Ways to profit from YouTube

Ways to profit from YouTube

Ways to profit from YouTube for beginners. Many YouTube channel owners seek to learn about them, as methods of profit from YouTube on the Internet have spread recently, as they are one of the effective ways to profit from the Internet, and in the following lines we will explain in detail a comprehensive guide on ways to profit from the site. YouTube on the site EnglishShop.

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Ways to profit from YouTube

  1. When you create your own channel on YouTube YouTube The first thing you think about is attracting a large audience to the success of that channel.
  2. This will be through a diplomatic response to your comments.
  3. You should also care about satisfying your audience's desires and showing them the videos they want to watch. You must also make sure that the videos you watch do not contain any prohibitions on publication, and after taking all of this into consideration, you must follow the following steps:
  4. The first step is to create a channel YouTube Your account, this is done through your Google account.
  5. Care must be taken to choose the account well, because the account name must be appropriate with the name of the channel that you will create and be appropriate for the content presented on this channel.
  6. Now videos are uploaded to YouTube, you should consider that the clip is short and high quality at the same time.
  7. If your video isn't good at first, don't worry because with experience your videos will get better.
  8. It should be used well while shooting video.

How do I benefit from YouTube and get a large viewership?

There are some ways that help you achieve a high viewership rate and thus benefit from YouTube, by:

  • You must be careful to update your channel permanently and continuously, because this will attract a large number of followers.
  • You should choose a good logo for your channel, and this logo is suitable for the content provided by this channel.
  • Pay close attention to the words you put in your video description, because these are the words that will help viewers enter and follow your channel.
  • When you can collect a large number of followers for the channel, you will get higher views, and the more views you have, the more you will earn.
  • You should share the link and share your video on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get as many views as possible.

How to profit from the Internet

There are several steps that must be adhered to so that we can make profits online, including profit from YouTube through methods of profit from YouTube, which are as follows:

  1. In order to make significant profits, you must initially get ten thousand views, but first click on the box that says Monetize with ads.
  2. After downloading the clip, go to your video manager, tap $, then click Monetize with ads.
  3. Next, your Google Adsense account is created, this account is a free account, you just click “Sign Up”.
  4. Then after subscribing to Google Adsense, it is confirmed through the data that you are over 18 years old to register your data.
  5. Next, you are asked to choose the method through which you can get your account, if it is via Western Union, or to send the account to any of your banks.

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How to calculate YouTube earnings

Of course, all that matters to you at the moment is how to calculate YouTube profits after we talked about ways to profit from YouTube, through the following:

  • In the beginning, the profits will be very weak, and this profit will be from clicking on watching the ad or watching the video.
  • But don't worry because this amount will increase if you increase your number of views.
  • If you upload videos and make money, you should read the analytics to benefit from these analytics.
  • You will find analytics in the menu at the top of the channel, which will show you how many times this video has been viewed.
  • It will also lay out the geographic factors you will take into account in your video.
  • You should learn well how to market your channel, and this is done by creating a blog or placing some links to videos on some other sites.

YouTube accounting method

After we talked about how to profit from YouTube and mentioned ways to profit from YouTube, we will now talk about the method of YouTube accounting:

  1. YouTube will pay you around half a dollar to $2 per thousand views.
  2. YouTube determines the amount of viewing space, the number of viewers and the power of the channel.
  3. It is said that earning through YouTube is not easy, because it is easy to get money without putting in any effort.
  4. But the most difficult thing is to attract the largest number of viewers.
  5. And to continue to attract this number of people, this requires some time and experience from you.
  6. If you have a certain talent, you can take advantage of this talent to make the greatest possible profit.
  7. Because you will get a number of opinions about your talent.
  8. You can offer content that benefits viewers and at the same time benefit financially.
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