The size of e-commerce in the world and its most important features

The size of e-commerce in the world and its most important features

The size of e-commerce in the world and its most important advantages

Many people know that regular commerce is limited to simple basic components (such as the seller - a store or place - a buyer - a displayed product - a specific display time) and a simple limited circle from which the idea of commerce begins. As for electronic commerce, it is a comprehensive and general idea and has many components and features that we will mention in an article. today.

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Definition of e-commerce

  • For e-commerce, it is a more general, comprehensive and broader idea.
  • Its components (buyer from any country - seller from anywhere - a platform for selling at any time and from anywhere) reach it within one minute at most, without transportation, appointments or obstacles.

E-commerce at no cost

Isn't it exciting to research and explore the secrets of e-commerce?

Now in the information age, websites that sell products, services, information, or whatever things most of us might need have proliferated, and they do so electronically.

E-commerce as a seller

  • As a seller instead of getting dressed and heading out early to take transportation, or even your own car.
  • Then you go to a place such as a market, a mall, or similar large companies and stores, in order to find a market to sell your favorite product.
  • Or you might consider creating your own market.
  • You consider renting a place at a high price in an upscale location, paying electricity, taxes and rent, and restricting yourself to showing up on time and closing on time.
  • Or you can find someone to represent you with a salary added to your store’s costs.
  • In the end you win organically, sometimes it's fruitful and sometimes it's not exhausting and expensive.
  • Alternatively, e-commerce can be taken into consideration.
  • Likewise for you as a buyer, you may go through the same stage and after the trouble and cost of money and time, you may not find what you are looking for!

Advantages of e-commerce

  • E-commerce does not require large capital.
  • Probably Create an online store For a nominal rent or sometimes free.
  • In terms of labor costs, it is also lower than a traditional store.
  • Since the online store runs itself entirely of employees, cashiers, collectors and accountants, it operates as a complete organization throughout the day and without a salary.
  • The buying and selling of products, services or information is not limited to a particular place or time.
  • Buying and selling can take place throughout the day rather than during specific hours of the day.
  • Also, in terms of extension, the location may include cities or even entire countries.
  • Your products may be bought if they are suitable in terms of price and quality, customers from all over the world, isn't this better than a traditional store?!
  • E-commerce platforms are also not limited to a specific framework or space, as thousands of products or services can be displayed in one place without difficulty.
  • Ease of creating buying and selling platforms, and this is represented in limited steps such as uploading images, specifying product data, setting prices, and multiple shipping methods.
  • Select the appropriate payment methods, all in a short time while sitting at home, manage the order freely and securely, and even compete in global markets!
  • And you too, the buyer, are at the push of a button from your mobile phone or computer.
  • You can also browse thousands of products and alternatives online.
  • Then choose what suits you, and determine the payment and shipping methods that suit you without the slightest hassle or cost.
  • Ease of competition in this field of “electronic commerce”, as the rate of corruption in traditional commerce is lower, which may be represented by monopoly in favor of a specific group.
  • It is known that increased competition in trade in general is always in the interest of the consumer.
  • but! This is not all for determining the size of e-commerce in the world, as things are not that simple.
  • They are neither impossible to solve nor complicated, and most of them are technical defects, some of which are related to user behavior, and others are related to state regulations.

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Disadvantages of e-commerce

  • The philosophy and culture of e-commerce is not widespread in the Arab world.
  • How many of us know what e-commerce is? How to buy and sell online?
  • How many of us have a means of payment such as bank cards or accounts via electronic banks?
  • How many of us know how to choose the appropriate shipping method to ensure that the product arrives at a cost that is not high?
  • The idea of electronic bank accounts is unclear because there is no actual institution in the Arab world that enables it to link electronic banks to real banks.
  • This increases stress and anxiety about pumping money into e-commerce by both buyer and seller.
  • The buyer, in particular, sometimes does not trust indirect payment methods.
  • Which does not guarantee that the product will reach it in the first place.
  • Government censorship and internet laws are not implemented or even exist in a way that increases trust in commercial websites, so only a few gain trust and spread slowly.
  • Piracy operations and the spread of hackers and hackers call into question the means of security and protection due to the difficulty of monitoring and blocking the Internet, and reducing account theft.
  • There is no institution responsible for the Internet, and there is no law governing financial relationships.
  • In cases of fraud, you will not find anything said about it except “the law does not protect those who have no experience.”
  • There are also obstacles facing the buyer and seller in e-commerce

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The volume of e-commerce in the world

  • The volume of e-commerce in the world and in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia is expected to reach US$148.5 billion in 2022.
  • The e-commerce sector has achieved remarkable growth during the current crisis.
  • The GCC region witnessed a 214% annual increase in cross-border electronic sales by mid-2020.
  • The results of the report indicate that the volume of e-commerce in the world and its most important advantages and in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia is equivalent to 2.5% of the market. E-Commerce Global between companies.
  • South Asia represents the largest sub-regional market size.
  • India ranked first in terms of sales volume in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.
  • The sector's sales reached US$45.7 billion in 2019.
  • Forecasts for the period 2019-2022 indicate that the GCC region will witness the fastest growth in the sub-regional market for the e-commerce sector.
  • With Saudi Arabia and the UAE topping the list, recording a compound annual growth rate of 39% and 38%, respectively.

The volume of e-commerce increases by $2.9 trillion

  • Despite the decline in the total turnover of service companies, the total turnover of the 13 largest B2B and B2B e-commerce companies increased by 20.5% in 2021.
  • This percentage is higher than it was in 2020 (17.9%), which led to an increase in the volume of e-commerce in the world and its most important advantages.
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