Return policy in online stores

Return car in electronic stores

Return policy in online stores

The return policy is one of the most important points that an online store should include, as the return policy has a positive impact on your store, whether through customer confidence in the store’s services or the flexibility of dealing between the store and customers.

Definition of return policy: The return policy can be defined as the agreement in which the store clarifies to customers the points that determine the methods of returning the product and the money that is refunded, and among those points are:

• The number of days within which the product must be returned

• How to recover the money paid, whether in cash or by choosing another product

• Clarifying the party who bears the shipping cost of the product upon return

• Although there is no law requiring online stores to implement a return and refund policy, it has become a necessity that gives your store confidence with your customers.

Return policy basics

There are some elements that must be included in the return policy on commercial sites, and below we explain these important elements:

1. Determine the return time. One of the most important points that you must, as an online store owner, is to clarify the period during which customers can return the product and get the money back. There is a specific period in general in stores, setting it from 15 days to 30 days. There are some exceptions for some companies, which set a period of 90 days. day for return. Be serious about the product return period so that you do not lose both your store and your customers.

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2. Clarifying the cases in which the product is returned, where the product is returned for two reasons: the first is that the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product, and the second reason is that the product is defective. However, if the product is used and broken or a defect appears after using it more than once, the return will not be accepted. Make sure to set this condition so that you do not fall for some customers' fraud.

3. Clarifying the conditions for accepting the returned product. Some stores do not accept returns unless the product is in a condition and condition that they accept. This must be included in the list of the return policy so that it is recognized by customers, as there are some stores that require the product to be in good condition. Its original packaging, or the return must be made before opening the box, and so on, and there are many conditions that you can add to accept the return of the product and obtain a refund.

4. Determine the return fee. Refunding money is not the only option when returning. There is another option, which is requesting credit within the store. You can customize the two options for customers so that they can choose one of them in return for returning the product. However, many people prefer to add one option, which is refunding money, as it is the best option for both parties.

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5. Writing and clarifying the return conditions. The online store owner must clarify the conditions included in the store’s return policy, explaining all the details so that there is no misunderstanding by customers of any item in the return policy. There are some points that must not be overlooked when writing the conditions. Returns, including:

• Write the conditions in a clear and easy language.

• Clarify all conditions so that customers do not have any confusion.

• Do not write large legal terms so that they are not difficult for clients to understand.

• Clarify if there are any fees to be paid when returning the product, and clarify who bears the shipping costs for returning the product and restocking it.

• Place the terms of the return policy on the home page so that they are recognized by customers.

• Store owners can also include a printed sheet inside each package shipped to identify the terms of the product return policy if the customer so desires.

From this, you can know that the return policy is only a good extension of your online store, as the return and refund policy is a means through which you can attract customers’ trust and leave a good impression on them, so when including the return policy in your store, you must research well and write conditions that are compatible with your store and in At the same time, you guarantee the customer his right to recover his money in an easy way, creating a strong bond between you and your customers.

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