Postal service beneficiaries of e-commerce

Postal service beneficiaries of e-commerce

Postal service beneficiaries of e-commerce

As e-commerce has spread in recent years and with it the need for affordable and reliable package delivery services, with the increase in online purchases, the postal service has re-emerged as an essential ally of e-commerce due to its strong guarantees and the various advantages it offers compared to other modes of delivery. Postal services currently offer a variety A product that allows sending both documents and parcels.

Postal service beneficiaries of e-commerce

Communicating by means of written documents from one point to another and sending parcels containing goods between two remote places can be dated from the beginning of time. With greater organization, Egyptian civilization (2400 BC) and later Greco-Roman culture implemented message systems that laid the foundations for postal delivery systems. current.

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International regulation of the postal service

• A cross-border service such as the postal service is soon equipped with rules and regulations that formalize its operation and provide security and trust to users of the service.

• In 1874, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) was created, a Bern-based institution that is currently the main forum for cooperation between postal sector actors.

• With over 192 member states, the Universal Postal Union aims to ensure a truly global network of postal products and services to meet the changing needs of the market.

• The Universal Postal Union is the body charged with setting rules for international postal exchanges and making recommendations to stimulate growth in mail volumes and improve the quality of service to customers.

• In addition to the Universal Postal Union, postal service rules are set internationally by the world customs organization, the World Customs Organization, which includes 182 customs administrations that together handle approximately 98% of world trade.

• The WCO has the authority and expertise to establish all legal, policy, procedural, technological and human resources measures related to the facilitation of international trade.

• The core functions of the WCO include: establishing, implementing, supporting and strengthening international instruments for the harmonization, simplification and uniform implementation of customs procedures and regulations; and strengthen efforts to ensure compliance with legislation.

• In addition to cooperation to face the challenges of the current business environment, adapt to new circumstances, and enhance communication and cooperation between different customs administrations.

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E-commerce companies choose the postal service for its guaranteed delivery, wide coverage, competitive prices and simplified customs procedures.

• Speaking about the beneficiaries of the postal service from e-commerce, the regulatory framework applied to the postal system and the efforts of the Universal Postal Union and the World Customs Organization to achieve efficiency in the global postal logistics chain give advantages to this system, which contributes to the intensification of international trade and which attracts more and more e-commerce goods.

• Below we summarize the main advantages of the postal system for sending goods:

1. Prices are cheaper than express shipping, and in some countries there are slight differences in delivery times.

2. Simplified and more flexible customs procedures and requirements.

3. 100% global coverage, with an estimated network of 677,347 post offices in 2016.

4. There is no minimum weight when applying the tariff.

5. In general, there are no restrictions associated with the value of the goods, beyond the restrictions that some countries may set.

6. Full traceability and proof of delivery, depending on the contracted product.

7. Safe delivery with very low accident rates.

8. Speaking about e-commerce postal service users, any type of goods can be shipped, with the exception of the prohibitions applicable to all shipping methods set by local customs authorities and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

9. Availability of a service for transporting urgent goods with special delivery times.

E-commerce will not succeed without postal services

• Online competition has had a significant impact on demand for postal services.

• Even before we move into the digital age and have our fancy electronic way of communicating, postal services are essential.

• It allows people to send almost anything to any part of the world, even though we have advanced way of reaching people, postal services will always remain relevant to us.

• Although it may seem like it is declining, many people still use the service, and prefer it more than anything else. For them, it is safer, and although delivery may take three to five days, They still choose him.

• Many people might be curious as to why it still exists today with almost all electronic devices – which means an easier and faster way to communicate.

• Some sentimental people say it's because receiving something from the mail is better and shows the effort put in by the person giving the mail. But mail is not only about letters, today it is also used as a means of sending parcels and in some countries, it is also the cheapest way to do so.

• Technically, postal services have been around for a long time in society and for this reason, it is difficult to break down, especially since many of them are linked to the services provided by the sector.

• Speaking about the beneficiaries of the e-commerce postal service, they are reliable and provide the best services. Another thing is that they provide services to an underdeveloped country that has not had the opportunity to have any other means of communication. For those countries, it may take some time to reach the modern method of communication. So postal services are important to them.

• Postal services are also valuable to the governments of some countries.

• They use the services to coordinate with other offices – to send notices, memos and other documents.

• It is especially useful for hard-to-reach places, it is their way of communicating with local offices and their subordinates in remote areas.

The social value of the postal service

• The social value of the postal service extends beyond the economic benefits provided by deliveries.

• It connects family and friends, strengthens democracy, and is an essential part of emergency and national security infrastructure. It has worked without interruption during the COVID-19 pandemic and other national disasters.

• Professional jobs in the Postal Service are good jobs for workers without a bachelor's degree.

• Postal workers are better compensated than many other workers with similar education, years of experience, and hours worked.

• This is the case for unionized workers, those employed by large employers, and public sector workers without a bachelor's degree.

• However, this benefit is shrinking as the Postal Service increasingly relies on noncareer employees who receive scant benefits, and there is pressure to cut benefits for career employees as well.

At the end of our talk about the beneficiaries of the postal service from e-commerce, and for the reasons mentioned above, there is still a long way to go for postal services. As long as there is someone using its services, it will remain as it is, and as long as someone sees its importance, it will never cease to exist. Postal services will remain successful with the presence of e-commerce. Which is growing day by day due to the increasing demand for it, and customers will continue to trust the mail to transport their goods.

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