How to use WhatsApp Business features in marketing your online store

How to use WhatsApp Business features in marketing your online store

How to use WhatsApp Business features in marketing your online store

Email marketing is one of the most important channels used by store owners, as it reaches an open rate of up to 30%, which is a large percentage that exceeds what you would get from marketing via Facebook. This is what made us sad because marketing via text messages is higher than any other means. What makes WhatsApp the best marketing channel ever at the present time, especially after adding a group of different tools that help you communicate with your customers.

What is WhatsApp Business?

The WhatsApp Business application is completely different from the WhatsApp Messenger application, as the WhatsApp Business application specializes in business functions and tools, and the two applications are similar in the method of downloading and registering with your phone number.

However, when you register, the WhatsApp Business application will ask you to add your company profile, such as: a description of the business and its name, an image of your company logo or something that represents you, in addition to information about your company such as contact details, your store’s biography, website, your social media profiles, etc. From other information, if you own a physical store, you can also add its location and hours of operation.

WhatsApp Business features

The WhatsApp Business application offers us a wide range of features that make it the ideal channel for marketing, which we will explain later.

1. The application enables you to publish your own products

There is a section in your company profile to upload your products and add some relevant information, such as prices, pictures, short descriptions, and a link to the product card on your website.

2. Add pre-defined messages

As is the case in Facebook MessengerWhatsApp Business allows you to create pre-written messages to answer some of your customers' frequently asked questions.

3. The ability to classify your customers

The application's system for dividing and categorizing users is one of the features through which you can make the most of it, which we will explain later.

4. Create distribution lists

WhatsApp Business allows you to create broadcast lists to send the same message to multiple users at once.

5. View message statistics and reports

The app generates reports that include basic metrics, such as the number of messages sent, received, and read.

After learning about the features of WhatsApp Business, we can talk about how to use the features of WhatsApp Business in marketing your online store 

How to use WhatsApp Business features to market your online store

The main point of using WhatsApp Business is to create a community of customers who prefer to use your products and improve your brand image to reach a larger number of users, so in the following lines we will explain to you ways to utilize the features of WhatsApp Business to gain customer loyalty and win new customers.

• Attract customers

Your first goal should be to find users who want to receive your messages.

You can do this by using Facebook ads, which is the most effective way. You can create an ad on Facebook and link it to your WhatsApp Business account. After users click on the ad, a WhatsApp chat box opens automatically.

• Transform WhatsApp Business into a customer service channel

WhatsApp allows you to maintain a fast and direct communication channel with users, which makes it the ideal tool for customer service. To make this service good and effective, employ at least one person responsible for monitoring these messages and responding to them as quickly as possible.

• Post information relevant to your business

Like your latest blog posts, your YouTube videos, some exclusive offers, and in case you want to give your customers another reason to follow you on WhatsApp Business, you can create a different content strategy for your groups and channels or launch exclusive offers for them.

• Use your status to post updates about your store

Statuses are posts that pop up in a separate area that last 24 hours, and you can share interesting updates about your business through these statuses, such as the latest products added to your store or special offers you want to let your customers know about.

• Customer classification

These categories allow you to differentiate between users and send them specific messages based on various criteria, such as the type of products they are interested in.

6. Focus on the products that most attract customers

Add the most popular products and those preferred by customers and users, and place those products in the catalog added to your WhatsApp Business profile.

From this, we have learned about the wonderful features found in the WhatsApp Business application, which many well-known companies use as a sales tool. Download the application now and invest its features in marketing your online store.

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