Connecting Trinavo stores with Paymob

Connecting Trinavo stores with Paymob

Connecting Trinavo stores with Paymob

He presents Trianvo The possibility of linking with Paymob. In this article, we will explain what Paymob is, and the payment solutions it provides to companies and individuals.

a company Paymob

She is one Start-ups In Egypt, which works in the field of electronic payment for stores and companies, the company has expanded into some other countries such as Palestine, Kenya, and Pakistan. Pay Mob offers easy methods for electronic payment that are made through payment gateways that are linked to websites and commercial applications for smart phones. The company provides Stores have their own payment machines to receive payments.

features Paymob

Paymob offers a set of features to its customers that help facilitate the electronic payment process for companies and individuals, and these features include:

  1. Facilitating the electronic payment process for all parties

Electronic payment has become the basis for stores and websites, so Paymob provided the online payment service and the ability to receive payments in a safe and easy way.

  1. Providing the payment feature via POS

One of Paymob's great features is providing a smart payment service through the POS system application, which helps stores receive their money from customers via credit cards or electronic wallets. This system also provides an installment service to facilitate the buying and selling process for customers.

  1. Providing links for electronic payment

The PayMob service allows you to send links for electronic payment, whereby a special payment link is created and activated for the store or website, which can be sent to customers on social media applications to complete the payment process.

  1. Availability of subscriptions

With Pay Mob, you can now control the dates for receiving payments from customers and determine the subscription value, which will help you organize your electronic project and ensure that all payments are collected on time.

  1. Providing installment feature

Paymob provides a new service to its customers, which is the installment service, which allows individuals and customers to purchase products and pay money in installments. This feature is one of the features that helps online stores increase sales, and it also makes it easier for customers to purchase their needs.

  1. Online store

You can now use the online store service provided by Pay Mob, which helps you receive and distribute payments, in addition to expanding your e-commerce.

  1. Providing wage payment service

Pay Mob provides a wage payment service for workers and employees through more than one method, as employees can receive their wages via electronic wallets or automated teller machines, which facilitates the process of distributing wages and speeding up their arrival to employees.

  1. Payment without us

One of the most important services and features provided by the company is the ability to purchase and pay costs or expenses for schools and universities within the Paymob system and use all services without the need to pay money.

Paymob e-wallet

The company provides an electronic wallet service that is not affiliated with any brand, which facilitates the process of creating it and benefiting from its features. The customer is held accountable for every payment transaction through the wallet. The wallet contributes to facilitating the process of collecting money from customers and accelerating the purchase process. The electronic wallet is distinguished from Pay. Mob has its ability to increase and raise commercial activity, which contributes significantly to expanding the customer base and raising revenues. Among the types of portfolios that Pay Mob offers are:

  • Mobile phone wallet

It is one of the most powerful types of electronic wallets, which contributes to the expansion of commercial activity and spread in the market.

  • Bank wallet

It is an electronic wallet for banking activities that provides a wide range of services that help in the spread of commercial activity

  • Wallet to pay bills

Through Pay Mob, you will be able to pay bills of all types, as the company has implemented a direct integration process with all companies concerned with collecting bills and companies specialized in direct payment.

From this, we have explained what Paymob is and how to use it to pay online, which will facilitate the purchasing process from stores and websites, including the Trinafo store.

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