Wide targeting strategy

Wide targeting strategy

Wide targeting strategy
The broad targeting strategy refers to the idea of building a single marketing message and broadcasting it to a large number of consumers through wide-ranging media. This strategy achieves a greater percentage of sales and a higher return as a result of broad targeting.
The Wide Targeting strategy requires reaching a large group of audiences through different sites, which makes them pay attention to all aspects of the product that consumers care about.

The most important steps of the broad targeting strategy

As we mentioned, the Wide Targeting strategy aims to reach the largest possible audience, which helps improve the brand in addition to raising the profit rate, but how can small companies use this strategy and apply it correctly to achieve good results? Through the following lines, we can answer this question through some important points.

  1. Identify appropriate products

The most important points to ensure the success of this strategy are identifying the products that the largest number of consumers might want to buy. If you want to sell a product to a specific age group, you must first know what they might be looking for and what products might solve their problems and meet their needs. You can Know these matters by conducting market research for the target group so that you can identify the appropriate products before starting to implement the broad targeting strategy.

  1. Determine the appropriate price

Another benefit you get from conducting market research is knowing the average income of their customers, on the basis of which the prices of the products offered to them are determined. The successful marketer must understand the basics that a specific group needs based on their monthly income. The products you will offer to high-income people are completely different from those. Which is offered to middle-income people, which is what this strategy relies on in light of the broad marketing principle, which may not succeed if you set prices that are not appropriate for the target audience.

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  1. Planning For an advertising campaign More efficient

One of the most important advantages of broad targeting is the efficiency of its advertisements and marketing campaigns, as the advertisement is specified for the target group without paying attention to other consumers outside this category, which makes the advertisement more personalized and of lower cost due to identifying the audience and not wasting money on advertisements for the non-target audience. Also, this This strategy is more interactive than others, and this is due to directing the good advertisement to the right group, so the advertising messages in this case are more relatable than in others.

  1. Applying the idea of marketing geography

Now you can see the strategy completely after determining the product, price, and advertisement. You can now say that you also know where your customers live. Through the previous elements, you can attract an entire neighborhood if it has the appropriate elements to implement the strategy. There are also a number of business owners who use market segmentation maps, which Through them, they can know the places that contain a large number of consumers who share a certain average income, or the preferences of a number of consumers for a specific service or product. All of these things will enable you to reach the group you are targeting faster, which will help you in making the broad targeting strategy successful.

Therefore, the Wide Targeting strategy will work well and be beneficial for your business, whether by enhancing your brand or achieving a greater profit return. However, this strategy may also not resonate as you expect with the consumers you want to convert into customers, especially when directing Advertising for a specific category or expanding the scope of marketing to a larger number to reach multiple groups and yet do not achieve the desired results, so apply the strategy through smart marketers and pay more attention to market research to ultimately reach the appropriate audience and convert them into customers.

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