How to attract your customers to write their opinions after purchasing

How to attract your customers to write their opinions after purchasing

How to attract your customers to write their opinions after purchasing

Business owners want opinions Customers And their evaluations of the product or services that they provide to the public. This is due to the importance of these opinions in improving search engines, and the evaluations left by customers directly affect other customers, who depend on the opinions and evaluations of other people when they want to buy a product. However, there are many Many store owners fail to get customers to leave a rating and review on their products, and we are keen to help you develop your business and make it successful. We have prepared this article to explain how to attract your customers to write their opinions after purchasing.

How to encourage customers to write product reviews

If you want to attract and encourage your customers to write reviews and rate the product being purchased, all you have to do is follow the following tips, which have proven effective for many.

  1. Order directly from customers

Perhaps the easiest and best way is to directly ask your customers to leave their opinion on the product and write about their experience with your store. This can be done in several ways, the first of which is to ask your customers when sending an email to them about how their experience was with the store or product and so you will get On answers from a good number of customers.

You can also request this through other marketing channels, the most important of which is social media. You can just ask to leave a rating or review, or ask them in a friendly way about their opinion of the product, and you will get many answers.

  1. Add a field to request reviews

In order for a customer to leave an opinion and add a rating for a product, there must be a process in place and a procedure that explains this request. Make requesting a review and rating part of the production process at the end of every sale.

  1. Target customers who are satisfied with your products

Comments or customer opinions will not be enough. You also need to get their ratings for the product or service you provide. Positive ratings and reviews are one of the best free ways to promote your brand. Make sure to request these ratings and reviews from people who are happy with their experience with your store and satisfied with the product they purchased. Through questionnaires, you can find out who are satisfied and dissatisfied, and then ask people who are happy and satisfied with your brand to leave a review and evaluation of the product. As for people who are unhappy and dissatisfied with your products, you can ask them to leave a review of your business or products. If they give you a bad evaluation, Ask him to leave a comment with the problems he encountered and what he expects from your product to be the best.

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  1. Let your customers know how important reviews are

Educating customers and making them aware of the importance of reviews is one of the positive points that prompt the customer to leave their opinions about your products. Leave them a message about your interest in their comments and opinions and how useful these opinions and reviews are for other consumers, as some people want to help others and direct them to buy the best.

Facilitating the process of writing opinions and reviewing

Make sure to make the process of writing a review simple. Send the process of writing an opinion and evaluation with a direct link and with a few options. This method leaves the customer with the impression that he is special and motivates him to leave a good comment about your products.

  1. Leave a form for reviews

This is one of the ways that makes things easier for customers and prompts them to leave a comment, which is to provide a form for reviews. Write part of a text review or a complete review, such as writing, “This product is good,” and the customer does not have to press on this comment to make it appear to the public. This method also benefits influence. Positive on what they write in the comments.

  1. Interact with customer comments

One of the great ways to encourage customers to leave their comments and opinions is the company’s interaction with them and communication with the people who submit reviews. This interaction also encourages everyone to write their comments, even those people who are dissatisfied with the product. In fact, this method is the best when someone leaves a negative comment. In this case, the response is taking care of the customer’s problems and making sure to keep him as your customer by solving his problem.

  1. Offer an incentive that prompts customers to leave reviews

One of the important points that prompts customers to write their opinions is the presence of an incentive for this, such as granting discounts and gift cards to customers who submit reviews on an ongoing basis. There are also those who use donations as an incentive to encourage customers to post their reviews in exchange for the company donating to something for every review left by customers.

Therefore, attracting customers to write their opinions after purchasing will not be difficult, if what you offer is truly exceptional and distinctive. Before following any advice to collect ratings and reviews, you must first attract customers who trust your brand and prefer your products, and now it is your turn to tell us about your evaluation of our article, even if you actually do. You will use the above tips to the benefit of your own business.

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