How do I start with e-commerce?

How do I start e-commerce?

How do I start with e-commerce?

How do I start with e-commerce? Certainly, e-commerce has spread throughout the world in light of the technological development we are currently experiencing. There is no doubt that the reason for the spread of e-commerce is its ease and flexibility in all the operations in which it is used, such as buying, selling, and commercial exchange. Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk about How to learn e-commerce for beginners.

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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a way to make money through the Internet and its channels such as social networks, search engines, designing online stores, blogs, etc., and it has increased E-Commerce Recently, due to the increase in the number of Internet users.

Steps to learn e-commerce for beginners

To know everything related to e-commerce and start working from home, there are some things that you must know before starting commerce and marketing so that you can answer the most important question, which is how do I start with e-commerce? These things are as follows:

Product selection

  • When starting to work in e-commerce, it is necessary to choose a good, distinctive and new product so that it can compete with other products, which leads to establishing a strong foundation for e-commerce.
  • Physical products are the most common products in e-commerce.
  • This is because they have sustainability in addition to being indispensable consumer goods.
  • These products are food, clothes, shoes, books and other similar products.

Start creating an e-commerce website

  • Before starting e-commerce, you must... Create a special e-commerce website.
  • Through the EngShop service, an online store is created, its general framework is prepared, its main titles are chosen, and the products that will be displayed on it are organized.


Create an online store on your personal page on Facebook

This is done by:

  • Click Settings at the top right, choose Edit Page, and then click Add Directory.
  • When agreeing to the trading terms and policies, the Continue button is pressed. This is done for security reasons, and this requires entering one's Facebook password.
  • A purchase message is selected so that customers can be contacted, and then follow-up is selected.
  • The currency that will be used in buying and selling transactions is chosen. This currency is the currency that will be applied to all products and cannot be changed after that.
  • Then click Save.
  • After this step, the personal page is ready to display products on it.

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Good product description

  • A good description of the products displayed on the site is one of the most important factors for the success of e-commerce.
  • As it is necessary to provide more advertisements for the product so that the consumer feels more secure when purchasing.
  • This information is the price, type of product, place of manufacture, and everything related to it.

Make a good business plan

  • When creating a successful business, you must develop a clear business plan that includes a strategy for financing, good marketing, and advertising the business.
  • The business plan is the most important and prominent point on which the success of any business project depends.

Support electronic payment methods

  • This is done by setting up payment options for products, by credit card, invoice or other payment method.
  • However, when determining the payment method, it is necessary to provide as many payment possibilities as possible in order to meet customer demand for the products offered.

Transportation and shipping operations

  • The transportation and shipping process is one of the most important factors on which the success of e-commerce businesses depends.
  • It is necessary to choose a good shipping company that adheres to deadlines in order to satisfy customers and attract their trust to deal with it constantly.

View buyers' ratings

Product evaluation is one of the most motivating factors that help increase sales as the number of written reviews plays a major role in the purchase decision.

Keeping up with changes in the market

It is necessary to constantly pay attention to the market situation and know its developments, in order to monitor competitors and provide the best services and products in order to distinguish themselves from others.


What are the success factors of an e-commerce project?

When asking this question, another question will likely come to mind, which is how do I succeed in e-commerce, so we will answer these two questions in the following lines:

  • High quality images to showcase products.
  • Special sales offers.
  • What you are thinking is undoubtedly correct, of course you have to provide excellent customer service in order to succeed.
  • You also need an attractive and reliable website to attract customers and encourage them to buy from it.
  • However, you have to take into consideration that what really guarantees the success of a project E-CommerceIt is the interaction of all these factors together.
  • The combination of these things is what will move your project 10 steps forward instead of just one.
  • This is what many new entrepreneurs fail to achieve, as we see them forgetting the most important aspects, and focusing on building the perfect design for their online store, only to close it down after a few months!
  • Sales are the primary fuel that fuels your online store, so increasing sales should be at the heart of your business plan.
  • All the efforts put into increasing web traffic to your site through marketing campaigns will inevitably increase your sales, which in turn will bring you more traffic as well.
  • Likewise, you must first achieve good sales before you can start thinking about providing excellent customer service, and before deciding on your unique brand voice.
  • Making sales is the first step to the success of any business. If you can't make sales, you're finished before you even start.

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What is dropshipping 1TP2 T9 dropshipping?

  • Dropshipping is an increasingly popular business model among new entrepreneurs.
  • It involves much lower initial investment costs than traditional e-commerce business models that require you to find suppliers and inventory yourself.
  • It also has fewer risks.
  • As for the principle of dropshipping, it is as follows: First you have to find a supplier for the products you want to sell on an e-commerce marketplace like Oberlo.
  • The next step is to export these products to your online store (without purchasing them or shipping them to your own address).
  • When someone buys a product from your store, you order the product online from your provider.
  • The supplier ships the product and sends it directly to the customer.
  • Without going through you, you get a percentage of the profit.
  • This way, you don't have to deal with shipping and getting products to customers.
  • You also have more time to focus on expanding your business by developing marketing strategies.


In the end, for anyone to start e-commerce, he must be familiar with all the steps and methods that we mentioned in today’s article: How do I start with e-commerce? And many more.

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