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You may have once seen some drawings on the billboards of major companies, which some call street art, which is used to announce a desire or rejection of a company's policy. This act is called subversive advertising.

What is advertising vandalism? 

It is a parody that makes fun of advertisements Companies Commercial or institutions. The goal of this advertisement may be to sabotage, to object to state policy or the prevailing social system, or it may have cultural dimensions. It can be said that sabotage advertising is practiced by some to express their opinions, ideas, and rejection of some current policies. It is within the categories of creative resistance.

Types of advertising sabotage

There are three basic types of advertising vandalism, which some countries adopt as a type of art and which are not punishable by law. Below we explain the three types of advertising vandalism.

  1. Meme hack

It means intentionally changing an advertisement in the form of a written concept or phrase that is used in a different context and whose purpose is to corrupt the basic meaning of the advertisement.
This method is a reaction against advertising and the economic system based on advertising, and some artists around the world have harnessed social networking sites to introduce the meme piracy system to sabotage street advertisements as a type of art and partial propaganda.

  1. Detournement

This term first appeared in France at the hands of a group of artists who formulated a new theory that says that letters have sound and image, which led to the destruction of poetry and the emergence of a new wave of French literature.
The term Détournement is defined as a reformulation of a design, brand, art, or work, so that this new formulation is a satirical work that opposes the original work or design to gain reactions from those loyal to the opposing design.
In this case, the vandals seek to sabotage the advertising power of the brand and the special symbol of a company and criticize it by rephrasing it in a sarcastic way. It is very similar to civil disobedience by the public, but in an artistic form carried out by some individuals.

  1. Infringement on Billboard billboards

It involves changing some billboards, whether by adding words, posters, or slogans, or deleting some words or symbols from the billboard. This type also includes hacking electronic billboards and broadcasting certain phrases or slogans.

Hence, talking about advertising sabotage cannot be limited to several lines, even though it is a popular practice carried out by some individuals for special or exceptional goals, as in the case of revolutions, demanding a right, or objecting to a political or social situation. Some European countries have approved it and others The other is to put those who commit this act under penalty of law, but it remains a form of objection, although it may be used in abusive ways at times.

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