Elements of marketing activity

Elements of marketing activity

What are the elements of marketing activity? The basic elements of marketing activity are known as the combination of strategies and practices used in marketing the product that leads the organization to success. It was presented by marketing professor Edmund Jerome McCarthy and divided into four main elements known in English as the 4Ps. It was later developed and three elements were added to it and was known in English as the 7Ps. That's why it starts with the letter P. We explain all that on the website Trianvo.

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What are the elements of marketing activity?

We will mention in the following lines what are the elements of marketing activity in detail for each of these elements:

the product

A product is defined as everything that an organization provides to its customers for a fee, and the idea of displaying and presenting the product to consumers is one way to outperform competitors and attract customers.

The main goal of marketing is to focus on showing the product in a way that satisfies consumers and satisfies their desires, and feedback allows obtaining consumer opinions about the product and thus arriving at a product that satisfies the target consumers and starting the road. To succeed in marketing the product.

the price

Price is simply defined as the value that the company demands from customers in exchange for the good or service it provides, and the relationship between price and marketing is a relationship based on choosing the appropriate price to balance the increase in demand for the product and the percentage of profits that the company desires.


Place is defined as the place where the marketing process will take place. As they say in marketing: “Everything depends on the place,” as the success of the marketing process or not depends on the place.

So you must take into account that customers will not come to you, but you must go to them. By choosing the appropriate place where the target consumers are located.

For example, when you are marketing a center that offers educational courses, you should choose a place near the university/school to take into account the target consumers' choice of that place.


Once you have optimized the remaining elements, you can start the promotion process. The promotion process does not just include product demonstration. It also includes obtaining and evaluating competitors' information to set a goal and outperform them. And choose tools that allow you to get their statistics. Then you can start the promotion process through several means, some of which are as follows:

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the marketing methods that has spread recently, because it is considered less expensive than traditional methods.

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search engines

Search engines have played a huge role in the world of marketing as most organizations rely on them to promote and collect information about competitors and target consumers.

Social Meadia

Social media has gained great popularity recently. Because of the great demand for it. It can be considered a place that brings together many potential customers with whom you can communicate and interact to provide a good experience.

Content marketing

Content marketing is defined as communicating information in a way that captures the attention of the target group of consumers through eye-catching content.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an important marketing method. The marketer must have the ability to handle the basics of emails.

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