The best storage companies for your online store-Jordan

The best storage companies for your online store - Jordan

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow in Jordan, the Jordanian e-commerce market needs to look for reliable companies that provide... Electronic product stores in Jordan

In this article, you will learn the approximate cost of the various online product storage companies in Jordan that deal with electronic store owners in the Jordanian market, the most important factors for choosing shipping and storage companies with the best of these companies inside Jordan, and some important instructions regarding storing products before creating your free online store. .

But before talking about the above, what is it? Electronic product stores in JordanWhat is its role in e-commerce?

E-commerce product stores in Jordan

These warehouses are classified as an advanced form of the traditional form of warehousing, which is distinguished by the fact that most of the warehousing processes used are automated and equipped with many interconnected automated technologies that work to increase the productivity and efficiency of the warehouses in storing products and reduce the number of human labor and errors, through a management service. The inventory provided by these warehouses includes the following tasks:

  • Continuously monitor product inventory
  • Ensuring the safety of stored products
  • Order stock products from a manufacturer or supplier
  • Arrange and place products in stock
  • Ship the products to the buyer

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Approximate prices for companies storing free online store products in Jordan

The Jordanian e-commerce market is distinguished by its great diversity Electronic product stores in Jordan They vary in size, quality of service, cost and other things, which meet all the needs of online store owners in Jordan. It is necessary to mention before talking about the approximate prices For electronic product stores in Jordan It is necessary for you, as the owner of a free online store in Jordan, to precisely determine your needs in order to avoid unaccounted for additional expenses and costs.

The cost of storage warehouses in Jordan is determined in light of several criteria, the most important of which are: the type of products to be stored, their quantity, the size of the warehouse, and the duration of storage. For example, food products require special storage and cooling rooms whose cost ranges from 75 dinars to 212 dinars depending on the size of the room and the amount of goods to be stored, while the cost of storing heavy products, such as furniture and clothes, starts from 200 dinars and can increase depending on the size of the goods stored, or 80 dinars. Dinar if the size of the stock is small, and it increases with the length of the storage period.

The most important factors for choosing a company to store the products of your free online store in Jordan

The choice decision is reflected The storage company for your online store products helps the success of your business, as... Electronic product stores in Jordan They vary primarily in the quality of their services; Therefore, we have collected for you the 6 most important factors that you must take into consideration during your search and comparison process between online store storage companies in Jordan:


 Reliability is one of the keys to choosing a storage company; Always limit your search to storage companies that provide a reliable and safe platform for storing your store’s products, and ensure that you meet your customers’ requests in a timely manner and in good and sound condition.

.the cost

Make your search for a storage company within your budget without neglecting or harming the storage space, and its suitability with the products to be stored later according to the type of products that your online store offers.

.customers service:

Choose a storage company that provides distinguished customer service because of the importance of the matter in your business, which increases as your activity increases and expands, greatly affecting your brand and earning profits.


Avoid a storage company that is not flexible, as flexibility is a major factor in your business activity, which is based on many difficulties and challenges that require flexibility and speed in dealing with and overcoming them in order to maintain the quality and growth of the business and increase its spread and confidence in it among your current and potential customers.


Look for tracking in your search. It is best to choose a warehousing company that is able to provide you with tracking information for each order, and keep you fully and completely informed of the status of your customers' orders.

Occupational safety

Make sure you save Storage company Professional safety procedures and civil defense tools to deal with any circumstance that may jeopardize the safety of your stored products.

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The 8 best merchandise storage companies for a free online store in Jordan

When it comes to creating an online store, choose the best Electronic product stores in JordanIt is important to have reliable solutions for storing and organizing products by choosing a reliable storage company to entrust the process of storing your store’s products without worry.

In this paragraph, we have collected for you the 9 best storage companies that provide Electronic product stores in Jordan 

1.Multiple Solutions Est. for Logistics Services: 

Solutions Foundation1 A leading logistics, shipping and warehousing company based in Kochi, India, with a team of professionals specialized in the fields of shipping, technology, finance, and logistics services. Solutions Corporation provides you with third-party logistics services PL3 and warehousing services include:

  •   Monitor and organize the flow of goods of different sizes inward and outward using Logipulse 3PL and Warehousing. 

  • Providing all options for processing storage operations from beginning to end, and generating invoices automatically, Transferring data to accounting.

  •  Providing a 360-degree 2D display that shows the total space, occupied space and free space.


 Maersk2 An international Danish company with branches in 130 countries, including Jordan. The company uses technology to integrate physical and digital domains into shipping operations and the logistics chain, and is distinguished by its precise knowledge of countries, ensuring that shipments reach their destination on time for delivery. Maersk provides all warehousing and distribution services including:

  • Providing the highest quality controls backed by industry-leading warehouse management systems to keep your products stocked while managing repackaging, returns or disposal.

  • Combine shipping, warehousing and distribution so you benefit from a seamless, comprehensive solution that reduces complexity and delivers speed and control.

