The complete guide to digital marketing 2022

The complete guide to digital marketing 2022

The complete guide to digital marketing 2022, as marketing is the backbone of selling in all its forms, whether online, as in e-commerce, or selling in regular stores, as is the case in traditional commerce.

You may once wonder: Why do your competitors sell more than you and achieve a greater spread, even though they offer the same product with the same quality, and sometimes offer higher quality and a better price? The answer is simple: they follow the basics of digital marketing and apply its various strategies in promoting products and services.

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The complete guide to digital marketing 2022

In the following lines we will talk about the definition Digital marketing We mention the advantages of digital marketing, the steps of digital marketing, and how to use digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing means all the efforts and activities undertaken by companies or brands in general in order to promote their various products or services via the Internet and on the basis of various digital media.

It's a term marketing It also refers to all the modern marketing strategies used to reach the target customers of any brand online, mobile, different social media or any digital place they are located.

What is the difference between e-marketing and digital marketing?

Many people confuse the term digital marketing with the term e-marketing, and many believe that they are the same term and refer to the same concept.

This is not entirely true, as each of them denotes a different meaning from the other, although digital marketing is a more comprehensive term than e-marketing, and the latter is considered part of the former. Here is the meaning of each

Digital Marketing:

It is a more comprehensive concept of marketing efforts, it is the marketing of products and services through various online and digital media, both online and offline.

The most prominent examples of common digital marketing tools are: traditional media (radio - television - digital newspapers), as well as through mobile devices, or on a subway platform, or in a video game, or through a smartphone application, and other digital media.


The term e-marketing refers to marketing efforts for a product or service on the Internet using tools or channels connected to the Internet that rely primarily on the Internet to operate.

For example: social networking sites (Facebook - Instagram - Snapchat - LinkedIn - Twitter - etc.), as well as various advertisements on the Internet and others.

Why is digital marketing important for your business?

Our conversation about the complete and comprehensive basics of digital marketing has not begun yet! But, we had to initially understand the concept of digital marketing and why digital marketing is so important for the success of your business? Therefore, in today’s article, we present the complete guide to digital marketing 2022, and in the lines we mention the importance of digital marketing:

Spread and reach

One of the most prominent features of digital marketing today, which makes it one of the necessary and important elements in the success of any company or institution, regardless of its type, size, or even the nature of its work, is its spread and speed. being able to.

But what do we mean here by diffusion? Simply look around you and tell me how many electronic devices you can see around you? At least two or three electronic devices, most of which are connected to the Internet.

Most of the time, you are reading this guide on your mobile phone or computer ready, these are the ways the vast majority of the public around the world consume information and share it with colleagues, friends and family.

Internet connectivity has changed the way we purchase our necessities, the way we learn about events around us, and undoubtedly the way we vote.

Easy access to the Internet, at almost any time, is one of the reasons why companies and various business organizations are strongly moving towards relying on digital marketing to promote and market their products and services.

In short: The besiegement of electronic, digital and connected devices of consumers everywhere has made digital marketing the most important element in achieving success and reaching the goals of companies and brands.

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Low cost and affordability

Digital marketing has largely leveled the playing field between businesses of different sizes in marketing their products or services, by putting small and medium-sized businesses on an equal playing field with larger companies, due to the lower costs that all businesses can afford.

This is compared to the costs required to market businesses using well-known traditional methods, such as radio, television or road advertising, newspapers and magazines.

Precise targeting of customers

One of the well-known fundamentals of digital marketing is the ability to target the audience a brand wants to reach with extreme ease and precision.

Digital marketing, especially various digital advertisements, provides the advantage of determining who can see this or that advertisement by choosing the characteristics of the target audience of age, age group, location and other demographic characteristics that facilitate reaching the exact desired customer.

On the other hand, different digital marketing forms, channels, and tools help you reach the largest possible number of targeted and potential customers for your company.

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