Pink marketing and exploitation of women

Pink marketing and exploitation of women

Pink marketing and exploitation of women
In general, women represent half of the world’s population, and women’s consumption of spending and purchases increases, reaching approximately 85% of Purchasing power The public, which makes women play a major role in the economy, and although there are few differences between marketing and targeting methods, whether for men or women, women remain the main element through which the quality of the product is evaluated, as studies have proven that the main motivation for purchasing for women is not the price. But the quality of the product and what they can get from purchasing a product, and this is what has made marketing in the recent period directed towards women in particular, which is what is called pink marketing.

Pink marketing

Feminine marketing or pink marketing is a term that was created to refer to marketing that depends on targeting women. The pink marketing strategy uses marketing techniques that have a greater impact on women than on men.
A definition of pink marketing can be set as directing the marketing elements of pricing, promoting and distributing the product in a way that suits women’s style and meets their needs in an effective marketing way that makes them a permanent customer of a specific brand.
Pink marketing is not limited to women's products, but also extends to men's products by running marketing campaigns through which women are exploited and influenced women's purchasing decisions to push them to buy other products, whether men's or children's products.

Although many people oppose the idea of exploiting women in marketing and coloring marketing plans for the sake of a specific group, market trends have become open to the extent that you can exploit a specific purchasing power to win them and make profits through them, which is what pink marketing does.

The importance of pink marketing

Pink marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies in the recent period, due to a number of reasons, which we mention below:

  1. The importance of pink marketing stems not only from the fact that women constitute a major purchasing power, but also because they are decision-makers, whether in their families or in their professional lives.
  2. Women's purchasing power represents approximately 85% of total global purchases.
  3. The percentage of women’s spending on online shopping is approximately 58%, which constitutes a large purchasing percentage, as women’s purchasing expenses around the world amount to 20 trillion dollars.
  4. Pink marketing contributes to knowing the correct way to market services and products for the women’s market and methods for developing them.

Steps to successful pink marketing

Pink marketing requires a set of steps and requirements in order to have successful marketing. Below we explain the most important requirements that you need for the success of the pink marketing strategy.

  • The first step in the pink marketing strategy must be to rely on emotional temptations in addition to logical matters. Successful selling to women begins with arousing their passion and finding an emotional point in the product that can influence the woman’s feelings.
  • Studies have shown a direct relationship between providing additional services and good customer service and women's brand loyalty.
  • Exploiting social media to reach a larger percentage of women.
  • Using colors that women prefer in products and advertisements.
  • In advertising and marketing in general, be sure to use methods that can influence a woman, whether by influencing her subconscious or affecting her emotions.

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Pink Marketing App

Pink marketing is a modern term in marketing, as many organizations in the world tend to adopt the pink marketing strategy and apply it to women by forming the four elements of the marketing mix, which are product, pricing, promotion, and location, and exploiting them in a way that suits women’s lives.

First: the product

We can define the product here as the pink product that represents any good or service that was produced to be compatible with women’s desires and needs, and it is stated that women search for information and details about the brand more than men.
Women focus on every part of the product, whether it is clothing or food products, so companies and sales officials who seek to make the pink marketing strategy successful must pay close attention to the product details and quality.

Second: Price

It is the amount paid by customers for the product, and while the man sees that there is an expensive product, the woman sees that it is cheap, or at least its price is appropriate, because the woman sees that this product meets a need that the man may not see, which is what makes the woman spend twice as much. Men buy products, and it makes companies target women and develop pricing strategies based on the value of the product, which is most important to women.

Third: Location

The website represents the place where products are sold to customers, especially women. In order for the company to ensure good distribution of its products and reach the largest base of women, it must work to use an effective marketing strategy in addition to distinguished distributors so that it can reach consumers with high efficiency. Successful companies work to have Stores full of products to be available at all times and places.

Fourth: Promotion

Promotion represents the ways in which women communicate with customers, and because women are more emotional than men, the best promotional methods are those that depend on convincing women of the product by influencing their feelings, as we mentioned previously. Although there are women who are rational and judge things by logic, just like men, they will They tend toward the emotional side when purchasing a product, and women trust the experience of others. If you are looking for the best methods of promotion in the pink marketing strategy, you must do so through the channels that women use on an ongoing basis, in addition to spoken promotion and word-of-mouth marketing, which most women trust.

Hence, exploiting women in marketing has become one of the strategies followed by many companies under the name pink marketing, which has proven successful with many marketers. Despite the rejection of the idea of targeted marketing, companies have begun to work on pink marketing without showing exploitation of women’s weaknesses and working on points Their purchasing power and exploiting their ideas for the benefit of business.

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