How to create an online store without drop shipping products in Egypt

How to create an online store without owning dropshipping products in Egypt

With the widespread popularity of the concept of electronic stores andDrop shippingThe traditional concept of marketing has changed in the digital world in which we live, as the demand for it has begun to increase steadily with the many privileges it offers to its customers.

Have you heard the term? Drop shipping Drop-Shipping, One of the most popular online stores in the world of entrepreneurship? In today's article, you will learn about the concept of drop shipping, its types, advantages and disadvantages, the profits it achieves, and most importantly: How to create an online store without owning products in Egypt.

Drop Shipping

term refers Drop shipping To a form of online retail that does not require capital; It relies solely on displaying products to third parties and selling them through an intermediary online store that is not responsible for any burdens related to storage or shipping.

To simplify the matter, if you decide Create an online dropshipping storeYou are merely an intermediary between customers and owners of the products displayed through your store.

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Types of dropshipping stores

Drop shopping - as a retail sales method - is divided into two main types:

1- Real

In this traditional type of marketing, the buying and selling process takes place on the ground by displaying real samples of the product to the customer. The problem with the form of drop shopping is that it does not give the store owner the ability to reach and target the desired segment, and thus achieve limited profits.

2- Default 

Buying and selling operations in this form take a virtual form through an online store created for this purpose. It has begun to outperform the traditional model in terms of the many features it provides, such as the ability to define the target segment, the ability to reach it more, and ultimately achieve greater profits.

Drop shipping is a form of virtual shopping through an online store created for this purpose

The importance of creating an online store without dropshipping products in Egypt

If you want to secure a better future for you and your family, this might be an idea Create an online dropshipping store A feasible idea from many aspects, its importance increases as you reside in Egypt, which provides you with everything you need as a dropshipping store owner.

Here are the top 3 features:

  • Possibility Constant communication with suppliers and customers 24/7 with the availability of a strong Internet network and the widespread number of smartphone users.
  • ease Manage and obtain profits safely and with high confidence, with the availability of globally reliable payment gateways such as PayPal1 And 2Checkout2 in Egypt. 
  • The ability to display a large number of products through your online store due to the great diversity in Egyptian society economically, socially, and culturally.

Profits of drop shipping stores in Egypt 

Represent an idea Create an online store Drop shipping in Egypt An effective solution in achieving additional revenues ranging on average between... $ 100 until 50 thousand dollars Monthly, especially with the increase in the number of drop shipping stores in Egypt, which is expected to reach 30% by the end of 2023. According to Report issued by BOOST Consulting. so The Egyptian market is witnessing a significant growth in the number of active global e-commerce platforms, in addition to pumping more investments into existing platforms. 

But it is useful to point out that in order to achieve profits from your store based on the return shipping system in Egypt, you must take into account several points, the most important of which are:

  • Establish a good relationship with retailers and suppliers so that you can get the best possible prices for your store.
  • to have A good understanding of the Egyptian market in terms of supply and demand so that you can choose profitable products to display in your store.
  • Develop your marketing skills in order to increase your sales and store profits.

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Advantages and disadvantages of opening an online dropshipping store in Egypt

 The drop shipping system provides many advantages for workers and those wishing to work in it alike. It is a good opportunity for those seeking to start their own business on a limited budget. 

The most prominent advantages associated with drop shipping stores are:

  • No need for capital
  • time saving
  • Flexible pricing
  • Low risk
  • Work flexibility
  • No need to handle returns

But Although the drop shipping method is low-cost and has many positives, it also includes some negatives, Here are the most important ones:

  • Low profit margin
  • Intense competition
  • Product inventory
  • Customer service problems
  • Difficulty building a brand

How to create an online store without owning products in Egypt

All that remains now is for you to learn the steps that you must follow in order to launch your online dropshipping store in Egypt

Here are the 5 most important steps:

1- Determine the products that you display in your store

Research and choose products that are attractive to your target market. Once you have chosen the type of products, it is important to consider other factors such as price, quality and availability.

2- Find suppliers or wholesalers: 
Do not forget Set up an ordering system It involves creating a system that enables customers to place orders and send them to suppliers for fulfillment manually or electronically. 

3- Engaging in marketing activities: 

You must advertise your products and provide your customers with information about the products you offer through your store.

4- Dealing with customer service: 

Do not neglect customer service, be sure to respond to the questions and concerns he has, and rush to address them as quickly as possible to maintain your customers and create a sense of belonging and loyalty in them.

5- Track orders and ensure timely delivery:

Finally, after the sale, track The product is delivered to the customer manually or electronically. 

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