Decoy Effect

Decoy Effect

Decoy Effect
Price is one of the most important elements on which it depends MarketingThis is because price is the main motivation for purchasing for many consumers, and some marketers exploit this point by creating a different pricing strategy that prompts consumers to buy a more expensive product as an alternative to another product with the same specifications but at a lower price. This strategy is called bait or decoy.

What is the effect of polytheism? Decoy Effect?

Shirk is the unequal domination that occurs through pricing a product to be the share in the sales process, which is presented to the consumer to compare it with another product or two products to make the product to be sold better and more attractive despite its high price. Therefore, it can be said that Shirk is a phenomenon that depends on changing its direction. The consumer's consideration when he wants to buy a product from two producers is by offering a third product that prompts the consumer to buy it. This strategy is called trap or bait.
Polytheism affects consumers to push them to buy products that they may not need when using polytheism in an effective way. This is due to the nature of consumers who prefer products with higher features than those that meet their needs. In other words, consumers are looking for the best whether it meets their needs or not, which is what It is exploited through the decoy strategy, which relies on changing the consumer's attitude towards a product in a skillful way rather than manipulating consumers.

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How the decoy effect is used by companies?

The trap helps consumers make a decision in the presence of a number of different options, as many people face difficulty in making a decision when purchasing a product and the multiple options in front of them. This difficulty comes from their inability to determine the best option, which prompts them to focus on a few. Of the factors, the most important of which are price and quantity when choosing one product from among a number of other products, and here comes the role of polytheism, which works to manipulate these factors and influence the consumer. Polytheism exploits other points related to customers’ thinking, which is their unwillingness to lose and their desire to feel that they have chosen. the best always.
In order to be able to use the effect of polytheism in your business in an effective way, choose the product that you want to sell, taking into account that this product has a number of good advantages in addition to its price, which is higher than the prices of other products. Then start the polytheism process. You must make the third product or option The third is controlled by the product that you want to sell in an unequal manner. You must have three products for the buyer to choose between, and then price the decoy product, which you use as bait to sell the other product, so that its price is lower than your product or similar in price, and the product must be The decoy offers a lower value than the product you want to sell. Now you have prepared the decoy correctly and have succeeded in selling the product you want to sell.

How can the consumer avoid the trap?

The trap exploits the rational part of the consumer so it will be difficult to avoid or eliminate it. However, there are some strategies that can be followed to reduce the impact of the trap on the consumer.

  • The effect of polytheism on the consumer can be reduced by determining in advance what he wants to buy, knowing the qualities he wants to obtain in the product, and comparing in advance between the product you want and other products.
  • Another strategy to avoid the pitfall is to buy only what you need and focus on the product that meets that need even when there are products that offer better value.

Therefore, the Decoy Effect is one of the strategies that marketers use to influence your purchasing decisions, push the consumer to buy a product that is higher in price and achieve the goal of the decoy.

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