The best companies for storing electronic store products in Egypt

The best companies for storing electronic store products in Egypt

The issue of storage is classified as one of the fundamental challenges in the field of e-commerce, to the point of becoming an obsession for e-store owners. So it's a choice Storage companies in Egypt Appropriateness for the online store is essential before launching the online store, without neglecting the costs and financial burdens resulting from storage operations that fall - primarily - on the owners of electronic stores that need to store their goods.

This article discusses the approximate cost of storing goods, and the best storage companies for online stores in Egypt For the current year and the features of each, In addition to indicating a number of tips for choosing the most appropriate online store, it finally answers a number of questions that may come to your mind when making your decision to launch your online store.

Approximate prices for warehouses of product storage companies in Egypt

The cost of securing goods storage warehouses in the Egyptian market varies depending on the size of the company and the quality of the services it provides.

As a free online store owner, when searching for a warehouse to store your goods, it is preferable for you to keep in mind the quality and price elements in accordance with your needs and the nature of your products.

  • For example, for food products, the cost of storage and cooling rooms starts from 6,000 Egyptian pounds and reaches 78,000 pounds depending on the size of the room, the quantity stored, and the duration of storage.
  • From 4,000 pounds to 26,000 pounds, depending on the storage period for cosmetics and cleaning tools.
  • As for heavy products such as clothes and furniture, the storage cost starts at 20,000 pounds per warehouse and can be increased by increasing the size of the stored goods.

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How do you choose the right product storage company for your online store in Egypt?

After you know the cost of storage, you should start thinking about the storage company you will deal with in Egypt. It is a good idea to start thinking about some aspects that will help you determine the best storage company for your online store.

1- Compensation procedures:

Look for a product storage company in Egypt that takes into account compensation policies and procedures before dealing with it in storage matters; This company may be exposed to damage or loss of products. To ensure that this does not happen, procedures must be agreed upon for claiming compensation, and the liability of all parties should be determined if this happens.

2- Know your requirements and determine your needs:

In order to choose the appropriate storage company for your online store in Egypt, you need to precisely determine your requirements and needs for storage service; Knowing the type of product, its size, and the quantity needed to be stored, in addition to the potential profit margin for each product, helps you choose the appropriate storage company for you in Egypt. Also be sure to research all the storage services offered

3- Price and cost

The financial aspect cannot be ignored when choosing the appropriate storage company for your online store in Egypt. You should look for companies that offer the best prices and services at the same time, and make sure that the cost of the service matches its different features.

4- Location and accessibility

Another factor to take into consideration is the location of the storage company, and how easily it can be accessed from your online store in Egypt. You should choose a storage company that is close to your store, provides easy access and quick receipt of products.

5- Ratings and opinions

Don't forget to read previous reviews and opinions of customers who have dealt with different storage companies in Egypt. You can get these ratings from review sites and forums, and they will help you evaluate the quality of service, credibility, and reputation of different companies.

By choosing the right product storage company for your online store in Egypt, you will ensure the success and prosperity of your store in the world of e-commerce. Follow the tips mentioned above and do not hesitate to research and inquire until you choose the perfect company for your needs.

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The best storage companies for your online store products in Egypt

In this paragraph, we review the 4 most important storage companies for electronic stores in the Egyptian market and what distinguishes each of them. You will be able to choose what is most suitable for you easily and quickly after knowing the points we discussed previously

1- Link Misr International 

Defines a company Link Misr International Logistics Company because it provides many logistics services
The most important of which is receiving the online store’s products and allocating storage space for them. Company availability Link Misr International The latest special systems for storing pallets, and adopting modern, highly efficient storage systems such as: A system of first in, first out (FIFO), A system that stores first comes out last (FILO).

The basic features of the company:

  • High Quality: Pallet storage systems require the highest levels of durability.
  • Flexibility: Design solutions that suit all pallet storage requirements within the warehouse.
  • Ability to modify: All pallet storage systems provided by Link Misr are characterized by flexibility and adjustability according to changing storage requirements.
  • Providing a free visit from the company’s team to the client without any obligations on him in order to determine the warehouse sizes, products to be stored, the space needed for storage, and answer all storage-related inquiries.

