Natural Marketing and Paid Marketing: What Should You Know?

Natural marketing and paid marketing

Natural Marketing and Paid Marketing: What Should You Know?

E-marketing is one of the most advanced and widely used technologies in the past decade, especially since the emergence of social networking sites and networks. Speaking of natural marketing and paid marketing, search engine marketing has become the most successful, and the largest share of it has been obtained by the Google search engine, which It occupies more than 67% of the search engine market.

Pros of paid marketing

  • It is the fastest way to get instant results.
  • The perfect way to focus on your target audience.
  • The most accurate brand awareness process.

Disadvantages of paid marketing

  • An expensive and sometimes expensive method.
  • Requires constant monitoring.
  • Your site results and rankings will decline once you stop marketing this way.

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Pros of natural marketing

  • Building and maintaining a good website reputation.
  • Get the best and highest ratings naturally.
  • Long term results.
  • A marketing method that is inexpensive or less expensive than paid marketing.
  • Get reliable and real traffic to your website and from interested visitors.

Disadvantages of natural marketing

  • It may take longer for results to appear than with the first method.
  • A complicated method for non-specialists.
  • You will have to resort to a marketing specialist for implementation, and this will also cost you money.

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Paid marketing is faster and expensive and free is slower and costs time

  • From the three examples we discussed in this article, it turns out that free methods cost the owner effort and require personal commitment, not to mention that the results do not come quickly.
  • While paid methods are fast and instant and require the marketer to spend money to get them and thus make him focus on important things and do a lot in one day.
  • The disadvantage of the free method is that the results do not come quickly so you can work for months or even years before you get good results.
  • While paid methods bring quick results and can develop to great levels with commitment for months.
  • In the end, the rules of the game go both ways, and you can play as you like as long as you play legally, acceptably, and without cheating to get good results.
  • Every dollar you spend on paid methods should return the same additional profit to you sooner or later.
  • While you have to be patient, diligent, and continue with free methods.

Free and paid search results on Google

  • Search engines generally provide free search results to users.
  • In addition to paid search results that usually come with phrases like “ad” and “sponsored,” which usually appear at the top of search results and are also distinct from organic results.
  • It is known that search engines provide sites to archive their contents and pages for free without paying any money, by simply creating your site, creating maps, and sending them to search engines.
  • In this step they will send their crawlers or web spiders web crawlers To archive every article and page that is added and displayed in search results for researchers.


  • The free way to take advantage of search engines is the one we've covered.
  • Here it requires the website owner to make an effort to add content and also configure the website to be suitable for visitors.
  • These spiders create natural backlinks by registering in website directories and social networks and getting backlinks from blogs and sites in their field.
  • In fact, this method requires a long time for the site to gain the trust of search engines and it is preferable to present it to researchers. This is a process that takes many months and perhaps several years.


What is the search engine optimization process? Is it a paid marketing method?

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies and techniques widely used in the field of digital e-marketing to improve a website's ranking in the first results of a search engine. The goals of these strategies are to improve and increase the number of customers and visitors to different websites.
  • Furthermore, there are two main types of SEO, the first is natural “unpaid” SEO and the other is paid or artificial marketing.
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