Take advantage of Google Analytics to improve your site's performance

Take advantage of Google Analytics to improve your site's performance

How to benefit from Google Analytics to improve your site's performance? As the Google Analytics tool is one of the tools that website owners cannot do without to know the behaviors and preferences of targeted customers, it is used to know the number of visitors and many other statistics that we will talk about in the following lines in detail. EnglishShop.

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What is Google Analytics?

  1. Google Analytics is a website analysis tool provided by Google Inc. It is one of the best free online tools for collecting statistics and data about websites.
  2. It enables a wide range of important and in-depth website metrics and analytics that track every aspect of your site's performance. It is undoubtedly the best tool in every website owner's arsenal.
  3. Most website owners who use Google Analytics only use a small portion of its features and functionality, and most only use it to see the number of visitors to their site.
  4. This is undoubtedly an important statistic, but there are many more important statistics and reports that Google Analytics provides.
  5. Which if you know how to use and follow them, you can gain deep insight into your site and your visitors.
  6. There are two versions of Google Analytics; Free version, paid version known as Google Analytics 360.
  7. The paid version features a service level agreement that includes customer support, data freshness, and reporting.
  8. Plus some advanced tools, such as unsampled reports and BigQuery Export.

How to benefit from Google Analytics to improve your site's performance?

  • Google Analytics is an essential tool for measuring site performance over time, understanding visitor behaviors, and tracking the results and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, SEO campaigns, link building, and all of your other marketing efforts.
  • Google reports provided by google analytics allow site owners to track all site visitor statistics and performance metrics.
  • It also enables you to see the most visited pages, articles or products, and how your visitors interact with page elements.
  • It also gives you a lot of technical information, such as the devices site visitors use, and the type of browsers and operating systems they use.
  • Provides benefit from the service 1 TP3Tae google analytics 1 TP2T8 To improve your site's performance there is a wealth of valuable data and information about your site's visitors, and not just from the technical side.
  • It also gives you important information about your visitors' demographics, such as gender, age group, and the geographic areas in which they live.
  • You can use Google Analytics to target your marketing efforts and campaigns and identify target audiences.
  • It shows you a comprehensive file about the privacy of visitors and the traffic sources coming to your site. This allows you to follow up your marketing campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness first.

What does Google Analytics measure?

Google measures a lot of metrics related to your site, and most website owners, as we said above, only use one or two of them, but there are many others. Learning and following Google Analytics will help you learn every little thing about your site. The data measured by Google Analytics is divided into two categories:

Dimension data:

It represents the elements you want to measure, such as the country or city your traffic is coming from, the city where you are running an ad campaign, the social network you want to measure, or the page or article you want to track and rate.

Measurement data:

They represent dimensional measures. For example, if you launched a campaign aimed at increasing visits to the site from Saudi Arabia, the number of visits coming from there (for example, 1,000 visits per month) would be included in the measurement data category.

The most important Google Analytics metrics

After linking your site to Google Analytics, you can view Google statistics by going to the user page:

at present

Real-time statistics let you know what's happening on your site right now and which pages are currently active. Number of current visitors, traffic sources, geographic locations visitors belong to, and more. They are useful for evaluating the performance of newly published content on your site.

The audience in order to benefit from the Google Analytics service to improve the performance of your site

On the audience page, you will find all the statistics related to your audience, the most important of which are:

  1. Users: means the number of visitors to your site in the specified time period.
  2. New Users: The number of users who visited your site for the first time during the specified period.
  3. Sessions: The period of time a user is actively engaged with your site, and includes page views, events, e-commerce, and more.
  4. It differs from a user statistic in that it represents the total number of visits to your site, even if they are repeated.

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User languages

You can know the languages of website visitors, this statistic is very useful if you are thinking of expanding or are active in the e-commerce field.

If you find that a large percentage of visitors use a language other than the main language of the site, you should seriously consider adding this language to the site.

Geographical location in order to benefit from the Google Analytics service to improve the performance of your site

  1. Do you own an online store or a project that provides digital services and you want to expand to new cities or countries but you are not sure whether you will succeed or you do not know which countries or cities you should focus on and start expanding into?
  2. Here comes the benefit of Google Analytics, which provides accurate statistics about the geographical locations of visitors.
  3. Go to the Audience tab > Geography > Location and Google Analytics will show you which regions your visitors are coming from. You can browse results by country, city or continent.

in the endWe talked about how to benefit from the Google Analytics service to improve the performance of your site, and we mentioned the features and uses of the Google Analytics service in detail.

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