Marketing using coupons to increase sales

Marketing using coupons to increase sales

Marketing using coupons

Many online store owners are adding coupons and discounts to the store's shopping strategy, with the aim of increasing sales and attracting the largest number of new customers. Discount coupons also encourage many shoppers to make purchases through the store or its website.

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Definition of coupons and discount vouchers

There are two types of Coupons The opponent is an illusion Coupons and vouchers digital, AndPhysical coupons.

First: digital coupons

These are offers and discounts that online store owners offer to current customers and potential customers, which aim to attract consumers to make purchases from the store’s website. These coupons include one of three offers, either a discount of a specific percentage on the price of the product, free shipping, or a free gift.

Types of digital discount coupons

Digital discount coupons are among the most common coupons in electronic stores. The types of coupons and their different systems are as follows:

1. Downloadable digital coupons

These coupons are used on websites for all consumers, which are downloaded and used directly for everyone.

2. Phone coupons

These are coupons intended to market to smartphone owners to encourage them to shop through the phone. These coupons are intended for stores located on the phone only.

3. Coupons in the form of promotional codes

This promotional code has become famous in the recent period and has contributed significantly to raising the percentage of sales, which has led many stores to adopt it to promote the store’s products. These promotional codes consist of letters and numbers to be used when completing the payment process, and they are also used once.

4. Automatic discount coupons

They are offered by major stores. When payment is completed, the customer is notified of receiving a discount, as these discounts act as gifts to customers and consumers.

Second: Physical coupons

Digital coupons and coupons work the same as digital coupons with a difference. Physical coupons and coupons cost more than physical coupons, as they cost to print and distribute, unlike digital coupons, which can be sent by text message or email. Advantages of discount coupons

• Encouraging consumers to buy

Many consumers prefer to obtain discount coupons, as they consider these coupons and vouchers as a profitable deal, which gives them the desire and reassurance to make the purchase.

• Gain customer trust

Discount coupons give a distinctive experience to consumers, especially with the speed of redeeming the coupon value, which benefits the store as the customer’s confidence in the store increases and his desire to repeat the purchase process and obtain other coupons increases.

• Increase interaction and reach a larger percentage of potential customers

Discount coupons are a good and effective marketer to reach a large base of consumers and customers, which means expanding the scope of marketing and introducing the store, which increases the chances of obtaining new customers.

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Disadvantages of marketing using coupons

Despite the many positives of discount coupons, there are some negatives, which store owners must pay attention to when including discount coupons to market the store.

Below we mention the most important disadvantages of discount coupons

• Reducing the commercial value of the product

When coupons are used repeatedly, this is harmful to the store, as many consumers think that repeatedly using coupons is only to get rid of unsuccessful or expired products, which certainly harms the store’s brand, and is definitely what the store owner does not want, so it must Pricing the product correctly and appropriate to its value, and specifying discount coupons at specific times without harming the value of the product.

• Decrease in sales and profits

When coupons are used excessively and on all products, this leads to a delay and decline in sales, as special coupons are only marketing expenses that are used to increase sales and acquire new customers. They should not be used as a permanent strategy so that things do not turn around, and these coupons should be Specific to specific products, but those that have good marketing and are acceptable to customers, it is better to keep them and not include them in discount coupons.

• Abandon cart

Many consumers abandon their shopping cart in search of discount coupons, and this is the mistake that store owners make by launching prominent discount coupons for specific products.

How to use discount coupons to increase sales

Discount coupons can significantly increase revenues when used in the correct way, as they bring multiple benefits to your store when used for marketing:

• Raising sales

Discount coupons will help you increase sales quickly, especially those products that suffer from weak sales and for which you only have to offer an appropriate discount to be sold, as in this case the coupons will not only provide you with purchase vouchers to obtain money, but also to stimulate the sales and marketing movement for your products. .

Increase the number of customers on your mailing list

Make an appropriate offer of a discount coupon for every potential customer who signs up for your mailing list, so you can get a high traffic rate for a small discount.

• Knowing the interaction rates on all marketing channels

One of the most important benefits that you gain from using discount coupons is testing your marketing channels and finding out which one performs better than others, which enables you to use that most interactive channel to market it to a greater extent than others. All you have to do is place a discount coupon on all your marketing channels. Wait to see which channel is most engaged and used by customers.

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How to market discount coupons

There are many ways through which you can advertise a discount coupon and market your store’s products. Below are the most important methods that you can use to advertise and market your discount coupons:

• E-mail

Include discount coupon codes in emails to customers.

• Social media

• Advertisements

Whether it is paid or free advertising, this method enables you to obtain a large number of visits in addition to increasing sales.

• Text messages.

• Store links

• Trade fairs

From this it becomes clear that using a discount coupon strategy is one of the best ways to attract many customers and increase sales, and you can integrate these discounts into the store’s marketing campaigns.

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