The best 5 servers to host a free online store in Jordan

The best 5 servers to host a free online store in Jordan

The step of creating and designing a free online store requires thinking about appropriate hosting. Hosting is the lifeblood of any online store.

If you are someone who is thinking about... Entering the world of Jordanian e-marketing, In this article, we have collected for you everything you need to know about hosting online stores in Jordan. What is meant by hosting, what are the most popular types, and the most important criteria that you must follow when choosing it? Finally, we recommend to you a list of the 5 best hosting servers in Jordan so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your online store. 

E-store hosting sites in Jordan

The hosting service provided by hosting companies to owners of electronic stores in Jordan means that it is a service for operating websites by renting a designated storage space to upload all the site’s files to it, so that it is available to everyone who has access to the site.

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Specifications of the best free online store hosting servers in Jordan

There is no doubt that the type of server you choose for your store is determined - to a large extent - by the purpose of hosting and budget, but there remain key points that everyone advises: Owner of a free online store in Jordan He should take this into account when choosing the hosting service for his online store.

Here are the 4 most important qualities to consider when choosing Hosting service for your online store:

1- Storage space capacity 

Determine well the storage capacity you need for your store From the beginning, do not make your choice of unlimited storage just a reckless, ill-considered decision. Start with the right storage space To the size of your store's business So that it is easier for you to organize operations better, then you can increase this capacity in accordance with the growth of your store activity.

2- Backup service

Look for hosting companies that provide data backup services to avoid any subsequent problems In your online store. Providing this service ensures that you do not lose your store’s information because it is completely copied and archived in order to be restored in the event that the original information is lost or there is an error in it.

3- Technical support for customers 

Look for hosts that have good customer service, and do not make this mistake that many people make Electronic store owners in Jordan When choosing hosting for their store. Technical support for customers is a major factor in the success of your store, as communication methods differ from one country to another, and the support team being professional and familiar with these details may be what makes the difference.

4- Multiple operating systems 

Choose hosting for your online store based on the degree of support the company provides for your store’s operating systems. Full support for multiple operating systems is one of the most important features you should look for when choosing hosting for your store. This feature speeds up the performance of operations on your online store, which means providing distinguished and satisfactory customer service to your customers.

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The best 5 servers to host a free online store in Jordan

Varies Online store hosting service in Jordan Depending on the company that provides it, we will review in this paragraph the 5 most important Hosting servers Free online store in Jordan So you can choose the best and most suitable for your store and its needs.

1- Virtual Private Server VPS Cloud Hosting 

VPS, also referred to as VPS, is a form of multi-tenant cloud hosting where virtual server resources are made available to the end user over the Internet via the cloud or hosting provider. You can visit Main site For the server

- Virtual Private Server VPS Cloud Hosting is one of the online store hosting servers in Jordan

This type of server is considered the best in Jordan for hosting online stores in Jordan because of its many advantages: 

  •  Technical support is always available to solve, protect and maintain network problems 
  • Reinstall the operating system 
  • Recover system data and root information

2- Arab System Hosting:

progress Arab System Foundation - Jordanian hosting service - The best web services include many cloud services so that the user can conduct his business with reliable services that place him in the ranks of global competition.

Arab System Hosting is a hosting server provided by the Jordanian Arab System Foundation for electronic stores in Jordan

This hosting features:

  • High security for users from hacking and digital attacks.
  • Various web services with high reliability.
  • Fighting cybercrime and confronting attempts to access users’ sensitive data.

3- The First

First agency It is a leading company in the field of marketing that provides integrated services in the fields of electronic marketing, brand identity design, web solutions, programming, and hosting services.

Al Awal Agency is a leading marketing company that provides hosting services for online stores in Jordan

The number of websites that I have dealt with is more than 180, due to the many advantages they provide:

  • Possess excellent customer service and punctuality
  • Providing all services related to electronic stores, starting from hosting to improving the appearance of your store in the first search results.
  • We provide integrated strategic services to every client.

4- Yadonia Group

Yadonia Group Company It is a Jordanian company concerned with providing a variety of services to companies of various sizes and activities, including marketing, design, hosting services, and others.

Yadonia Group is a Jordanian company that provides hosting servers for electronic stores in Jordan

It has the following features:

  • High quality services.
  • Solutions that scale as businesses grow.
  • Focus on results and provide innovative solutions at affordable prices.

5- Jordan Web Master

progress Jordan Webmaster Company  Cloud hosting services and many other services that help you carry out all the work related to your online store.

Jordan WebMaster Company provides cloud hosting services for online stores in Jordan

The company is distinguished by many of them:

  • Comprehensive and distinctive offers based on your needs and activity,
  • Providing services that suit each client's need.
  • reasonable prices.

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Trinafo is the best company to design and create a free professional online store in Jordan

Trinafo is your ideal choice in entering the world of e-commerce, due to its strong reputation and wide reputation in the Jordanian market as a leading company in the field of design. Online store in Jordan.  

At Trinavo, our support team helps you choose better Hosting servers for your online store in Jordan By providing consulting services and booking hosting, which saves you time and effort in the search process, and does everything you need in one place. 

It may be difficult for you now; So Check out our packagesAnd contact the Trinavo team to help you choose the appropriate hosting, and embark together on the journey of success in the Jordanian e-commerce market.

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