The best shipping and delivery channels for your online store products - Iraq

The best shipping and delivery channels for your online store products - Iraq

Many online store owners need... Shipping and delivery services Trusted to meet the needs of their customers With online shopping becoming one of the most common practices in Iraq, therefore, to meet the increasing demand for logistics services in Iraq, many companies have emerged that provide shipping and delivery services in the Iraqi market. 

In this article, you will learn about The best shipping and delivery channels for your online store productsAnd what is the cost to you - as a store owner - to ship your store’s goods in Iraq, and finally some tips on choosing the best shipping and delivery service for your online store in Iraq.

What is the cost of shipping goods in a free online store in Iraq?

Varies Shipping and delivery costs in Iraq Depending on the company, the policy it adopts in pricing its services, and other factors; Some companies adopt a subscription system, and others price their services according to the type and weight of the shipment.

For the first type, the price of the shipping and delivery subscription ranges from 32,000 to 65,000 Iraqi dinars per month. As for companies that depend on the weight or type of the shipment, their prices vary depending on the size and dimensions of the shipment.

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How to choose the best shipping and delivery channels for a free online store in Iraq


If you manage Free online store in IraqOne of the conditions for the success of your store is that you choose the shipping and delivery company you will deal with well, and achieve a satisfactory customer experience.

Here are some tips you can follow when choosing a shipping and delivery company:

  1. 1. reputation: Start your research by focusing on reputation; AndMake sure to choose a company with a good professional reputation in the Iraqi market; Choosing a reputable shipping company inspires confidence that encourages customers to buy from your store.
  2. 2. Geographical coverageMake it a priority when choosing a company The amount of coverage that the company has inside Iraq; To ensure that all orders arriving at your store are met, note that the longer the shipping distance, the higher the cost.
  3. 3. the costBefore you choose a company, compare the cost between the Iraqi shipping companies you chose, then choose the company whose prices fit your store’s budget.
  4. 4. Flexibility: Avoid dealing with a shipping company that is not flexible in providing its services, and does not have the ability to respond quickly to emergency circumstances that may occur without warning, such as changing the timing or location of delivery.
  5. 5. Safety: Take into account the goods insurance service in the event of loss or damage during the shipping process; Choose the company that provides it; To ensure the safety of goods during the shipping and delivery process.
  6. 6. customers serviceAlso check the customer service provided by the company, as a quick and clear response are key elements in responding to any subsequent problems in the process. Shipping and delivery in IraqAnd ultimately succeed in gaining customer satisfaction.

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The most important shipping and delivery channels in electronic stores in Iraq

In this paragraph, we review the five months Shipping and delivery channels1 In Iraq, so that you can choose the one that best suits your store and activity without having to search elsewhere:

1.shipboxy company: 

progress Shapebox CompanyY2 Many services, the most important of which are:

  • Shipping and delivery services,
  • cargo storage,
  • merging and repackaging,
  • And customs clearance.

2.Atlas Shipping and General Trade Company:

Atlas Company 3, based in Iraq – Baghdad specializes in:

  • Domestic shipping services 
  • Foreign shipping services
  • General trade services

3. Speed Post Company: 

Speed Post is a multinational company; One of the most important companies in Iraq specialized in:

  • In the field of express mail
  • In the field of air freight to all parts of the world.

4. Al Taif Shipping and Customs Clearance Company: 

was established Spectrum Company 4 - Iraq In 2005 in Baghdad, its main activities were focused on:

  • Providing land, sea, and air freight services.
  • Providing customs clearance services for all types of shipping from all border ports.

5. DHL

  Prepare DHL5 One of the prominent companies in Iraq Due to its reputation for quick delivery, high accuracy in carrying out tasks, and professional dealing with customers, it provides the following services to all parts of the world:

  • Transport
  • Shipping 
  • Delivery.

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1. Shipping and delivery channels

2.Shapebox CompanyY

3.Atlas Company

4. Spectrum Company

5. DHL

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