The impact of the country of origin on the consumer

The impact of the country of origin on the consumer

The impact of the country of origin on the consumer

A study was conducted to find out the influence of the country of origin on... ConsumerIn its research, the study relied on the relationship between trade names and the country of origin on different consumer behavior. As a result, it was concluded that there is a direct influence from the country of origin, which is affected by the brand, its source, and the extent of the consumer’s desire to purchase or keep a product.

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Country of origin effects and their impact on consumers' perception of quality

With the research that was conducted to determine the extent of the influence of the country of origin on the consumer, a preliminary result was reached that depends on three elements, namely the manufacturing country, the producer and the consumer. It was concluded that the country of origin directly affects consumer evaluations. This study was rejected for the following reasons: :

  • All research and studies were conducted on foreign products that carry a trademark from the same country. The study did not include hybrid products and those bearing a trademark made in one country that were manufactured in another country, such as a Syrian industry inside Egypt.


  • The variables that affect different types of products are explained, yet the characteristics of the country of origin and the extent of their impact on these products are ignored.

Because of these factors, the study was re-conducted to include hybrid products and the extent of the influence of the country of origin on the quality of the products, so that a new study was conducted, the purpose of which was:

  • Knowing the extent of difference and consumer acceptance of the quality of hybrid or mono-national products.
  • Know the extent of the influence of brand names and country of origin as a motivator for making purchases.
  • Discuss the influence of country of origin on international marketing management

Today's business environment has created a problem for manufacturers, marketers, and consumers, relating to the country of origin, consumer evaluations of the product, as well as the company's decision to manufacture its goods in certain countries, and its relationship with the brand. While conceptual and empirical evidence suggests that country of origin affects consumer perceptions of quality, explanations for why be non-existent.

Despite the importance of country of origin effects, most studies have relied exclusively on the country in which the product was made, or the country of source as a primary factor for measurement, as researchers failed to consider the effects that arise from consumers identifying the country of origin with the brand name that the product bears, as Country of origin effects are said to result from consumers identifying the country of origin from brand names as well as informational cues indicating the country of manufacture and production.

It is noteworthy that consumer evaluations are primarily subject to the trade name of the product, according to two methods, one of which involves the consumer determining the country of origin of the trade names, as the results of some of their research indicate that trade names lead to country-of-origin effects.

consumer's behaviour

It is important to know consumer behavior and understand those factors that can influence the process of shopping and purchasing certain products and services. It begins with studying how consumers behave according to the image of the country of origin of the products they consume when they obtain a product or take advantage of a service to meet their needs. This is when the consumer faces a series of decisions. To be made, these decisions vary depending on the type of product or purchase situation, and they determine this behavior.
The complexity of choice affects the type of product and the shopping situation, which leads to some consumers experiencing uncertainty about the products, due to not knowing the quality or performance at the moment of purchase. They can also face uncertainty in the market, which makes the influence of the country of origin appear on Consumers in this case reduce the feeling of uncertainty and choose a specific product based on the country in which it was manufactured.

The influence of country of origin on purchasing habits

One of the factors for success in marketing a product is having a famous brand. Therefore, many companies invest enormous resources to achieve this and build a relationship between the brand and the consumer. However, there are also many studies that say that the brand is not the only important factor for success, as the factor that... It strengthens the brand image and is often replaced by the image of the country from which the product comes, i.e. the so-called country of origin. This is particularly taken into account when internationalizing food products, since this study is based on this method.

Therefore, the impact of the country of origin on the consumer has a direct impact on the market and purchasing decisions of customers and consumers. You may find the influence of the name of specific countries or a specific culture on the perceptions of some products directly affects consumers’ shopping intentions.

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