Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing

Marketing is considered Instagram The second most popular means of communication after Facebook, with more than 1.16 billion active monthly users on the site. Daily users spend a minimum of about 8 minutes on the application and 500 million use Stories daily.

In addition to the presence of a large number of influencers on the site with a huge number of followers. By developing the appropriate plan, you can exploit this platform to achieve your business goals.

Below we mention a number of marketing tips to exploit the power of the platform to market your products and make profits in addition to attracting new customers:

Create a business account

Firstly, it is preferable to switch the general account to the business account (Instagram Business). This step is very simple. All you have to do is go to the settings and then switch to the business account. One of the benefits of this step is that, for example, followers can click on your contact button to communicate with you directly from your Instagram page. Just as if they were from your website.

A business profile allows you to create and publish Instagram ads without having to use Facebook advertising tools.

You can also access statistics on the reach of your posts, the number of times they appear, the ages and nationality of followers, the most active hours, and other important data to understand how users interact with your content.

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The nature of the account content

You must focus on writing an overview of what you offer in order to attract customers, and what bonus they will get if they follow you. Keeping in mind not to use direct marketing messages, as you can create humorous and fun ways, as the Instagram platform is essentially a platform for communicating and spreading fun.

The more you know about how users interact with your posts, the better you can fine-tune your content to increase engagement.

Use Instagram Stories

If you want to attract customers, use Instagram Stories. They are broadcast for only 24 hours, but they can be kept according to a specific classification that makes it easy for new customers to access them.

With the advantage of adding an unlimited number of posts. A large segment of Instagram users follow stories rather than follow posts.

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Present content in a creative way

Think outside the box and stay away from blind imitation. Because the nature of Instagram tends towards fun and entertainment, you can display posts in a creative way that attracts the target audience.

No excess or negligence

Choose the appropriate times to post. It is preferable to choose peak times when followers are online. According to research, the best times of the day to post are between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. You can also use Instagram statistics as peak times may vary depending on your audience.

Taking into account avoiding excessive publishing, as excessive publishing alienates followers and leads to unfollowing the account, and the same is the case when publishing is neglected, publishing must be balanced by developing a publishing plan according to a specific timetable to ensure regularity in publishing, and that the content be consistent and within specific topics. These are just random posts.

Hiring celebrities

You can use celebrities who have thousands of followers; Partnerships and cooperation are concluded with them to promote your products, which contributes to what you offer reaching a larger segment of customers.

It is preferable to choose influencers who have an audience relevant to your product or service.

Advertising on Instagram

Brands can promote their product images to anyone who fits their target audience to increase their reach, so your ad will be displayed via paid ads.

It has become clear that the Instagram platform is no longer a means for personal use only, but has become a global platform that allows brands to display their products, reach new customers and interact with them. It was important to exploit the power of this platform to attract customers and build your brand.

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