Use Google Keyword Planner

Use Google Keyword Planner

Using Google Keyword Planner – What you need to know

Google's Keyword Planner was created to help marketers discover important keywords and access data for some keywords. The best way to shop by searching online is to search for keywords, as the Keyword Planner is the best tool for shopping by search.
The importance of keyword research
Researching keywords is an important and essential point in search engine optimization, which includes common words and phrases that are related to your business. There are many companies that make a list containing keywords related to their business.
Proper keyword research should also help you find a variety of methods that are used by searchers for information or products in the SERP, and through it you can find some new ideas and keep you always aware of new terms for your content.

identification Keyword Planner From Google

Google Keyword Planner was created to help you know which keywords are being used in your business search. Google Keyword Planner is also used for several things, including:

First: Knowing new keywords

If you want to know new keywords so that you can use them in marketing your business, you can then resort to Google search schemes, which provide you with a large number of related keywords. All you have to do is search for a specific word and Google will then show you all the keywords related to it. .
The point of expanding the research process must be taken into account in order to obtain greater research results.

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Second: Knowing the rate of monthly searches

One of the important points that the keyword planner provides you with is knowing the average monthly searches for keywords. The importance of knowing other searches is that you are on the right track in targeting the words that everyone is searching for and staying away from words with high searches that are at the top of the competition ladder.

Third: Knowing the cost of keywords

The keyword planner provides you with the advantage of knowing the cost of your words appearing in search engines, which helps you choose the cost of words that suit your budget. If the monthly search rate is higher, the advertising cost will also be high due to the high competition for keywords, and in the case of low average Monthly search will reduce the cost of advertising, taking into account the field being searched for, as the cost varies depending on the fields, as the cost depends on the keywords, your budget, the field you are searching for, and quality points.
In order to be able to use the Keyword Planner, you must first have a Google Ads account, start your advertising campaign, and then you can search for new keywords by adding a URL, or writing them directly in the Keyword Planner.


How to use Keyword Planner

When you use the search keyword plan, you will have two options:

First option: Search for keywords

Searching for keywords provides the advantage of writing keywords to show you similar keywords, which helps you reach a larger number of people interested in the services or products you serve. Google also provides you with knowledge of all the words and titles that are related to what you offer, and explains to you Average searches for the words you are looking for, and the costs to advertise it.

Option 2: Search expectations

Through this option, Google shows you the impressions for the keywords you are searching for, in addition to the number of clicks along with the cost per click, which enables you to predict what you will get when you run the ad for your keywords.


Features of Google Keyword Planner

  • Comprehensive keyword targeting

The site filter has been added to the average monthly search tool, which enables you to access the largest number of keywords in all different regions with all the details and data.
The Average Monthly Searches tool feature provides a seasonal filtering service, and you can even measure the average for a specific season or month, which gives you better results and comprehensive data.
CPC prediction
With the search chart, you can predict the cost per click for the keywords you are searching for.

  • Show advertising ideas

Search Planner displays a special tab for ad ideas. Ad ideas are an ideal way to reach long-tail search results that SEO lacks.


Disadvantages of Keyword Planner

  • Needs registration

You must register an account with Google in order to be transferred to the Keyword Planner, and although registration and access to the site are free, it requires a lot of time, especially with the difficulty of the new search plan interface.

  • Collection of search words for all devices

One of the main disadvantages of the search plan is collecting search words from all devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones into a unified word, which is a bad thing especially when wanting to make profitability estimates, as it is better to have a detailed and specialized analysis to determine the percentage of search movements for words. Home from all devices.


Google Keyword Planner provides you with better keyword analysis and helps you find multiple options to support your marketing strategy. Whether you use keyword planners for paid ads or for search engine optimization, it is the best tool through which you can discover multiple ways to reach... Increasing the number of potential customers.

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