How to target more than one segment

How to target more than one segment

How to target more than one segment
When developing their marketing strategy, company owners face a large group of categories that they want to attract and convert into customers. Many marketers are searching for a way to enable them to target more than one segment, which makes them divide consumers into segments and groups and find out what they are looking for in addition to defining the company’s goals. Access to all segments.
To explain more about what segment marketing is and how to target more than one segment, you can read the following lines.

Segment marketing strategy

Through this strategy, potential customers are divided into segments based on a set of factors, the most important of which are the different characteristics of individuals and their behaviors, in addition to demographics. This division aims to facilitate the targeting process, as a product is marketed in a way that suits each segment of consumers, and the messages and content that suit their requirements are determined. Differently, the marketing mix for more than one segment is based on key factors: the product, price, promotion method, and target location.

How to target more than one segment

Before starting to use a segment targeting strategy, companies must know all the different aspects of this strategy and all the targeted segments, and identify the important points through which you can target more than one segment, which we explain below.

  1. Determine target markets

The first step in the strategy of targeting more than one segment is to know the target markets, and the demographic factors that the markets contain, such as demographics, geographical location, and the interests of consumers in these markets.

  1. Segmenting the target audience

The audience is divided based on a set of factors, the most important of which is:

  • Segmenting the audience geographically

The audience is divided geographically by countries and provinces using postal codes. This type is distinguished by its ability to collect geographic and demographic details, which provides companies with more detailed information about customers.

  • Psychographics division

Psychographic segmentation, or psychological segmentation, is based on segmenting audiences based on personal beliefs and lifestyles. Companies use this type of segmentation to find out how consumers respond to their products.

  • Demographic segmentation

It is a division that depends on the age, gender, and financial income of the individual, as the aspirations and preferences of consumers are linked to their age and living conditions.

  1. Put your plan into action

Now comes the role of implementing your plan, which should aim to attract customers using... The strategy The marketing you decide on, identifying and knowing the products you offer is the most important thing that helps you know the appropriate marketing method for your customers.

  • Determine methods of communication with customers

Good and effective marketing campaigns need to establish contact with consumers, and exploit all marketing channels that will strengthen communication with customers, whether through digital ads, blogs, or other communication channels.

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Some marketing strategies for more than one segment

There are some strategies that companies use to target more than one segment, such as:

  • Meeting market needs

When a company launches a new product in the market, it first searches for customer needs that have been ignored by other companies, and when it produces and develops a product that can meet this need that various groups are looking for, it markets it to more than one segment.

  • Launching more than one brand for one company

One of the methods used by companies to target more than one segment is to launch multiple brands, such as a company launching a production line with a new brand for another product targeting another segment in addition to the company's basic product.

  • Modify the product

International companies rely on modifying the product to meet the needs of a specific segment while retaining the original product.

Therefore, segment marketing and the strategy of targeting more than one segment are among the ways that enable you to achieve the highest response from customers and consumers. If you want to use this strategy, you must know the importance of each segment, its classification, know what they are looking for, and how to meet their different desires.

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