Visa cards

Visa cards

Visa cards

Trinavo offers the ability to link with a Visa card, and in this article we will explain what a Visa card is, its features and types, and how to link with websites to complete online payments.

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What is a card Visa?

Visa Card is one of them Credit cards Which is used in conducting financial transactions, and the Visa is the first alternative that was developed for dealing with banknotes by depositing funds into the card’s account.

features Visa Card

The Visa Card offers several advantages to its users, including:

  • The Visa card allows online payment for websites and electronic stores, and it is considered the best when purchasing online, as most commercial sites accept it
  • Dealing with Visa guarantees a high level of security, starting from the card number to the security code and PIN, which ensures a safe purchasing experience
  • Visa cards are one of the most widespread cards around the world, which facilitates the process of obtaining them from any bank in any country in the world.

How to use a card Visa for online purchase

When using a Visa card to buy and pay online, you will have to write some information and data related to your card, such as the Visa card number, the expiration date, and the 3-digit identification number located on the back of the card. After completing the data entry, the payment process begins, and you must Ensure that there is a sufficient amount to cover the costs. In the event of a difference in the currency, you must verify the exchange rate at the time of payment. Through the following steps, you will be able to know all the procedures that will help you complete the online payment process using Visa:

  • After entering the page to complete the purchase process and entering the card information, you must write the shipping address so that the seller can calculate the shipping cost and deduct it from the card.
  • Add all the costs for the assembly and find out the total amount of the products
  • Make sure to choose the Visa payment method
  • Verify and verify the data entered

how to use Visa for purchasing from stores

If you want to buy from regular stores and pay via Visa, a new system has been developed, which is the Visa POS reader, which is a system that is directly connected to the Internet.

When purchasing and making payment, all you have to do is hand the card over to the seller, and he will place the card on the POS reader, so that all the card data, its expiration date, and the balance on it are verified, so that the price of the purchases is deducted through the device, thus completing the purchase and payment process. In the event that there is not enough balance, the purchase price is deducted from the device. Card declined.

Common mistakes that occur when purchasing with a Visa

There are some mistakes that may occur when purchasing, which cause problems for many users, and sometimes problems arise due to the accumulation of installments and falling into debt. There are those who pay the minimum monthly installments, which leads to the accumulation of interest and, over time, causes them to fall into debt.

The second mistake is that some people rely on permanent payment with Visa, which may cause the balance on it to expire. Therefore, you should use cash payment instead of relying entirely on the Visa card, in order not to get involved in excessive spending for the rewards that the card may provide, which do not exceed their value. Monthly interest value.

Documents required to obtain a visa card

Obtaining a visa from an Egyptian bank requires a set of papers that must be present, which are:

  • A copy of the national ID card
  • A document stamped by the employer, indicating the job name, date of appointment, and monthly income
  • Bring a recent public utilities receipt, whether it is an electricity receipt, a water receipt, a telephone or a gas receipt, provided that the receipt is in the name of the applicant for the bank visa. A receipt in the name of a first-degree relative is also accepted.
  • Submit a copy of the tax card and a copy of the commercial registry
  • Professional license document
  • An account statement for the last 6 months approved by the bank in the name of the applicant
  • A certificate from the Tax Authority to clarify the client’s tax transactions

The protection system enjoyed by the Visa card

The Visa card has a security system that distinguishes it from other cards, such as:

  • Adding a rectangle to the back of the card bearing the signature of the customer approved by the bank. It is used to verify the customer’s personal identity to ensure that the signature matches
  • The card identification numbers are located next to the signature, and this number must be written when conducting any financial transaction through Visa
  • Bank numbers, which represent the bank that issued the visa

From this, we can say that the Visa card is one of the best and most secure electronic payment methods. It is also accepted by all websites and electronic stores, which facilitates purchases and payments. You will find the Visa card in the Trinavo store as one of our payment methods.

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