How to design attractive marketing advertisements

How to design attractive marketing advertisements

How to design attractive marketing advertisements

How to design attractive marketing advertisements? There is no doubt that it is possible to create an attractive, successful, and low-cost advertisement that is also suitable for small business owners, so that the owner of the advertisement can market his activity, and this is what we will explain step by step in today’s article. We will explain how to design attractive marketing advertisements.

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How to design attractive marketing advertisements?

We will mention in the following lines how to design attractive and successful marketing advertisements for your business:

The main title of the ad

  1. The title has a large and effective role in... Written declaration It helps the reader and draws his attention to reading this advertisement in all its details.
  2. The title plays a big role in attracting the viewer's attention, as it helps the reader know what kind of material this ad is talking about.
  3. This title should be brief and very informative.
  4. It can provide a large amount of information in a small space.
  5. You have to write only useful and important words.
  6. Write the brand and name of the product you want to sell, and do not put any contact numbers next to the address or even the country.
  7. The title is one of the most important things that attracts attention in any advertisement.
  8. It should be brief, interesting and attractive because it urges the reader to read this ad and preferably use a description that attracts the writer's attention.

Ad description

  • The description of the advertisement comes in the second stage after the title in terms of importance, as the person writing the advertisement writes the description that begins with the information.
  • Where he writes the most important information about this advertisement.
  • The ad needs a keyword-based description, which is the title.
  • This means that the higher the ad description, the more keywords there are, and therefore the greater the chance that a person who wants to buy these goods and exhibits will easily access them in order to make a sale.

Advertising image

  1. When posting the ad, you should put a photo that you can take on your phone, because there are many devices that take very accurate photos at the highest level because they have great cameras.
  2. Photos should be taken with great care and precision so that you can place them in a clear and well-lit photo.
  3. Where you display all the features of the product or service that you want to make an advertisement to sell.

Advertising price

  • When you determine the price of any product or commodity you want to promote through this advertisement.
  • This price must be determined before the sale, before communicating with buyers or consumers.
  • When you place an advertisement for a product or commodity, you have to set a price.
  • But you must specify the price and there is another alternative price so that if someone asks what the price is, you will have the ability to respond quickly.
  • For example, if a SAR 900 phone shows you someone else wants to buy it for SAR 600, you should determine the selling price before talking to customers.

Contact method

  1. You can communicate on advertising sites with ease, whether it is a direct call or an interview.
  2. You should specify the ways in which you communicate with buyers, whether by phone number or email that is mentioned in the ad.
  3. You should confirm this and tell the client the location of the interview and how the interview will be conducted.
  4. If you want to have a successful and distinctive advertisement, you must add some details in the advertisement so that it reaches the buyer accurately.
  5. Such as the days and times you are available, so that you can be contacted and make your purchase.
  6. When can the customer purchase this item?
  7. A marketing advertisement must be written in good language and marketing language.
  8. In advertising, you should pay attention to the taste and mood of the reader.

How do you design a good ad?

In the following lines, we mention how to design attractive marketing advertisements as follows:

Advertisement writing

  1. You must write small words in a short and simple style that does not require more than one word in an attractive manner.
  2. The form of the advertisement must be good so that the customer does not forget it and remains in his ears.
  3. Also, the words should be written with emphasis and to benefit the reader.
  4. Use a method that convinces the reader, where you use the challenge method with customers, and how to persuade the customer to buy.
  5. One of the most effective techniques for clients is humor and what makes them laugh.
  6. A method must be used to communicate this idea so that the customer can buy the product.
  7. There could be a limited quantity or a discount at a certain time and so on.
  8. It is necessary to use the skills of presenting products to the customers to whom this advertisement is directed.
  9. You have to care about the customer's mind and what he thinks.
  10. He predicts the products he wants to buy through advertisements, colors, types he likes, etc.
  11. Information such as phone number and email should be clear.

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Advertising design

  • The image should be simple and impressive, without too many dazzling colors.
  • Make advertisement Competitive in design, meaning you create an ad that is different from other ads.
  • You can choose the method you use to create the advertisement, you can use Photoshop programs.
  • Place a link to a specific site to help the customer express his opinion.

How to make a successful advertisement on Facebook?

You must follow some steps through which you can implement how to design attractive marketing ads on Facebook, as follows:

Choose your ad objective

  1. The advertisement must fit the nature of the product, as you attract attention by presenting a brand by publishing the advertisement.
  2. It is interested in encouraging the public to visit this page and interact with it.
  3. So the customer downloads the app, watches the video you put up, communicates with customers through messages and responds to them.

Determine the name of the advertising campaign and the exchange rate

Enable campaign budget optimization so that the budget is managed properly and you get good results.

You can choose from a daily budget so that the amount is applied every day.

Ad account setup

If you are doing this for the first time, you should choose to set up an ad account.

Then select the country, currency, and time zone.

Determine the target audience

  1. You'll find the option to add custom audiences of people who engage with your products.
  2. You can reach this audience through the use of customer lists, website and app visits, and Facebook interactions.
  3. This is to create custom audiences so they understand what you are offering and also target a specific age group.
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