The best storage companies for electronic stores - Iraq

The best storage companies for online stores - Iraq

E-commerce store owners face... Iraq A fundamental challenge in choosing a storage and delivery company; This choice directly affects the store’s image in the minds of customers, the financial cost resulting from the shipping and delivery process, and finally the store’s profitability and customers’ association with the brand. So what is it The best storage companies for electronic stores - Iraq  

How to choose among the best digital store storage companies in Iraq, What is the cost of contracting with them, and can you store outside these warehouses? Questions we will answer in today’s article, so follow along.

How to choose the best storage company for your online store in Iraq 

To ensure a smooth and reliable shipping process for your customers inside Iraq, consider-Among the steps to create a free online store in Iraq: The following points as you search for storage companies:

  • Determine the quality of your products

Before you open an online store in Iraq, determine the nature of the product that you will offer to your customers, then make a plan with all the details resulting from it, including the size of the expected shipments, and the best ways to ship it, then look for the storage company that matches these needs in the best possible way.

  • company's reputation

Choose a storage company with a good reputation and great experience in ensuring that products are stored safely to protect them from damage, so that you can ensure a distinctive experience for your customers and build a close relationship with them.

  • Storage cost

The cost of storage is primarily related to your budget. The more precise you are in determining your budget, the more you will be able to determine the best storage companies operating in Iraq in light of your needs and budget.

  • Compensation policy

Most Iraqi storage companies are distinguished by providing compensation services, although there is a difference in the procedures followed. Therefore, research carefully the compensation procedures for each company, then choose the best one for you.

  • Storage company website

Another of the most important points that you should take into consideration is the company’s location and the ease of access for your customers. This is reflected in gaining the satisfaction of your customers and enhancing their confidence in your online store. 

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The best companies for storing electronic store goods in Iraq

Due to the multiplicity of storage companies operating in Iraq and the diversity of their services, we have collected for you in this paragraph the best and most reliable of these companies to save you time as much as possible.

  • Agility Company

Agility Company1 a company  A global leader in emerging markets, including the Iraqi market, it specializes in providing customs digitization, e-commerce enabling services, and digital logistics services. 

Its most important services in the field of storage are:

  • Receives, stores, prepares, and packages packages for shipment to target markets or for direct delivery to customers.
  • Completing the delivery process to customers according to the agreement.
  • Mateen Shipping Services Company

Matin Express2 It is a leading company in providing logistics solutions in the Middle East and Iraq, certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to handle dangerous goods (DGR).

Among its most prominent services:

  • Transporting products through distribution channels that allow the movement of goods along the supply chain to the customer.
  • Storage solutions provided by a team working around the clock.


  • Nahr Al Attaa Shipping and International Trade

An international company3 In the field of international trade and shipping in the Middle East, with a trained and qualified work team to fully manage logistics and warehousing services inside Iraq, 

Its services are diverse, including:

  •  Providing the company’s own storage warehouses in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.
  •  External and internal delivery services.


  • shipboxy company

 a company Shipbox4 A company that gives its customers the freedom to shop anywhere in the world without restrictions, and meets all customer requests through high-quality service that saves time and cost. 

Through it, you can obtain:

  • Fast, reliable shipping service at the best prices.
  • Storing your own shipments in the company’s warehouses for 30 days at no additional cost

How to start your online store in Iraq without storage companies

You can start from your home to store your store's products until your store proves its presence in the Iraqi market and brings you profits. cover Shipping company costs.

But storing at home is not as easy as you think. You need to take into account the nature of the products you want to store, and their degree of tolerance to natural changes such as humidity and temperature.

Tips for storing your online store products at home

If you decide to store your produce at home, here are some tips  Which ensures that your products remain in good condition for as long as possible:

  • Determine the storage location

Evaluate your home space in order to determine the appropriate place to store your products; When you determine where to store, you will be able to better organize the products ensuring that they remain intact for as long as possible.

  • Providing a suitable climate for storage

Make sure to store products in a place where you can control temperature, humidity, and most importantly dirt and dust to protect them from damage as much as possible.

  • Organize stored items

Think carefully about how you store your products. Do your best to store them in an organized manner by placing clear labels on them that keep them clean and make them easy to access when needed.

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1.Agility Company
2.Matin Express

3.Nahr Al Attaa Shipping and International Trade

4. Shipbox

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