How to get double ROI using Google Ads

How to get double ROI using Google Ads

How to get double ROI using Google Ads

How to get double ROI using Google Ads? Every person who wants to obtain a high financial return on investment must create a targeted strategy through Google ads, as success at the top of Google search engines is one of the most important factors for the success of investment in business activity, and this is what we will explain and answer in today’s article.

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How do responsive search ads work?

  • Instead of crafting a “perfect” ad and pinning it to Google for testing, RSAs are essentially a toolkit for aggregating ads.
  • The advertiser displays all the “parts” of the ad (2-15 titles and 2-4 descriptions).
  • Google then chooses how to group and arrange the pieces.
  • This arrangement is performed on an auction-by-auction basis.
  • Ads are instantly grouped to match your audience's specific search query and search history.
  • And also other user data that Google's machine learning algorithms are supposed to use.
  • This is to anticipate what conditions will encourage a click through – and hopefully a conversion.

What are the benefits of responsive search ads?

  1. Here lies the strength Responsive ad format On the search network.
  2. Although “standard” search ads appeal to a basic set of sensibilities and motivations, they will appeal to you or your imagined audience.
  3. On the other hand, RSA can reach a much larger audience in a way that still appeals to their needs and values.
  4. And the results can be impressive: In my live battle between January 1 and May 31 across 500 accounts, RSAs got 243% more impressions per ad and a 5% better conversion rate.
  5. Think of this pool of assets as a “battle royale” that occurs at every auction event.
  6. This allows a title/description combination that best combines the search query and keywords to gain an advantage in ad ranking that can increase the likelihood that your ad will be shown to the user.
  7. But RSAs can be fairly useless, or even counterproductive, if you simply throw a bunch of recycled content into them and tag them daily.
  8. Without paying special attention to how responsive ads are designed to fit the specific needs of a wide range of people.
  9. You can end up with a mix of assets that can't be combined together to create a compelling ad.
  10. When that happens, you're actually doing yourself harm.
  11. At the same time, drafting RSAs does not necessarily have to be an exercise devoid of art and fun.
  12. In fact, when one thinks of some strategies to design effective responsive ads, it can be an art in itself.

How to get double ROI using Google Ads

We will mention in the following lines how to get a double return on investment using Google Ads:

Addressing a diverse group of researchers

  • No matter how niche your product or service is, your audience has a wide range of interests and affinities, and their interests will be influenced by different things.
  • Some people are value shoppers others think primarily about quality.
  • Others are still thinking about how quickly they will get what they are looking for.
  • Or whether the materials used in the product they are looking at are ethically sourced.
  • Of course, most people have concerns on their minds at any given time.
  • There is no single ad that can meet all of these needs.
  • However, a single responsive search ad can lay the foundation for meeting all of these potential users by integrating assets.

Bring Diversity to Your Ad Copy – How to Get Double ROI Using Google Ads

  1. Meeting a wide range of needs also means avoiding redundancy.
  2. So don't fill your headline set with calls to action.
  3. Think about how your ad copy can complement your other headlines and banner by having unique and valuable things to say.
  4. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of designing a responsive search ad is creating copy that can work independently of other ad units.

Make Google Ads your strongest guide

In addition to providing common sense to the ad creation process, you can also take advantage of Google's powerful Ads tool to measure how much Google has “thought” about your ad.

Simply select “Edit” for any RSA in Google Ads and you will be able to see the Google “rank” for your ad.

Adjust your KPIs to increase impressions

  • Of course, the best measure of how good RSAs are is the score.
  • If successful, your responsive ads produce combinations that match more queries and users than traditional ads.
  • Your ads will likely reach a wider audience and therefore get more impressions than you would have seen with a single standard ad.
  • When this happens, you (or your customers) may have to rethink certain KPIs, especially click-through rates (CTR).
  • For example, in my recent study I compared RSA and the performance of standard text ads.
  • I've found that RSAs have 283% more impressions per ad than standard ads – they simply blow the number of ads out of the water when it comes to reaching new people.

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Use the best combinations to create new standard ads

  1. Even as you craft the best responsive search ads, it's not recommended to abandon old ad copy.
  2. You may already have some very effective title and description pairs that you know work great in a certain order and in that order only.
  3. Such ads may still be your best assets for reaching the audience they are designed for Google AdWords.
  4. But having responsive ads side by side in the same ad set pays off in the long run.
  5. Because responsive ads help expand this audience with better matching queries that may not be a better match with your standard copy, they provide a powerful complement to your powerful ads.
  6. What's more, by keeping your tried and true copy in the same ad group as responsive search ads.
  7. You can compare performance and make further improvements based on the results you see.
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