Online stores and their importance in light of the Corona pandemic

The importance of online stores in light of the Corona pandemic

The importance of online stores in light of Corona pandemic

The importance of online stores became apparent in light of the Corona pandemic after the precautionary measures taken by governments in various countries, after which merchants and consumers resorted to the Internet.

The concept of trade and marketing in the world has changed since the spread of Covid-19, so everyone turned to electronic stores, which changed the features of the commercial market, as electronic stores, in light of the Corona pandemic, became the shopping gateway for many people around the world.
Data indicated an increase in electronic sales, which reached a growth rate of 25% in Arab countries, with expenditures estimated at 28.5 billion dollars.
Thus, the Corona virus would be the spark that launched the growth of e-commerce, thus becoming the turning point in the concept of global trade, which is the savior for all markets in light of the Corona crisis.

Definition of online store

It is a website created on the Internet for the purpose of displaying all kinds of products and working to attract the largest number of customers.
Many consumers have begun to prefer electronic stores in this period due to the presence of multiple options in front of the consumer, who can choose any of them quite easily and without any significant effort, in addition to the multiplicity of commercial brands and detailed information about all products.

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In addition to the previous features, we present to you the following a group of other features that show the importance of e-commerce in light of the Corona pandemic:

Advantages of e-commerce

Avoid crowding and pressure from sales staff

After the ban was reported in all countries of the world, e-commerce was a savior for everyone, and it continues its wonderful work in providing all products without the need for excessive mixing with others in light of the precautionary measures that everyone has taken since the beginning of the pandemic.
E-commerce has also eliminated the idea of pressure exerted by sales staff in regular stores, so that transactions become based on the principle of supply and demand only.

Learn about all products and compare them

As we mentioned previously, online stores provide all products from all international brands, which you can choose from without having to go anywhere. This also allows you to compare products and know the features of each product, as well as compare different prices between different platforms and commercial websites.

Order around the clock

Unlike regular stores, which adhere to specific times during the day, online stores work around the clock and can receive your order at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Payment via digital currencies

E-commerce in light of the Corona pandemic has led to the conversion of cash currencies into digital currencies, where you can purchase via electronic payment by registering bank card data or one of the other payment methods supported by the site in order to pay through it.

Low cost

The cost of owning an online store is much lower than owning a regular store, whether in terms of construction, location, public facilities, taxes, or in terms of the number of employees, which may cost you a lot, unlike the online store, which does not need all those expenses, despite the commercial site’s need for permanent investment and the presence of taxes imposed by it. Some countries are adopting e-commerce, but its cost remains millions of dollars less than regular stores.

Reaching a large number of clients

Online selling provides access to a large customer base, which is what all retail trade needs. The website also provides the service of displaying all products for all countries of the world at the same time and around the clock, which helps in reaching the largest number of consumers around the world. The online store also provides View all products, whether popular or unpopular, with the ability to set the price without any restrictions.

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The rapid spread of electronic stores in the world

Studies have indicated an increase in the proportion of online shopping in a group of countries, led by China and Turkey, which have witnessed an unprecedented rise in the proportion of e-commerce, while many European countries were not affected due to their original reliance on this type of commerce.
The study also indicated that the largest number of e-store customers are women, while small merchants in different countries benefited the most from establishing e-stores.


In conclusion

E-stores have become indispensable platforms for everyone in various countries of the world, and this is demonstrated by the continuous increase in the number of e-stores on the Internet, as e-commerce has provided all the solutions and ways to reach consumers, and for merchants, this is all they are looking for in order to market and sell their products without the need Because there is a physical store, and despite the difference in the level of competition between websites, success remains with all sites in varying proportions.
In light of the world of digitization that we have transformed into, opportunities are increasing to accelerate the marketing process via the Internet. Studies have revealed that the largest increase in the proportion of e-commerce was in countries with emerging and middle economies, and the greatest demand was for purchasing furniture products, cosmetics, electronics, personal care products, and clothing.

The importance of e-commerce has emerged in light of the Corona pandemic, as it was the hope that saved various merchants around the world, which led to the development of trade, and it also caused a boom in the world of digitization and shopping in general, especially after achieving success in all of the country and the trend of a large consumer base for shopping. Online.

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