Ways to reduce content scraping

Ways to reduce content scraping

Ways to reduce content theft

Content theft is one of the biggest problems facing content makers on the Internet. You may create exclusive, high-quality content, and another site steals it and publishes it as if it was the one that created it, and it tops the search results and monetizes it. It is originally content stolen from another site, and the owners are searching for it. Websites and content creators are looking for ways they can prevent theft of their content.
Below we explain what content theft is, in addition to a group of ways that help you reduce content theft.

What is it Content Scraping Or steal the content?

Content theft is a method in which content is pulled from websites through scripts that steal the content to be published on another website. The concept of stealing content differs from sharing it. A partnership is an agreement between a number of sites to share specific content by republishing it, while Theft occurs by publishing it without the permission of the site owner who previously published it.

How can you find out stolen content?

If you want to identify stolen content from the original content, there are a group of methods that you can use to detect stolen content.

  • Conduct a search on Google

This method is one of the easiest ways through which you can find out if the content is stolen. You just have to type the address you want to reveal in a Google search, and the search results will show you whether the content is stolen or not.

  • Internal links

If you place internal links in the content you share, you will get an alert and track if someone steals your content, and this method enables you to easily identify the thieves.

  • Use moderation tools provided by Google

This method helps you audit content and identify plagiarism, in addition to improving search engines, which is provided for free by Google.

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Ways to reduce content theft

After knowing whether your content was stolen or not, it is now the turn to know the methods that can be used to reduce and deal with this theft.

  1. Add links

One of the most important steps that helps you reduce content theft is adding internal links that point to old articles within your site. This method creates a connection between articles, making it easier for the reader to find other articles on your site. With regard to theft, these internal links will benefit If the thief maintains them, you will get free views. Also, clicking on these links by readers on the thief’s Souq website reduces the bounce rate, which may benefit you in gaining a new audience.

  1. Use the Ping PubSubHubbub tool

This tool sends a notification to Google that your site is the main source of the content, which helps in reducing its theft and having Google cancel the stolen copy.

  1. Relying on Google Alerts

Another distinctive tool that Google provides for free to content creators. This tool helps you send a notification when a word or phrase of your own is used in other content. Through it, you can choose a specific sentence from your post and prepare a notification for it, so that you can identify the thieves, in addition to preserving the content you saved. Advance from theft.

  1. Turn off the Hotlinking Images tool

In case other sites are stealing from RSS feed of your site, which also makes it easier for them to steal your bandwidth, which is done by stealing images published within the content. You can avoid this from happening by disabling the quick link to images through the .htaccess file.

  1. Linking keywords to affiliate links to the site

You can simply add links to specific keywords using SEO Smart Links or Ninja Affiliate, so that people searching for content that is specific to the keywords you provide will be transferred to your website and not the thief’s website, and this method will help you continue to attract followers.

  1. Get RSS feed

An RSS feed provides you with a set of tools with which you can avoid theft. Access the traffic list and then click on links to your site.
You can obtain the RSS feed and make it visible to the WordPress site by clicking on Settings, clicking on the word Read, then showing each article in the feed, then clicking on Set Up a Summary. This way you can protect your content from theft programs.

  1. Constantly changing HTML address

Content theft programs and tools depend on knowing the pattern of the HTML address of your website. These operations can be limited and theft operations can be thwarted by constantly changing the HTML of your website. Although this method is difficult, it is effective in stopping hackers and protecting the content you provide.

  1. Attach information within a media file

Stealing content attached to a media file, such as an image, video, or PDF file, is a very difficult task. It may even be impossible for some, as theft tools rely on text files that are stolen from the HTML file. In the case of media, it is more difficult, and although this method It may affect the speed of the site and update operations, but it is one of the best ways to protect your content from being stolen.

Therefore, content scraping is one of the worst things that content creators are exposed to, as it causes a loss of effort and revenue, but there are many methods and tools that you can use to limit these infringements and prevent thefts, as we mentioned previously, including Google’s free tools, which you can Use and rely on it to maintain the content you provide.

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