  • Providing ready storage facilities to handle the product supply chain.

3. Aramex

Company established Aramex3 In 1982 in Jordan, it is considered one of the most important international companies in the field of land, sea and air freight services, logistics services and e-commerce solutions, starting from storing products to completing orders with complete guarantee and effective management of supply chains. Aramex provides inventory management services in its advanced logistics centers through...

  •  Providing guaranteed or paid storage options to meet the needs of all customers in different business sectors.
  • Keeping the customer fully informed of inventory status and levels, which helps the customer better manage and improve purchases. 
  • Ensuring that storage requirements and inventory management are met with high efficiency thanks to its possession of the latest advanced technologies.

4. Naouri Group for Logistics Services (Al Salam Company):

The work team at Al Salam Company - one of the subsidiaries Naouri Trading Group4 With high experience and deep knowledge in the field of logistics services, It is a leading company in providing complete logistics solutions at the global level, covering a wide range of storage services and distinguished by providing innovative storage solutions according to the customer’s needs. The storage services you provide include: 

  • Customizable third-party warehousing and distribution solutions by outsourcing merchandise storage and delivery to professional logistics providers to save costs and achieve operational efficiencies.

  • Technology and operational excellence through the use of the latest management system Storage warehouses.

  • The service of monitoring the progress of goods by implementing a high-tech tracking system, and ensuring that they reach their destination on time.
  • Online customer portal that provides inventory details and reports on products.


Agility5 Logistics Parks In Jordan it is the leading provider of warehousing and logistics services. With a long history in the industry, the company's commitment to value engineering and sustainable designs has made it one of the best logistics solutions providers in the Middle East. 

Its convenient location near major highways provides customers with easy access to Aqaba Port, making it a reliable provider of solutions to customers.

Among its most important services:

  • Customs digitization services.
  • Automating e-commerce and digital logistics.
  • Management of real estate and commercial facilities.

6. Easy Storage Jordan: 


Company offers Easy6 Storg A wide range of storage solutions for its customers from long-term storage units to short-term storage units, as well as providing a variety of services to customers such as:

  •  Packaging and loading services.
  • Online reservation service to facilitate the process of renting a storage unit.

7. Al-Jihan:

 Services are represented Al-Jihan Company7 in:

  •  Tracking goods from their complete path until they are put on the market.
  • Managing its distribution, supply chain, and associated logistics.
  • Excellent warehouse management.

8. Jordanian National Real Estate Company (NREC Jordan) 

Famous Jordanian National Real Estate Company8 Being one of the most important pioneers in the field of providing... Investment services and light industries9 Logistics in Jordan And the Middle East region. It operates within a clear vision and goal of making the management of investment operations easier for investors, and seeks to achieve this goal by providing an integrated set of Services10 In partnership with the Jordanian government. Its services include:

  • Plant, land and storage leasing.
  • Providing a range of additional services that include 24-hour monitoring and security services.

Opportunities for home storage of your free online store products in Jordan

The rapid growth of e-commerce in Jordan has created many opportunities in the home storage sector. With the increasing number of Jordanian citizens wishing to establish their own online stores, many entrepreneurs are looking for storage solutions to keep their products safely.

This is accompanied - especially in the case of emerging online stores - by the tendency of their owners to reduce costs while maintaining and increasing profits. This prompted the launch of an ideal solution: Home storage It is based on making optimal use of home space and storing products there, achieving two goals at the same time: reducing expenses and keeping products within easy reach. The advantage of home storage is that it allows online store owners to:

  • Take advantage of the available space in the home.
  • Store products without incurring additional rental costs
  •  Ensuring the safety and security of products.

For entrepreneurs in Jordan, home storage provides an excellent opportunity to store their products in a cost-effective and safe way, which gives them more space to develop the activity, maximize profits, reduce costs, and most importantly, move to more advanced stages with a more steady and strong pace.

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Tips and instructions on storing goods in order to open a free online store in Jordan

Opening a free online store in Jordan requires careful planning, especially when it comes to storage. With the right tips and advice, you can ensure that you are ready to start your business.

Here are a number of tips that will help you achieve more efficient storage of your products Electronic product stores in Jordan In light of it:

  • Providing a warehouse that suits the nature of the products and goods stored.
  • There is adequate ventilation in the warehouse.
  • Providing easy and fast ways to transport goods and products.
  • Providing all necessary electrical installations.
  • Create appropriate iron shelves and stands for stored products.
  • Observe general safety rules related to products or workers.
  • Establish a barcode for each product, and classify them within the warehouse for easy access.
  • Introducing an accounting system that allows all items to be registered.
  • Providing a monitoring system for the warehouse, and conducting a periodic or annual inventory.

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1.Solutions Foundation



4.Naouri Trading Group -

5.Agility Logistics Parks

6. Easy storage 

7. Al-Jihan Company

8. Jordanian National Real Estate Company

9. Investment services and light industrial logistics in Jordan

10.Services Jordanian National Real Estate Company


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