption.

Frequently asked questions about opening and operating a free online store in Iraq

Are there special conditions for operating an Iraqi online store?

You do not have to have any conditions other than registering your store or business with the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce to obtain an electronic commercial activities license, and adhering to the laws of consumer protection, personal data protection, and electronic payment.

How to create a free online store in Iraq?

There are several methods that can be used to launch a free online store in Iraq, whether you own your own products or do not have the capital necessary to start the project.

How do you receive payments from customers of your online store in Iraq?

You can choose between several payment gateways available in Iraq. At Trinavo, we provide you with a link service to the latest electronic payment gateways to ensure the security of your purchase.

What is the size of the hosting space in designing an Iraqi online store?

When launching a professional online store, the right choice of hosting services is crucial, as hosting services provide a wide range of spaces and sizes that you can choose between depending on the nature of your site and its needs.

Do you need to create an application with the free online store in Iraq?

We advise you to focus from the beginning on launching the website version of your store on the web, and when your store is successful, you can move on to developing an application for the store with the aim of increasing coverage and spread, in order to push its commercial activities to a new level.

Is it possible to create a large online store for free?

You can do this easily with the help of Trinafo, which provides you with this service completely free of charge. Just follow the following steps:

  • Click on the “Create your store now” option, 
  • Fill in the registration information, 
  • Select the name of your store.
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