Free e-commerce courses on YouTube

Free e-commerce courses on YouTube

Free e-commerce courses on YouTube

Free e-commerce courses on YouTube. After reading these courses, you will be able to enter strongly into the world of e-commerce. Not only that, but you will also achieve additional income through e-commerce. You will learn from these courses how to identify specific products that are amenable to e-marketing and how to market them on the Internet. Easily.

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The best free e-commerce courses on YouTube

In the following lines, we will mention free e-commerce courses on YouTube in detail:

Free e-commerce and affiliate marketing course

  • Course Provider: Web Revenue Professional.
  • Course link: from here.
  • We announce the launch of a free comprehensive course for the first time on YouTube, which includes The latest marketing technology in the world Away from the classical concepts, with the need for trainees to have prior experience in the field of affiliate marketing. The course is attached to a WhatsApp group for discussion, only the lessons for the course and nothing else.

E-commerce course from A to Z

  • Course presenter: Yasser Selim.
  • Course link: from here.
  • Do you want to start e-commerce, or perhaps you have already started and want to develop your business and have questions such as:
  • How do you start e-commerce if you don't have any products?
  • Also a question: How do you create your online store?
  • How do you accept credit card and PayPal payments on your online store and how do you receive funds?
  • Is it better to start e-commerce through my own online store, or is it better to start selling through marketplaces such as Amzon, Ebay, and com?
  • What are the best marketing methods that have caused amazing success in e-commerce?

A course explaining Facebook Ads from scratch to professionalism

  • Course presenter: Muhammad Talha.
  • Course link: from here.
  • In this third video of the training course for e-commerce professionalism in Morocco, we will give a detailed explanation about Facebook Ads and how to work with it in Morocco, as well as some of the most important and best strategies used to increase your daily profits.
  • I will also explain how to expand your business and increase the number of orders you make per day. The most important thing in all of this is that we will answer the question that is always asked: Can you achieve more than a hundred sales per day?

University of Tabuk course

It is an electronic course offered by the University of Tabuk in the concepts and basics of electronic commerce. The lectures for this course are available in the form of videos on YouTube. All videos of the course can be accessed from here.

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Marketing and e-commerce portal course

  • Also a free course provided by the marketing and e-commerce website.
  • This course explains the basics of making money from the Internet through e-commerce.
  • The course is suitable for beginners and helps them reach an advanced level in the field of online commerce. The course is a collection of videos available on YouTube.

E-commerce blog

  • Blog link on YouTube from hereFrom the name of the site, you can guess what the articles on it talk about.
  • In this blog you will find a lot of content about different fields.
  • These areas are all related to e-commerce, such as marketing, international trade, business, etc.
  • The site also provides a lot of advice of interest to those working in the field of e-commerce and making money from the Internet.

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What are the success factors of an e-commerce project?

When asking this question, another question will likely come to mind, which is how to start e-commerce, so we will answer these two questions in the following lines:

  • Stunning and impressive web design.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • High quality images to showcase products.
  • Special sales offers.
  • What you are thinking is undoubtedly correct, of course you have to provide excellent customer service in order to succeed.
  • You also need an attractive and reliable website to attract customers and encourage them to buy from it.
  • However, you need to take into account that what truly ensures the success of an e-commerce project is the interaction of all these factors together.
  • The combination of these things is what will move your project 10 steps forward instead of just one.
  • This is what many new entrepreneurs fail to achieve.
  • We see them forgetting the most important aspects, and focusing on building the perfect design for their online store, only to close it down a few months later!
  • Sales are the primary fuel that fuels your online store.
  • So increasing sales should be at the heart of your business plan.
  • All the efforts put into increasing web traffic to your site through marketing campaigns will inevitably increase your sales, which in turn will bring you more traffic as well.
  • Likewise, you must first achieve good sales before you can start thinking about providing excellent customer service, and before deciding on your unique brand voice.
  • Making sales is the first step to the success of any business. If you can't make sales, you're finished before you even start.

In the end, in today's article on our website, we mentioned courses on how to learn e-commerce, including books, e-courses, and universities that teach... E-Commerce, more than enough resources to master this form of commerce, in addition to the courses and educational programs provided by centers specialized in providing educational and training courses. I hope that we have provided you with an article that covers how to learn e-commerce.

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