Scamper technology for online store optimization

Scamper technology for online store optimization

Scamper technology for online store optimization

Many people search for unusual ideas to enhance their business and marketing, and they may fail to find ideas outside the box, but fortunately some sophisticated people in the field of commerce have developed SCAMPER technology to become the first companion for people who are looking for innovative ideas to improve products from simple things.

What is Scamper?

Scamper is one of the best ways to help you get a wide range of innovative ideas based on simple things. It is noteworthy that the word scamper is not just an ordinary word, but rather a literal abbreviation for a number of words that represent the steps that must be followed to reach creative ideas, where each letter of the word scamper forms a specific word, and they are:

• The letter S_ is the first letter of the word Substitute, which means an alternative.

• The letter C_ is the first letter of the word Combine, which means combining or combining.

• Letter A - the first letter of the word Adapt, which means adaptation.

• The letter M - the first letter of the word Modify, which means modification.

• The letter P_ is the first letter of Put to another use, which means put to another use.

• The letter E_, which begins the word Eliminate, which means eliminating or removing a part.

• The last letter is R_, which begins the word Reverse, and its literal meaning is reverse.

Therefore, the word SCAMPER is a comprehensive word for several studied steps that are applied to obtain new ideas. Below we explain those concepts that the word SCAMPER contains and that are implemented to generate ideas.

1. Substitute

It is not intended to replace or change your product, but rather to make your product revolutionary and integrated, as there are some factors that must be present in your product within the SCAMPER plan in its first step as a replacement.

• Search for problems in your product. The first step is to search your product for the problems that users find in it that cause them to refuse to buy your product. When you identify these problems, you will be able to address these problems or add some features that make the user overlook other things.

• Knowing the product requirements The next step is to research the product requirements and find out what people are looking for in your product, which helps you in creating innovative ideas for a distinctive product.

• Be aware of other variables. In addition to the product’s characteristics and features, there are other parts that are important to users, such as the name and price, as they are important points for users as well.

2. Merger or

Combine The other way that Scamper works is to use combining, that is, the possibility of combining two products into one product, or combining the features of two products into one new product that can be used easily. There are many people who feel comfortable with such products and prefer them over others, and this can be represented by our own products. In the kitchen, which includes more than one feature in one product.

3. Adapt

Adaptation is the most important point when applying SCAMPER theory, as it makes you think about the important points that you need to adapt the product to address the problem. It will not be limited to making the product good, but rather to make the product adapt to the aspirations of the users.

4. Modify

Your product may have a good position in the market, but nevertheless it needs some modifications, whether these modifications are the result of some customers’ comments or your personal vision that there is a new idea that you can add to the product. There are some points that you can modify in your product, such as:

• Features: The features of the product are its true value. However, adding features means raising the price of the product. Therefore, if you want to modify the features of your product, you must take into account the difference that this feature will make and think carefully about the old and new features until you get a good idea without affecting the features. General information about your product.

• The future vision of the product is another point related to change, which is looking to the future and measuring the extent to which the product will be affected by change in the future, whether the change concerns the name, shape, or color. By changing these points, you can create a revolution around your product, taking into account the new features that are being added. For the product.

5. Put to another use

One of the most important creative ways for your product is to employ one feature within your product to use it in another function, as this step can move your product to a distinct stage among other products, and when applying this step, you must take into account the extent of its impact on users in addition to the category of users that you target with this. Advantage.

6. Eliminate or remove a part_

Eliminate There are some times when removing some of the features in your product is the best step that transforms your product into a new version that users prefer. This step depends on the function that this feature performs and that you wish to remove. Before starting this step, you must know the extent of the impact of this part. Which you would like to remove, and what your product would be like without this part. This can be represented by cars that were powered by the engine and were removed to cause a revolution later by producing electric-powered cars.

7. Reverse or rearrange

Sometimes you have to rearrange or reverse things to solve the problem of your product. All you have to do is arrange the ideas in an innovative way and reverse what you are used to doing every time. Just make sure of the impact of this arrangement on your product and its functions after the rearrangement.

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How to apply SCAMPER technology to improve products

Although it is difficult to apply the idea of innovation and superiority over other products on the market due to a different feature in your products, Scamper has provided you with some points that you can implement on your products that increase the rate of users’ acceptance of these new creative ideas.

• First, select one or more products to which you want to add some innovative ideas

• Secondly, apply the aforementioned seven components of the SCAMPER technique

• Third, after applying the seven steps, you will have come up with the best idea that you can implement on your product.

• Now you have come up with a creative idea and produced an innovative feature.


Thus, you have learned about the best innovative and new ideas through the SCAMPER program, which will greatly help you improve your store, raise the value of your brand, and increase the percentage of sales, just through some different creative ideas that you can add to your products.

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