Freebie Marketing

Freebie Marketing

Freebie Marketing aims to spread the product into the hands of buyers for free before they have to get used to the product in order to buy it at the required prices, or buy a supplement to the product at high prices. This type of marketing has proven great effectiveness and unparalleled successes, and this is what we will explain in the lines. Following on the site Trianvo.

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Freebie Marketing

Free sample marketing is one of the most efficient types of product marketing, especially for immersed products. Despite this, most marketers and business owners do not resort to it because they seek quick profits and do not sacrifice some time and cost in or because they do not have current capital to help them bear the cost of the product and distribute those free samples.

The importance of marketing with free samples. Freebie Marketing

We will mention in the following lines the importance of marketing with free samples:

  • In terms of marketing and sales tactics, offering free samples is one of the most effective actions you can take to increase sales and increase awareness of your product.
  • This is especially true for the food, beverage, health and beauty industries.
  • Consumers are more likely to buy your product if they know what they are getting.
  • This is the case if you have a brand that people don't know.
  • You can use the tactic to show how effective or good your product is.
  • Since if you give a free sample, people are more likely to buy your product, let's say you have a new fragrance to take and give away free samples with a magazine.
  • Someone who tastes your perfume and loves it will be more inclined to buy a full-sized bottle once the sample is out because they are used to using your perfume.
  • Hence, it will be first on your list of perfumes to buy.
  • Since everyone loves getting free samples, this is an opportunity to try something new that you might not have thought of before, and maybe discover your new favorite product.
  • Businesses prefer free samples because it's a way to attract new customers, and it's often lower than advertising costs.

How to use Freebie Marketing

We will explain in the following lines how to use Freebie Marketing:

  1. Produce small samples of your products. If you are in the restaurant business, these may be small portions of a new product.
  2. Retail stores can purchase sample-sized products from distributors to deliver to potential customers.
  3. Attach a coupon, business card, or flyer to your samples to advertise your business.
  4. This will provide an incentive for consumers to come back and purchase a full-sized version of your product.
  5. Assign employees with good customer service skills to stand at the entrance of the business to pass out samples, making sure they are friendly and can answer questions about the product.
  6. Write down what consumers say about your products or business during sampling.
  7. This is an opportunity to see if you need to make any adjustments to price, appearance, taste or effectiveness.

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Freebie Marketing strategy with free samples

The free samples marketing strategy is a strategy invented by King Camp Gillette. Owner of the well-known brand and product “Gillette”. But behind this brand lies a big secret and a great marketing strategy; So what is the story?

The seller was Camp Gillette. He shaves his beard daily, and one day his blade loses its sharpness, and all his attempts with it fail, and here two new ideas come to him. The first: making a razor whose head can be changed, and the second: placing two blades next to each other in the razor.

The man was convinced of his two ideas, and his enthusiasm flared up, so he decided to establish a safe shaving company in 1901 AD. The product left its factories in 1903 AD, but did anyone buy it? In fact, the man was, at first, very disappointed; In the first year, only 51 razors and 168 blades were sold.

The man did not despair, but a crazy idea knocked on the door of his mind. They donate these machines to customers for free. Sometimes he sold them at very low prices, and then the free sample strategy was “Camp Gillette,” the gateway to success.

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