2- Misr Logistics Company 

Be careful a company Egypt Logistics Manage their customers' products using Canadian supply chain management software called “Datex” designed to give customers complete visibility into their products at any time. The company is distinguished by the variety of services it provides, the most important of which are: storage, shipping, customs clearance, and others.

The most important features of the company:

  • Providing efficient and accurate door-to-door delivery services to all major governorates in Egypt.
  • Providing first-class e-commerce technology driven logistics management innovations.
  • Providing the latest mobile and Internet technologies based on the Internet.
  • Collecting purchase payments from customers to the bank account, and electronic payment upon delivery.
  • Accept all credit and savings cards.

3- Cairo Freight Company

Company availability  Cairo Company Freight services for land and air freight, warehousing, packing and packaging.

Cairo Freight Company is distinguished by:

  • It has warehouses and spaces designated for packing and packaging services suitable for all types of goods and export shipments - household items and personal belongings.
  • · It has safe and appropriate storage units that fit all types and sizes of goods.
  • It applies an accurate system for inventorying goods, receiving and delivering, and storage procedures and documents.

4- Safety Sturridge

Company specializes Safety Sturridge In storage, packaging and shipping services, mainly everything related to document storage and archiving.

The most important feature of the company is that it helps you in:

  • Providing the best document archiving solutions, which helps manage your stored documents in a more efficient and secure manner.  
  • Keep documents safe from any damage or destruction and easily accessible when needed.
  • Providing the best levels of protection for documents.
  • Manage stored documents effectively and save time and effort.
  • Providing appropriate space for archiving, and organizing documents in an organized manner that facilitates the process of retrieving and sharing documents.

When can you store your online store products at home?

To answer this question, first think about the nature of the materials you want to store, and their degree of tolerance to natural changes in terms of humidity and temperature. If it is a material that is not affected by these changes, and is compatible with the home environment, such as clothes, electrical appliances, and the like, then you can store it in your home.

Here are some suggestions that you can follow in storing products in your home, and ensure that the products remain in good condition for as long as possible:

  • Consideration Adapting the environment and its conditions to the nature of the product; To avoid any damage to the stored items, regardless of its degree. For example, with regard to temperature, the ideal storage temperature should be between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, while the humidity should be between 40 and 5%. It is important that storage be in a place away from sunlight. To prevent the colors of the product from fading or being completely damaged. Also, it is important to choose places that are difficult for pests or any type of pollutants to enter; To maintain the condition of stored materials.
  • Organize stored items It is an essential factor to ensure the safety and longevity of products; Proper organization helps prevent items from getting tangled or misplaced. It is recommended that all products be clearly labeled and placed in a safe place.

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The importance of placing your online store products in the warehouses of logistics companies

Of course, you can start your e-commerce business without the need to have a store and make do with your home when needed, but you will have to do so when your business begins to expand and your products increase.

Then, you inevitably need to use private companies to store your store’s products, in addition to providing all shipping methods and product safety, which means you have more time to devote to promoting and marketing your store and increasing its profits.

The most important tips for storing your online store products in Egypt

In order to ensure the success of the storage process, you must observe the storage conditions, which necessarily means preserving the stored items throughout the storage period until they are delivered to the customer in completely sound condition.

Here are the 7 most important tips that are among the main storage conditions:

  1. Equipping the storage room with all high-efficiency cooling devices, with more than one alternative available to handle any malfunction.
  2. Choose storage locations away from smoke and dust so that the stored products are not exposed to any contamination that leads to spoilage.
  3. Providing appropriate lighting and ventilation for stored products.
  4. Do not place the stored materials directly on the warehouse floor, but rather on iron bars on the floor for the safety of the products.
  5. The multiplicity of storage spaces and their suitability for storing the products and items to be stored.
  6. The storage company can provide repackaging as needed, as the way some products are packaged differs from others.  
  7. The storage company provides flexibility in storage plans in terms of time period and estimated storage space. 

Trinafo is one of the best companies for designing and creating a free, professional online store in Egypt

Trinafo is the best company to design and create a free, professional online store in Egypt

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