You should update Google Chrome now due to security risk

You should update Google Chrome now due to security risk

You should update Google Chrome now due to security risk

Experts said that the Google Chrome browser has security problems in the current period, which prompted the experts to speak to all users of the Google Chrome browser to be careful while browsing, so today we will mention to you complete details about the Google Chrome browser.

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Is Google Chrome dangerous?

  • Google Chrome lags behind competing browsers in protecting users from tracking and data collection, even after a recent update, suggesting that Chrome is a big mess when it comes to security and privacy.
  • The report stated that Google admitted that web tracking on the Chrome browser led to a “breakdown of trust.”
  • 72% of users feel that almost everything they do online is tracked by advertisers, tech companies or others, and 81% believe the potential risks from data collection outweigh the benefits, according to Forbes.


A serious security vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser

  • Microsoft revealed a security vulnerability in “Google Chrome.” In one of its articles on its blog, the company addresses the security of Google’s browser. Therefore, you must update Google Chrome now due to a security risk and update constantly.
  • She took the opportunity to talk about Chrome's security philosophy, along with enumerating and explaining the benefits of its Edge browser.
  • The vulnerability lies in the JavaScript engine, and the software giant reported the issue to the research giant, which was patched last month.
  • Microsoft noted in the post that its Edge browser is protected from this type of security threat.
  • Google was also criticized for the way it handled the patch, and Google posted the source code for the patch on GitHub, before it was officially released.
  • This means that hackers have prior knowledge of the vulnerability before the patch reaches customers.
  • According to Microsoft, this gives enough time for hackers (hackers) to exploit the vulnerability.
  • Google patched the issue within a week in Chrome beta, but the stable and public channel remained vulnerable for about a month.


Expert opinion on Google Chrome browser

  • “Research has shown that as many as 52 companies could theoretically monitor up to 91% of the average user's web browsing history, and 600 companies could monitor at least 50% of the logs,” a senior Chrome engineer said on a recent call. .
  • According to Forbes, the alternative technology that Google created to try to prevent users from being identified and tracked did not fix the situation, and may have made it worse.
  • This technique, called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), aims to bring together users with similar browsing patterns.
  • That is, bringing together users with similar interests and behaviors so that they are not targeted as individuals but as a group.


Are all browsers on the Internet dangerous?

  • Earlier this year, Google canceled its trial of the program, acknowledging that FLoC technology avoids the privacy risks of third-party cookies.
  • But it creates new files in the process, and exacerbates many of the privacy issues with behavioral advertising, including discrimination and targeting.
  • Experts have suggested that Apple's Safari browser is a safer option when it comes to privacy.
  • Firefox developer Mozilla warns that “surveillance is everywhere, harming individuals and society.”
  • “Chrome is the only major browser that does not provide meaningful protection against cross-site tracking, and it will continue to leave users unprotected.”
  • The report's disclosure comes after Google earlier this month urged Chrome users to update immediately after it discovered seven high-risk vulnerabilities in its software.
  • Google has revealed the vulnerabilities in a new blog post. It has rolled out a fix for all of it and urged users to update sooner rather than later.

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You should update Google Chrome now due to security risk

  • The browser does not support many Android systems.
  • Saves you a lot of space on the phone.
  • This drains the battery charge very quickly.
  • It consumes a lot of RAM due to the multitasking you are doing.


Chrome browser app features

  • Application features Google Chrome Browser With its wonderful design, it has a unique and impressive interface.
  • It contains a lot of data and information that can be easily searched.
  • The application is easily installed on the phone through the world-famous Google Play Store.
  • It is available for free and there are no charges to use it.
  • Open tabs can be easily controlled and swapped.
  • It is characterized by the ability to know the browsing history of smartphones and computers.
  • It is easy to use without complexity.
  • It saves the visited pages so that you can return to them at any time.
  • It contains modern and advanced technologies for displaying web pages.


The worst drawbacks of Google Chrome?

  • Consume Google Chrome browser The resources of the device it runs on, and it has a huge impact on battery life on laptops, and this is the biggest drawback of the famous browser.
  • When you have a bunch of tabs open in Chrome, you'll find yourself going to plug in your charger faster than you ever imagined.
  • However, Google is now taking steps to address the issue, and it's no surprise that it has to do with ads.
  • The great thing about Google's new announcement is that the company wants to fix things, at least officially.
  • The company wants to save devices' batteries and data plans, and provide them with a good web experience, going forward.
  • This will be done by limiting the resources that the ad can use before the user interacts with it. If the ad violates the new rules, it will be disabled.
  • Google also offers an example of Chrome for Android, but hopefully the feature will work on desktop.
  • The company says it targets (the most egregious ads) that use more than 99.9% of the CPU and network bandwidth of all ads detected for this resource.

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In the end, we alert all users of the Google Chrome browser to be careful to update the browser every certain period, according to the updates issued to the browser, so that no hacking occurs to them, and I hope that I have provided you with a useful article.

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